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June 20, 2022



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Isaiah 25:1

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Hillary Clinton makes 2024 news

Hillary Clinton gave an interview to the Financial Times that a lot of people are probably reading too much into.

The big “news” is that Hillary was asked if she would run for President again in 2024, and she replied, “No, out of the question…First of all, I expect Biden to run. He certainly intends to run. It would be very disruptive to challenge that.”

But I’d remind everyone who’s gabbing about Hillary not running that she left loopholes big enough to sail the Titanic through (yes, I’m comparing her presidential runs to the Titanic.) Note that she only ruled it out because Biden said he intends to run. A lot of Democrats want him to bow out of running for reelection before his approval rating drops below that of COVID-19. And he doesn’t have far to go.

So if he doesn’t run, there goes her only excuse not to. Besides, this is the same woman who assured New York voters when she was running for reelection to the Senate that she had no intention of leaving them high and dry to run for President. Not long after, she resigned to run for President in response to a clamorous public outcry that only she heard.

Of more interest to me was her admission that she expects Trump to run again in 2024, and the things she unintentionally revealed in talking about the Democrats’ motivations. Like saying, “Look, the most important thing is to win the next election. The alternative is so frightening that whatever does not help you win should not be a priority.” (So "winning is all that matters." Not a surprise.)

She also said her priority is to ensure a Republican does not become President, declaring, “We are standing on the precipice of losing our democracy, and everything that everybody else cares about then goes out the window.”

Okay, let’s break that down. What are the things that most people care about? Plentiful food, affordable fuel, being able to pay our bills, safety from criminals, secure borders, preventing foreign wars, keeping terrorists out of the country? The Democrats have been a Chicago Fire-level disaster on all those fronts.

She also suggested that Republicans are dangerous extremists who are a threat to “our democracy.” That can’t be just because some Republicans challenged the legitimacy of the 2020 election, since a number of Democrats did the same thing to the 2016 election, including Hillary Clinton, who repeatedly referred to Trump as an “illegitimate President.” Her recent comments suggesting that Republicans are cheating when they strategize to win the Electoral College rather than the popular vote also suggest that she doesn’t understand how the election works. And her own campaign helped concoct the biggest attempt to undermine a democratic election in history with the “Russian collusion” hoax.

As for Republican “extremists” who don’t represent American values, is it Republicans who are deliberately letting criminals take over our cities; who have thrown open our borders to illegal immigration and deadly drugs; who are forcing schools to let males invade girls’ lockers and bathrooms and let drag queens teach kindergarteners about gay sex; who have public meltdowns over nonsense like “preferred pronouns;” who are so brainwashed by transgender propaganda that they’re afraid to admit what a “woman” is; who see everything that ever happened in American history as motivated by nothing but racism and white supremacy; who have become so radical about abortion that 49 out of 50 of their Senators voted to allow it up to the moment of birth; who are so fixated on “green” energy that they’re destroying the US oil industry and driving gas to $7 a gallon; and who endlessly obsess over one riot while excusing hundreds of more violent riots? Sounds pretty “extreme” to me, and none of those are from our side.

Still, Hillary was smart enough to realize that the Democrats’ own fixation on radical niche issues like transgenderism is not helping their electoral prospects.

Her comments may seem baffling, but if you want to know what Hillary is really saying, I’ll make it easy for you. Whenever she, or most current Democratic leaders, use the phrase “our democracy,” just substitute the phrase “our grip on power.” As in, “Electing Republicans would be a disastr for (our grip on power.)”

That clears it right up, doesn’t it?

Disney's "Lightyear" stumbles at the box office

In other “Enough is enough” news, Disney is trying to put the best face on the news that their big summer Pixar animated release “Lightyear” crash-landed at the box office this weekend. It came in well behind the second week of “Jurassic World: Dominion,” earning $51 million. That may sound like a lot, but predictions had been scaled back to $70-$85 million to lower expectations. For a Pixar summer release with a $200 million budget and no other kids’ movies in theaters, that’s a disaster.

Showbiz media outlets are trying hard to paper over Buzz’s big crash by calling it a “soft opening,” but it’s far worse than that, as John Nolte at gleefully explains.

As this Western Journal article notes, the friendly liberal media is making every excuse in the book short of mentioning the possibility that parents have had enough of Disney’s “not-so-secret gay agenda.” They’re largely ignoring the well-publicized reports that the film included a lesbian couple and a same-sex kiss that was cut, then deliberately reinserted as a defiant response to Florida’s law barring sexual content in schools for kids up to third grade level. No, that couldn’t possibly be a factor in the film’s failure.

