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November 22, 2021

So much of my newsletter is devoted to correcting false “news” that only later is acknowledged as such that I should change its name to the “I Told You So Daily.” Here’s yet another example:

While the liberal media went into a self-righteous frenzy over horse patrol border agents allegedly cracking whips at Haitian illegal immigrants, we told you that there was literally nothing to that story. The agents don’t carry whips. Those were reins, and photos taken from a different angle showed that they were nowhere near the migrants. It was a giant nothingburger, hold the meat.

Of course, those inconvenient facts didn’t stop the media frenzy (they even gave it a scandal name: “Whipgate”), or activists declaring the border agents to be racist monsters and demanding they be fired and jailed, or the Biden DHS calling on the Inspector General’s Office to conduct a “thorough, independent and objective investigation.” We were told this would take about a week.

Well, that was two months ago. So…what happened? Turns out the IG’s office, which apparently cares more about facts than hissy fits by CNN anchors, declined to investigate. We’re now being told that Customs and Borders Protection’s Office of Professional Responsibility will conduct an investigation with no deadline announced for its conclusions.

Let me put this in plain English: a lot of liberals are trying to get down off their high horses and back away, slowly and quietly enough that nobody notices and everyone eventually forgets they ever brought this up.

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