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June 8, 2021

They say that things start in California and spread eastward to other states (lately, that’s meant leftist political ideas that are like spreading scarlet fever.) But let’s hope we’re seeing the beginnings of an opposite trend in the east that will move westward: New Yorkers who’ve had enough of incompetent leftist Bill DeBlasio's rule, with its attendant violence, filth and lawlessness, appear to be on the verge of rejecting the “progressive” governance that’s regressed the city from its safe, vibrant Giuliani comeback years to the bad old days of the 1970s.

The leading candidate is former law enforcement officer Eric Adams, who is ahead of Andrew Yang, but both are promising to reinvigorate the NYPD. Meanwhile, far-left, blame-the-police “Democratic” Socialist candidate Maya Wiley, who just got the enthusiastic endorsement of AOC, is at 9%. After getting a good, hard dose of what rule by these people really means, I’m amazed that 9% want more of it. Are 9% of NYC residents professional criminals?

As the linked article also notes, an internal study for the Democratic Party is warning that these policies they think are so popular with minorities are not. Whoever would have guessed that blacks and Hispanics don’t necessarily like having their neighborhoods destroyed by rioters and criminals, or paying twice as much for a gallon of gas as they did a year ago, or having biological males taking their daughters' sports trophies away and coming into their locker rooms?

Some other blue cities to the east of NYC are also starting to wake up and smell the smoke from what used to be safe, clean neighborhoods before their idiot leaders defunded the police.

Naturally, Democrats are incapable of admitting leftist policies don’t work, despite the fact that they’ve been tragic failures everywhere they’ve been tried since forever. A New York Times writer hilariously blamed the bad news from the study not on the Democrats' failed policies, but on Republicans for pointing out the awful results of their policies.

Hey, if my constant pointing out of the horrific failures of leftism have in any way helped convince New Yorkers or any other blue state or city residents to elect competent, pro-police, non-America-hating officials, I couldn’t be happier! However, I suspect it’s more likely that they’re just tired of being robbed, looted and shot at.

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  • Ed Thompson

    06/10/2021 11:43 AM

    Unless you’re dead, live in a cave, been stranded on a deserted island for the past thirty years, have the IQ of an undeveloped/underdevoped child, there’s no excuse for not understanding the hypocrisy of BLM at all.Every day there’s a new news story about a person of color being shot and killed by another person of color. Apparently those “black lives” really don’t matter! At least not to other black people! And who is walking around punching Asian people out? Who are being caught on security cameras doing all these things? You want to teach “critical race” ? Call it a “theory”? I have a “theory” of my own. And it’s more truth than anything else. Our Lord and Savor, God/Jesus Christ, gave each and every one of us life. Why? Because He Loves us all. No one is any better than anyone else no matter what “color” of skin they are born with, or how much money they have or how popular they might be or where they live or a thousand other things that can be said about humanity. Treat everyone in the same way as you want to be treated and this world would be a great place for everyone. Stop trying to make people feel bad about something that they had nothing to do with. Move on with life and try to make it better for you and everyone around you without making anyone feel guilty about something that they had no control over. Let go of the past and make your day better. Learn why rules are for everyone. Common sense should be taught not socialism! Respect should be taught and learned by everyone.

  • Judy Allen

    06/09/2021 07:19 PM

    I like that you include a Bible verse on your newsletter, but I wish it were in one of the modern translations that we non-scholars can understand. I just don't get anything from the King James version or whatever you are using.

  • Thomas Saneford

    06/09/2021 01:22 PM

    Governor, Just like the small city on our southern border in Texas that just flipped from Demon-rat to Republican. Hopefully all Dem lead cities and states, will eventually wake up, maybe that’s the WOKE they need.

  • Charlie Peoples

    06/09/2021 12:38 PM

    Mike, thank you for covering the teaching of “Critical Race Theory.” You are correct that it is not being taught at all levels of education. According to the New York Post, Cornell Law Professor William Jacobson has created a very useful website where you can trace by state where Critical Race Theory is being taught in colleges and universities. IT IS EVERYWHERE! EVERYWHERE! Or almost. It is not taught at Hillsdale College and a few others. NOT YET!

  • Jon McAvoy

    06/09/2021 11:25 AM

    Regarding the teaching in Iowa you point to, our Legislature passed and the Governor signed a bill to put a stop to this. Here's information from her newsletter that is emailed to subscribers:

    HF 802: an Act providing for requirements related to racism or sexism trainings at, and diversity and inclusion efforts by, governmental agencies and entities, school districts, and public postsecondary educational institutions.

    Gov. Reynolds released the following statement on HF 802:

    “Critical Race Theory is about labels and stereotypes, not education. It teaches kids that we should judge others based on race, gender or sexual identity, rather than the content of someone’s character,” said Gov. Reynolds. “I am proud to have worked with the legislature to promote learning, not discriminatory indoctrination.”

  • Jessie Teddlie

    06/09/2021 10:32 AM

    Thank you for honest and real news as well as a good laugh on your “takes” about the articles! God bless you and your loved ones!

  • Erin Reese

    06/09/2021 08:06 AM

    I disagree with the notion that the way to fix schools is to abandon them. The one area I differ with a lot of conservatives is on schools. You don’t pack up and run. You fight. There have been numerous stories about parents doing just that in several school districts. This is how it should be. People have been packing and running too long. Sure, there are parents who can pull their kids from school, but what of the single parent or the parent who doesn’t care enough to even make sure their child gets to school in the morning? Where are we leaving those children? Are we willing to let them be indoctrinated all while running off to our little bubble? These are the future policy makers and voters in our country. Are we ok with just letting them be indoctrinated and not educated? To me, a basic education (reading, writing, math, history) is the great equalizer of opportunity. It’s how kids are able to pull themselves up and out of the system of poverty. Reforms need to be made, but they will never be made if people with the power and will to change things abandon ship.

  • Michael Kamrath

    06/09/2021 12:48 AM

    "Are 9% of NYC residents professional criminals?" Well, a much higher percentage of congress are.