That kiss has also caused a number of other nations, from China to Saudi Arabia, to ban the film or demand edits, which Disney has refused. That’s made news, as did outspoken liberal actor Chris Evans (who voiced Buzz instead of conservative Tim Allen, for some reason – maybe Tim saw the script and passed) calling anyone who disapproved of putting a lesbian kiss into a Disney kids’ movie a “dinosaur.” Ironically, far more people went to see outspoken Christian actor Chris Pratt in the second weekend of a movie about dinosaurs.

All this leads one to wonder, just what business does Disney think it’s in? It used to be synonymous with wholesome, inoffensive family entertainment that was safe for kids. Now, the people running it seem willing to lose billions as long as they can keep pushing unwelcome LGBTQ messages onto small children. And it’s not a matter of “erasing” gay people from movies. It’s just a simple issue of why should a movie aimed at kids include any messaging relating to anyone’s sex life? We used to have a term for this: “Inappropriate.”  

Bonchie at compares the politically-motivated decisions behind “Lightyear” to the massive box office success of the unabashedly patriotic and non-woke “Top Gun: Maverick,” and asks whether Disney will learn from this and re-embrace Walt’s vision or continue alienating their core customer base to appease a small demographic of radical LGBTQ activists.

In short, Disney executives can either go back to doing what they did best or keep acting like political activists and go broke as they rocket “To insanity…and beyond!”


International Swimming Federation FINA rules on trans swimmers

In a welcome (and surprising) victory for sanity and biological science, on Sunday, the International Swimming Federation FINA put an end to “Lia” Thomas’ and other “trans” swimmers’ domination of women’s swimming events by banning “trans” swimmers from women’s events if they haven’t completed their “transitions” by age 12.

A spokesman said science (and common sense) has shown that males who “transition” after puberty have a number of unfair physical advantages over female swimmers. To be clear, he said, “They’re not saying everyone should transition by age 11, that’s ridiculous. You can’t transition by that age in most countries and, hopefully, you wouldn’t be encouraged to. Basically, what they’re saying is that it is not feasible for people who have transitioned to compete without having an advantage.” (Warning: just because it's "ridiculous" doesn't mean some people won't pick it up and run with it.)

FINA also created an “open” category, where it is assumed that trans athletes could compete on a level playing field, but details have yet to be worked out. It will be interesting to see if Thomas and other trans athletes remain as eager to compete when it’s no longer a slam dunk.

Gallup: Americans believing in God falls

A disturbing new Gallup poll found that 81% of Americans say they believe in God. While that might sound high, up until 2011, it was over 90%. In the 1950s and ‘60s, it was 98%.

What’s pulling down the number is Democrats, only 72% of whom believe in God. That drop is fueled by self-identified liberals. As I’ve said before, I think they have rejected God but still have a need to fill the hole in their souls, so they fill it with worship of government and false gods, like charismatic politicians and celebrities. It’s a dangerous trend for the nation, and for these people personally, as well as for the young people who are being led astray by their empty philosophy.

Fewer Americans may believe in God, but those of us who do should keep praying harder than ever that God keeps believing in America.

Well, this is interesting

The Democrats pushed to spend a trillion borrowed dollars on infrastructure, and now it looks as if few of those projects will be built because their other bad policies have caused shortages of necessary construction materials like pipe, asphalt and more; a shortage of workers; and surging costs of materials and fuel due to inflation that are putting projects way over budget before they even get started.

It’s as if their policies are so awful that their negative effects are canceling out their other awful policies in a perfect storm of incompetence. However, I'm sure they'll look at this and say it proves that they need to spend even more borrowed dollars to offset the skyrocketing costs caused by spending the original borrowed dollars. I believe this is called "chasing your own tail."

Flights canceled this weekend

I hope that if you had to travel by air this weekend that you weren’t caught up in the chaos caused by the cancellation of up to 6,500 flights.

There are all sorts of excuses being given: storms (although many stranded passengers said the weather was fine along their routes), the growing summer travel crush, pilot fatigue, and shortages of staffers and pilots as business roars back after the pandemic. In a perfect metaphor for the effectiveness of the Biden Administration, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg had to drive from Washington to New York City last week after his own flight was cancelled.

Buttigieg held a virtual meeting last week with airline executives to ask what they were doing to avoid a repeat of Memorial Day weekend when 1700 flights were canceled or delayed (there was a repeat of it anyway, only worse.) Buttigieg said he pushed the airlines to make sure they had sufficient staff and warned that the TSA could take action if they fail to deliver reliable service to the public.

