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March 17, 2022

During one of her press briefings a few days ago, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki brought up that old accusation about Russia “hacking” the 2016 election. There is no evidence that Russia changed any vote tallies or did anything else to change the outcome, and Psaki never really made clear what she meant by “hacking the election,” so we find it ironic that she said this in the same briefing in which she spoke about “misinformation.”

It’s also pretty hilarious that anyone questioning the electronic security of the 2020 vote is roundly scorned, even censored and canceled, while questioning the electronic security of the 2016 vote is just fine, even patriotic at a time when Russia has shown itself to be such an enemy.

We’d like to focus on one part of Jerry Dunleavy’s report, the paragraph that has to do with the supposed Russian “hacking” of the DNC’s emails. He wrote that “U.S. intelligence officials did conclude Russian operatives were behind the hacking of Democratic emails in 2016. Russian military intelligence interfered in the 2016 presidential election, in part by spearphishing Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s email systems, then providing them to WikiLeaks, for dissemination, Robert Mueller’s special counsel report concluded. Russia has denied involvement, and WikiLeaks has denied receiving emails from Russia.”

Of course, we can’t believe anything that comes from the Kremlin –- or, sadly, from U.S. intelligence officials –- but I do have considerably more confidence in what comes from WikiLeaks. The story about Russia “hacking” the DNC still belongs in the category of misinformation. It’s a talking point. I say this even though Robert Mueller concluded in his special counsel report that this had happened. We know now that this conclusion was reached without any actual evidence, because the cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike never allowed the FBI to do a forensic examination of the DNC server. The FBI never demanded that they turn it over and, incredibly, took CrowdStrike at its word. We scratch our heads at how the U.S. intel community could legitimately have had “high confidence” –- their words –- that the Russians did this. For what it’s worth, here’s what Mueller said at the time, as reported by Dunleavy in 2019...

But fast-forward to 2022, and Margot Cleveland is reporting that Special Counsel John Durham is investigating the 2016 DNC server hack. If anyone is serious about getting down to the truth about this, you know he is. Until now, there was no known link between the Alfa Bank hoax being investigated by Durham and the DNC “hack,” but now there is. As it happens, the Defense Department tasked the same Georgia Tech researcher involved in the Alfa Bank hoax –- “Researcher – 1” in Durham’s court filings pertaining to the Michael Sussmann case but known to be Mano Antonakakis –- with investigating the “origins” of the DNC hacker.

And here is Cleveland's update on that story:

According to an email obtained by The Federalist on March 9 in response to a “Right-to-Know” request, the special counsel’s office is indeed investigating the so-called “hack,” and “prosecutors harbor concerns” about the Defense Department’s choice of this particular researcher to investigate it.

Cleveland’s report provides a good refresher on Durham’s investigation, but it boils down to this: According to Durham’s indictment of Sussmann (Perkins Coie attorney for the Hillary campaign and DNC), a cyber executive named Rodney Joffe (“Tech Executive- 1”) asked Antonakakis and another Georgia Tech researcher, David Dagon (“Researcher – 2”) to find some way to use internet data to connect then-candidate Donald Trump and Russia. Antonakakis –- whom I would add has shown himself in emails to be strongly anti-Trump –- apparently couldn’t find anything useful, because he told Joffe that the results “do not make sense with the storyline you have.” Even so, Joffe came up with a draft “white paper” containing the fake story of a connection between Trump and Alfa Bank, which he gave to these two men and another researcher involved, April Lorenzen, to review. Then Sussmann passed this “white paper” to then-FBI general counsel James Baker, purportedly out of his sense of duty but secretly in service to Joffe and the Hillary campaign, which Durham found was being billed for Sussmann's services.

Until The Federalist got hold of this particular email from Antonakakis, nothing was known of any connection between the Alfa Bank story and the DNC “hack,” but he's the link. Antonakakis had written it to general counsel and other higher-ups at Georgia Tech about a week after his testimony before Durham’s DC grand jury, highlighting “areas of concern” that he wanted to discuss “after the dust settles.” In Cleveland’s words, he “launched a soliloquy that perfectly described the Russia-collusion and the plot by anti-Trump politicians and the deep state intelligence and law enforcement communities to take down the President of the United States.”

It was also a rant in which he painted himself as the victim of the special counsel. He said he’d been asked “point-blank” if “DARPA [the central R&D organization of the Defense Department] should be instructing you to investigate the origins of a hacker (Guccifer2.0) that hacked a political entity (DNC)?” How DARE the special counsel’s office ask that question, he steamed. It’s easily determined from the email that he had indeed been asked to investigate this.

The fact that he was being questioned because his team had allowed itself to be exploited by Sussmann and Joffe for political reasons seems to have been lost on him.

Antonakakis reveals himself to be a sanctimonious and hypocritical piece of work who actually believes he was involved in this fake-narrative project to “preserve our democracy.” Yes, that's the phrase he used, one we've heard all too often from Democrats.

So, why did the special counsel’s office “dare” to ask him about this? Something had to lead Durham to find out, or at least suspect, that Antonakakis had been tasked by DARPA with investigating the DNC "hack." And something had to lead Durham to be concerned about this. What did this arm of the Defense Department have to do with it, and who there was involved? Did they gain access to the DNC server? If so, was it Sussmann, as attorney for the DNC and Hillary’s campaign, who granted it?

