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March 11, 2023

If the Democrats thought that screaming, calling people names and doubling down on lies was going to put all this week’s escaped genies back into their bottles, guess again. Not only is Fox News not silencing Tucker Carlson and going off the air, but Carlson is enjoying some of his highest ratings ever for actually showing the January 6 th  video that the Dems and the rest of the media tried so hard to hide. Tuesday night, his show drew over 4 million viewers. Overall, Fox News’ prime time lineup had double MSNBC’s audience and over six times that of CNN.

I guess it proves the old adage, “Give the people what they want, and they’ll show up.” In this case, it appears that a lot of people wanted a news channel to give them the truth. Who knew?!

And I have more bad news for the Democrats: it ain’t over. Not by a longshot. First, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy not only refused to apologize for releasing all 44,000 hours of Capitol surveillance video to Carlson, he said Wednesday that he intends to fully release all of it to the public.

That way, everyone will be able to see everything that happened on January 6th. Well, everyone except members of the mainstream news media. Carlson said that not a single member of the liberal media asked him to share that footage with them, so apparently, they aren't interested. Maybe they just can’t handle the truth.

In that case, they’d better brace themselves for this news: Georgia GOP Representative Barry Loudermilk, chairman of the House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight, announced that he’s launching a long overdue investigation of the investigators. His panel will look into the January 6 th  Kangaroo Kommittee to determine if important information was hidden by them.

Talk about a slam dunk! If he wants to know if they stacked the process and distorted, cherry-picked and hid evidence, that doesn’t even require a Congressional investigation. Just go to and read the back issues of this newsletter.

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