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March 15, 2024

Persistence pays once again for Judicial Watch, as another of their Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits has led to an amazing revelation, contained in an 88-page report from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).  According to this report, the CIA was involved in the deployment of bomb technicians and bomb-sniffing dog teams on January 6.

Wait a minute --- the CIA??

The press release from Judicial Watch is a must-read, as it will quickly give you a sense of how events unfolded that afternoon.  (The concise, telegraphic language is surprisingly moving to read now, especially when it refers to such events as the shooting of Ashli Babbitt.)  There’s a lot of information here, but what we’d like to focus on for now is just two phrases from the report:

1) “two CIA bomb techs” assisting with “a pipe bomb scene on New Jersey at D ST SE”

2) “several CIA dog teams on standby”

The ATF report was described by Judicial Watch as “heavily redacted,” but it looks as though someone might have forgotten to redact this!  CIA bomb techs and dog teams have no business being deployed for a political rally on American soil.  This would normally NOT be happening.

As you know, the two pipe-bomb “discoveries” that day, one just outside DNC headquarters (where Kamala Harris had quietly gone that morning for unknown reasons) and the other near RNC headquarters, have raised many questions now that security cam video has been released and is highly inconsistent with official reports.  Journalist Steve Baker at THE BLAZE has been studying hours of this video to determine the real story of how those bombs got there, and that just might be why he only now got arrested, cuffed, perp-walked, clapped into leg chains and charged with four J6-related misdemeanors.

About 22 minutes into his Thursday podcast, Dan Bongino addresses this mention in the report of the CIA teams.  To him, this is just one more reason to think that the whole pipe bomb thing was a set-up, a distraction to be used in case no “insurrection” materialized and congressional Republicans actually started challenging the election results during the certification process.  Bongino says that during his entire 12 years in the Secret Service, on many types of protection detail, he has NEVER encountered CIA bomb techs and dog teams.  And why did they happen to be deployed that day just a block away from a key pipe-bomb location?

Bongino is increasingly convinced that this will turn out to be a set-up and “the biggest political scandal of our time.”  Thanks so much to Judicial Watch for digging for the hard truth.  It’s impossible to imagine how much we would NOT know today if it hadn’t been for them.

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