This opens up a whole new area for Durham, but one that continues to tie together the same group of folks. Sussmann ties them to Hillary, where (as we’ve said many times) all roads lead. Too much remains a mystery about the DNC “hack” --- note that we always put "hack" in quotes, as there is no proof it even WAS a hack, let alone by Russia. Julian Assange has said flat-out that neither Russia nor any other state government was his source. Yet it seems to have been the event that spawned the whole long “Russia Russia Russia” hoax that, in some circles, still refuses to die. Other than Assange, who else knows the identity of whoever obtained the Podesta/DNC emails and gave them to him?

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  • tom jeffs

    03/21/2022 07:42 AM


    o-o-o-o-o-o-oh if only that were still true young fella - - - - - - -

    since you created and grew a beard that's no longer true - - - - - - -

    proof is for you to simply search my name in your database - - - - - - -

    anyway - - - - - - -

    why not comment on Jen Psaki talking about Russia hacking 2016 election by saying that was a trial run for how those pesky Russians used what they learned in 2016 to make the 2020 election come out their way ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    alas, you won't read or comment on this post - - - - - - -

  • Leslie Dimmling

    03/20/2022 07:58 PM

    Hello Mike,
    I enjoyed your comment about San Francisco being on the brink of voting out Crazy DA's. I am not hopeful they will vote Republican down the line. THAT is what is needed to turn the nation around from this dead end we are heading into. The DEM voters are thoroughly indoctrinated by a uber-liberal "press' which neither reports the REAL news nor seeks out the truth. The era of Walt Cronkite is dead, and it has left many uninformed voting minions in it's wake. These voters care about themselves ONLY. They do not care about America. As such they will cling to their old voting habits. To counter this, Republican , Independent and Conservative voters MUST turn out in force to vote in 2022. A non-voting Republican ONLY helps the DEMOCRATS. At the very least our large turnout will make it harder for them to cheat. We will hopefully win and stop this leftist woke garbage in it's tracks. Or at least slow them down. There are next to ZERO republicans in my blue state. So right NOW I am mailing out support donations to the RNC, and other aligned Republican committees. In addition, I am mailing checks to Republicans running for Senate/Congress in OTHER states!!!!! Make your voice and point of view heard, no matter which state it is coming from. I have had Republican candidates I have supported in other states WIN in previous elections. We have to fight every way we can.

  • Margaret Lambert

    03/20/2022 07:32 PM

    After hearing Pete Buttigiege (sp?)Tell Americans who are worried about gas prices to ride a bus…he needs to remember those in America who live in rural communities, and the ONLY busses we ever see are hauling illegal aliens into our fifty states. He sounds like Marie Antoinette! We want our own oil from American wells!

  • John Chiero

    03/20/2022 04:21 PM

    Can we ask Seth Rich? Oh woops he is deceased! Supposedly killed by jogging but reports indicate he was alive at the hospital with suspicious activity there surrounding his death! Rich was the one hacking and feeding The Wikileaks contact. Also, on your story on the The lap top it feels like u believe that it affected the results of tge election!! THIS IS ABSURD! THAT ELECTION WAS COMPLETELY STOLEN! Guess you dont give DeSouza any credit an his amazing movie 2000 Mules will prove it was stolen! So you are telling me you do not believe over 1000 sworn affidavits that eyewitnesses saw and were threatened over voter fraud! THIS WAS A SUCCESSFUL COUP AGAINST AMERICA! If this is Gods will then maybe he wants us Christian people to start investigating the truth about this election! I AM SO TIRED OF HEARIN ALL BRET BAER TYPES TALKING HOW TRUMP NARROWLY LOSS! TALK ABOUT SWEEPING EVIDENCE INDER THE RUG! YOU FOR ONE SHOUKD HAVE BEEN CONTINUOUSLY REPORTING ON THIS THEFT AND DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA!! Then again if it is judgement against this sinful nation and nation of abominations of God then tgere is no stopping Him to turn us over to our sinful lusts and continued slaughter of innocents now weeks after they have become human!! THIS NATION WILL SUFFER BUT WE HAVE THE PROMISE WE WILL BE SPARED FROM THE HOUR OF WRATH! I feel Jesus returning for His Church and the innocents is very very near!

  • SparkyMaker

    03/20/2022 09:00 AM

    Someone already murdered the person that was considered to have passed the DNC emails to others for dissemination to the public.

  • al perrotta

    03/17/2022 11:01 AM

    So the same people behind the fake Alfa Bank story are the same people behind the fake Russia-Hacked-the-DNC story. All with the goal of getting Hillary elected. But there's a huge problem. There's one person who could have blown the whole Russia-Hacked-the DNC story sky high in 2016. One person who, therefore, could have torpedoed Hillary's effort. That is, the person who actually leaked the Podesta/DNC emails.
    You can't be letting that person walk around free as you peddled the "Russians did it for their partner Trump" narrative. Right? That person could destroy Hillary's 50 year quest for the throne, lay waste to all the millions and billions pumped into the Clinton Machine from around the world to curry favor with Hillary in case she won. You had to eliminate that threat. That mortal danger to Hillary ambitions.
    I submit that's how a DNC staffer ends up shot to death on a DC street. (And the FBI ending up involved, but lying about its involvement.)
    John Durham is investigating the murder of Seth Rich, if he doesn't know it yet.