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June 7, 2021

I’ve sometimes taken flak for defending Bill Maher, but even though we’re usually diametrically opposed on the issues, sometimes he’s undeniably right (you know, when he agrees with me), and he’s one of the few people left on the liberal side with the guts to actually speak up and call the leftists on their nonsense.

I don’t know if Bill is getting more conservative or if the left is just getting more nonsensical (I strongly suspect the latter), but he’s been doing it a lot more often these days. Here’s the latest example, from his HBO show Friday, where he ripped into both President Biden’s plans to give everyone “free” college tuition and the overall uselessness of today’s universities in general. (Warning: Contains the kind of language used by Bill Maher.)

On the same subject, here’s a thought-provoking article by a Michigan Congress member and a university president, listing 13 reasons why “free” college tuition is a bad, self-destructive idea that will harm students, colleges, taxpayers and America in the long run.

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  • Joseph Orsini

    06/09/2021 05:09 PM

    INFLATION discussion never seems to mention the biggest and most immediate VICTIMS of this inflation: those of us who are RETIREES, and have fixed incomes and unable to work.

  • jerold markin

    06/09/2021 01:17 AM

    Hi Mike....perhaps aa new theme song for Conservatories? "Why don't you mind your own business?"

  • Melinda M Duggan

    06/08/2021 07:25 PM

    Thank you for you sharing information about the Free College Tuition debate! I pray that Congress realizes that money does not grow on trees! Now is not the time for unnecessary spending or any increases in taxes! Students can achieve success in the workforce without a college degree.

  • Mona Kramer

    06/08/2021 07:19 PM

    Please tell anyone who will listen to never shut the country down again. Even the short shut down we had was not deserved.

  • James Johnson

    06/08/2021 01:16 PM

    Bill Maher is a typical 1970's or 1980's liberal. They were nothing like what we have today. They thought for themselves, understood the opposing view even though they disagreed, and had some ideas that the conservatives listened to, and they were adopted.

    Those days are gone, but I hope not forgotten.

  • Barbara Weller

    06/08/2021 01:00 PM

    Just wondering what you think about Wayne Root's suggestion to Pres. Trump that he run for the House in 2022 and get elected Speaker after the GOP retakes that body with Newt's new Contract With America. I think it's a great idea. I have always thought McCarthy just follows the wind---not really even a guy with RINO principles, which at least Paul Ryan had. Just imagine 2024 with Speaker Trump, Whip Scalise, Pres. DeSantis and Secy of State Pompeo. Maybe a Tom Cotton or Dan Cameron as vp. Sen. Scott supports removing sovereign immunity from police which in my mind disqualifies him for any high position in the GOP. I just haven't plugged in a Senate Majority Leader yet. Any ideas?? McConnell does a great job.

  • Thomas Saneford

    06/07/2021 11:47 PM

    Governor, How do the Dems propose the college tuition gets paid, is the government going to pay this tuition fee for all of America? Colleges and Universities are not a non-profit are they, there professors to pay, athletic scholarships as well as academic ones. If our tax dollars will be paying tuitions, how high is the tax rate going, free college is insane, let young people earn it thru academics like my son, do the work, reap the rewards. Biden is a fool!

  • Pat Sands

    06/07/2021 10:58 PM

    It is hard to believe that Michigan feels free tuition is a bad idea. Maybe there's hope for that state after all.

  • Maureen Edmond

    06/07/2021 10:48 PM

    That's really odd - I thought Bill Maher was super leftist liberal, but at least we agree on this one thing. I think colleges these days are overrated because of the professorial staff injecting their opinions into everything as fact. Additionally, besides being just too far to the left for any thinking human, they charge way too much! No administrator needs to be earning half a million dollars - sorry, but I'm allowed to think, given my college education. Oh - and it was PAID FOR!! If we older people paid for our college educations, no matter who was in office, then I think it's only fair that these kids pay for theirs. I got a small lift from my Dad on it, but it wasn't all of it, and yeah, I worked for it. My son worked for his, too. There really isn't an excuse here. Besides, it was worth the sweat equity.

  • Mark Mittelstaedt

    06/07/2021 08:28 PM

    NO freebies, but...TUITION ONLY rebates to STEM students based on their GPA. Taxpayers should never be asked to finance anything that doesn't have a reasonable chance of generating a return. People with STEM degrees will end up...gasp ! paying taxes. The gender studies majors...won't ;-}
    Gotta have that lesbian lit in the 18th century degree ? Get a STEM degree at the same time. Those lesbo lit classes will help the old GPA ;-}