Boy, it’s a good thing government doesn’t have to live up to that standard! It must be nice to be able to threaten airlines for not having enough pilots and staffers after spending the first year of your Administration threatening them if they didn’t fire pilots and staffers who refused to get vaccinated.

The IRS is buying ammunition

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz says that between March and June 1, the IRS bought $700,000 worth of ammunition.

Considering how little shooting IRS agents do, that seems like an awful lot of bullets. Gaetz’s theory is that President Biden can’t ban guns, but they’re using the IRS to buy up all the ammo and create a shortage, to prevent American citizens from being able to buy bullets. That’s a provocative theory, but personally, I wouldn’t discount the notion that Democrats really do want the IRS to be able to rob us all at gunpoint.

What the Jan. 6 committee won't say about Trump's election challenges

The next hearing of the bogus, totally one-sided January 6 kangaroo court is set for Tuesday at 1PM Eastern Time. Here are some updates going into Day 4...

The committee says it “will center on Trump’s attempts to influence state legislators to delegitimize election results.” (Never mind that constitutional scholars such as Mark Levin have said Trump had every right to appeal to state legislators.) Testimony will include Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and aide Gabriel Sterling.

On Thursday, Day 5, they say they’ll show Trump stoked “a violent mob and directed them, illegally, to march on the U.S. Capitol.” They apparently mean they intend to lie, because he did no such thing. And, of course, there will be no cross-examination, with the mainstream media reporting the testimony as fact.

Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, says she “can’t wait” to testify before the January 6 committee, which is looking into whether she had any role in trying to overturn the results of the 2020 election. She says she wants to clear up “misconceptions.”

Perhaps she’d like to clear up the misconceptions at MSNBC. Host Tiffany Cross said, “I mean, listen to this, and I see this playing out and my question is, is Ginni Thomas going to be perp-walked? Because she is clearly in violation of ethical norms and it definitely seems like it is a violation of the law.”

See the full story at FOX News.

Seeing Ginni Thomas testify before that group of low-lifes might actually make me tune in.

Let’s move on. A look ahead wouldn’t be complete without an assessment of the hearings up to this point, and Margot Cleveland has a must-read piece about what this “show trial” conveniently ignores: “the verifiable evidence of systemic violations of election law, illegal voting, and the constitutionally deficient execution of the November 2020 election –- including issues Trump challenged following the election.”

Remember Georgia? Biden's margin of victory was only 11,779 votes. Before the state certified the results, Trump challenged them, claiming fraud. He alleged that counterfeit ballots in suitcases and tinkering with Dominion Voting Systems software had contributed to this, and also that tens of thousands of illegal ballots were illegally counted.

With so few votes separating the two candidates, Trump’s attorney said that violations of the residence requirements in the Georgia Election Code alone would have more than closed the gap. But Secretary of State Raffensperger would never meet with the attorneys, they said. In fact, his office sent them “a very nasty letter saying they wouldn’t give us ANY data until we dismissed all pending litigation.” When they did exactly that, his office withdrew the offer to pass along that data.

Trump’s legal team found numerous other categories of violations of the election code in Georgia but were never able to present their evidence in court, because the chief judge of Fulton County, Chris Brasher, failed to appoint a judge eligible to hear the case for a month. According to Cleveland, the numbers “far exceeded” Biden’s margin of victory.

When Trump spoke on the phone with Raffenspergers’s chief investigator Frances Watkins and famously told her to “find the fraud,” that was AFTER Trump’s lawyers had already found enough illegally cast votes.

“Yet,” Cleveland says, “the January 6 committee and their cohorts in the press cast all the challenges to the November 2020 tabulations as crazy conspiracy theories of fraud peddled by Trump to steal the election.”

And under Georgia election law, if the “evidence established that there are more illegal or or irregular votes than then the margin of victory, the remedy is a new election.”

Raffensperger told THE FEDERALIST last July that his office’s investigation “remains ongoing.” But since then, their calls to him and key members of his staff have gone unanswered. Since he’s going to be testifying Tuesday, that would’ve been a great time for Republicans to cross-examine him about this information. Oh, wait –- darn it, there won’t be any Republicans there! (Cheney and Kinzinger don’t count.)

“With the corrupt media’s cooperation,” Cleveland says, “the vast majority of Americans may never learn of the systemic violations of election law, illegal voting, and the disparate treatment of voters in violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution, the latter seen most clearly with the infiltration of funding from Mark Zuckerberg to targeted Democrat-heavy populations.”

In April of this year, Pennsylvania held public hearings about the “Zuckerbucks” phenomenon. They were looking at legislation banning outside money for elections. But Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed such a ban last year. (Surprise!)

Speaking of “Zuckerbucks,” here’s a new documentary for us all to see:

Now let’s move from Cleveland’s fine legal mind to the deranged Trump-hating mind of Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe. As Jonathan Turley says, Tribe “seems intent upon running through the entire criminal code in declaring clear evidence of every federal crime by former President Trump and/or his family...witness tampering, obstruction of justice, criminal election violations, Logan Act violations, extortion, espionage, and treason...” In an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, Tribe has now added ATTEMPTED MURDER to his list of charges. He says Trump is clearly guilty of an attempt to murder Mike Pence, on January 6, 2021.

I am not kidding. Tribe said this is true “beyond any doubt, beyond a reasonable doubt, beyond any doubt, and the crimes are obvious.” Also, “There are other crimes that have been proven,” he said. “Those are plenty to start with.”

Tribe must be taking very seriously the hearsay evidence that Trump, in a moment of extreme frustration, said Pence deserved hanging. Turley says, “I know of no case where a speech of this kind was sufficient to establish attempted murder. Indeed, such a claim would contradict controlling Supreme Court precedent.” Turley calls Tribe’s “attempted murder” delusion “utter nonsense.”

The problem for the committee is that Trump never called for violence AT ALL.

Turley notes how curious it is that, with the crimes obvious “beyond any doubt,” Trump has not been charged with them. It certainly wasn’t due to any loyalty or affection for Trump --- they hate him. No, it was “due to the paucity of evidence of a crime that would hold up in court.”

The people running this kangaroo court would charge Trump with anything, even attempted murder --- we all know they would --- if they could get away with it, but they have no actual evidence. So the most they can do is call witnesses to trash-talk him during this show trial, just to damage him personally and politically. And they can hope their partisan hack AG, Merrick Garland, will just go ahead and charge Trump with...I don’t know, something criminal. Tribe predicts he will.

But you know it’s crazy when even CNN analysts are throwing cold water on it.


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  • Lori Raska

    06/30/2022 12:08 PM

    I’m disturbed, but not surprised at how the numbers are falling in this country of people who believe in God. This country really does need prayer now more than ever. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah? All God has to do is pop the top off Yellowstone.

  • Jerry

    06/21/2022 12:47 PM

    When a man can lie time after time to a national audience and knows he is lying is a man without a conscious and a man without a conscious is a man consumed by evil and I make a comparison of this man to Joe Biden every thing Joe Biden has done has ended with a negative outcome mistakes are made when everything comes out negative it is because of evil intentions

  • Jerry

    06/21/2022 11:30 AM

    Judges DA’s AG mayors in democratic run communities are crime ridden. Are corrupt Economic operations, are severely below education standards, and people with clear minds and can afford to are leaving, leaving behind people that are good however have to endure the terrorists that steal murder rape abuse and the store’s cannot remain to provide services or products the people need. One other thought people that work in what stores are still open fear they will be part of a robbery and civil disobedience look to merit garland is the top of justice system is to blame for law enforcement people need to get rid of this fraud however biden would put another fraud on his place

  • Jerry

    06/21/2022 07:22 AM

    Uvalde massacre has revealed what is the definition of cowards ignorance and the possibility of defunding the police are qualities of that police department the leadership of that department is a replica of our commander in chief and its staff cowards not capable of holding or executing leadership positions

  • Jerry

    06/21/2022 06:55 AM

    The misfit will always put the wagon in front of the horse and ask the horse to push the wagon with its head biden a misfit himself will try and add EV to the electric grid when the grid can barely keep producing enough electricity to run AC’s or furnaces to warm buildings solar panels are a idea to put on homes or buildings as an additional source of electricity however misfits forget parts of the planet do not get enough solar energy as the plant tilts away from its source the sun and the lack of exposure becomes a problem misfits do not think of the simplest functions of an idea and biden is the prime example of a misfit and he has proven that Fact for 79 years on a daily time table

  • James Drury Jr.

    06/21/2022 06:12 AM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Paul Kern

    06/20/2022 10:24 PM

    I wonder how so many can stay sane after the past years of insanity. It's bound to get worse I think. If Roe v. Wade is shut down the Left will send it's stormtroopers in.
    Very unusual for the IRS to buy so much ammo. Usually the military does that. They forget there are close to 200 million arms owners. Many loaded to the gills.