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May 7, 2022


Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Musk isn't backing down
  • Federal judge rejects Biden adminstration request
  • And much more.


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John 14:2-3

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2. "Huckabee" Preview

Save an hour of your Mother’s Day weekend for a new episode of “Huckabee” tonight on TBN! High school coach Joe Kennedy and his attorney will discuss their historic Supreme Court case about the right to pray on school grounds. Mike Rowe will give us a sneak peek at his great new series, “The Story Behind The Story,” debuting right after our show tonight at 9 EST on TBN. World champion barbecue master Myron Mixon will attempt to teach Keith Bilbrey how to make a brisket. We’ll also laugh with comic Shawn Reynolds, and top it all off with music from five-time Dove Award winning contemporary Christian artist (and eight-time Grammy nominee) Natalie Grant.

It’s all waiting for you at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST, and Sunday at 9 EST/8 CST on TBN. To find out how to watch TBN, from local cable and broadcast channels to streaming, visit and click on “Channel Finder” on the top menu. You can stream previous episodes, highlights and online-only “Digital Exclusives,” including extended interviews, “In Case You Missed It” and “Facts of the Matter” segments, plus extra performances by our great musical and comedy guests and links to all their sites, at You can also find past shows, highlights and digital exclusives on YouTube and my Facebook page.

3. Musk isn't backing down

Having failed in their attempts to use their political influence to stop Elon Musk from bringing free speech back to Twitter, a coalition of leftist groups is trying to pressure corporations to pull their advertising from Twitter, claiming it will become a cesspool of rightwing extremism and disinformation. So, basically, the rightwing version of MSNBC.

Fortunately, Musk isn’t backing down but is challenging them head-on. I get the feeling that he had no conservative political leanings and just thought that owning Twitter and returning it to its free speech roots would be cool, good for America and a good investment. But having seen the vicious fury of the left and their willingness to slander and destroy anyone who stands in their way, he may be getting red-pilled fast.

This coalition, by the way, involves such sterling avatars of truth and honesty as Media Matters, BLM, and people once associated with Bill (the truth depends on what the meaning of “is” is) and Hillary (Russian dossier) Clinton, and George Soros, whose other altruistic works to improve America include funding of open borders and prosecutors who release all the criminals into the streets.

Musk tweeted, “Who funds these organizations who want to control your access to information? Let’s investigate… Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” He also invited George Soros to “please slide into my DMs” (direct message him.)

For the record: socialist billionaire Soros has an estimated fortune of $8.6 billion, and as of yesterday, Musk’s net worth is around $248 billion. If he really wanted to help America, he’d just buy George Soros and lock him away in a storage facility.

4. Federal judge rejects Biden adminstration request

Wednesday, federal Judge T. Kent Wetherell rejected the Biden Administration’s request to dismiss a lawsuit by the state of Florida over its releasing illegal immigrants into the state. The judge’s ruling was the legal equivalent of a trip to the woodshed. Noting that the Administration was claiming that it had the power to interpret immigration laws as meaning anything it wanted and no state or court had the power to stop them, the judge wrote:

“This position is as remarkable as it is wrong because it is well established that no one, not even the President, is above the law and the court unquestionably has the authority to say what the law is and to invalidate action of the executive branch that contravenes the law and/or the Constitution. Thus, if Florida’s allegations that defendants are essentially flaunting the immigration laws are proven to be true, the court most certainly can (and will) do something about it.”

Since some in the White House are already talking about simply ignoring the Supreme Court if it strikes down Roe v. Wade, let’s hope this is a long-overdue warning shot that the White House is not all three branches of government rolled into one, and it will be held accountable for its lawless and unconstitutional actions.

5. This makes her appointment worse

Did you think it wasn’t possible for Nina Jankowicz, the leftwing musical theater wannabe who’s going to be our new Speech Monitor, to get any worse? Then brace yourself for her latest unearthed TikTok video, where she informs us that “gender disinformation is a threat to national security.”

And what is this alleged “gender disinformation” that threatens to sink the republic? Not clear, but you can bet that none of it involves sexist attacks by the left on Republican or pro-life women. Those apparently don’t exist.

Bonus points: there’s a pretty good chance that the “disinformation” she gives as an example is true.

6. Biden: MAGA is the most dangerous extremist group

Former President Trump responded to President Biden’s latest pool of brain drool about the MAGA movement (you know: you, your family and your neighbors who have red “Make America Great Again" caps) being the most dangerous extremist group in recent history. Trump makes a pretty good case that that title doesn’t belong to MAGA, and maybe not even to Antifa, but to the gang of dangerous, destructive extremists known collectively as ”the Biden Administration.”

Here are some more solid arguments for that proposition.

And here’s a little compare-and-contrast between MAGA and genuine dangerous extremist groups on the left.

7. A real war on women

Let’s take just a brief break from the left’s railing about women’s health care (abortion) and “Handmaid’s Tale” cosplay to remind you that there is, indeed, a war on women, and this Administration is waging it.

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Comments 1-6 of 6

  • Nellie Willuams

    05/25/2022 08:23 PM

    05 -25-202 After watching the president trow a tantrum in the wake of this last massacre and everything shouting, "something has to be done!". I have a suggestion that I think would be of more help that gun control. Have those stupid fact checkers do something worth while for a change and watch for these awful post and report to the correct authorities! First and fly, get tough on these criminals. Try them if found guilty, let them face the firing squad! Bet the numbers would go down in a hurry.

  • Charles W Sigars

    05/08/2022 12:44 AM

    "the court most certainly can (and will) do something about it.” So what happens when the Biden regime just thumbs their nose and blows raspberries at him, or even SCOTUS? Are the going to arrest Biden or his minions? Who would arrest them? The regime controls the Secret Service, FBI, Capitol Police, and Brandon has armed military guards. I don't think the District has Sheriffs, and even if, they would not get past the layers of leftist protectors.

    So, who will enforce the law on those not above it (asking for a friend)?

  • Lois St. Germain

    05/07/2022 04:17 PM

    I love your newsletters. Thank you so much.

  • Robert E. Carter

    05/07/2022 03:46 PM

    When people can gain enough individual strength be heard by the public, being very civilized but true, it is very encouraging fore the rest of us Americans !

  • Anne Turner

    05/07/2022 02:23 PM

    The problem with encouraging “peaceful” protest about such an emotionally charged topic as abortion, is that there is always the danger of someone in the crowd either losing it, or actually planning it, to throw a rock through the window of a house or car, causing injury to occupants of same. If this should happen or if there is any attempt to trespass on the SCOTUS place if work or home, should this not be treated as terrorism and the people thrown into rat infested cells to await trial for at least a year? Oh, I forgot, bad me, that’s only for Trump supporters not for righteous leftist supporters. Why would anyone believe that protesting outside of a church would change the tenets of said church? With the number of abortions per year, it is strange that children, when they are being punished for something they did wrong, don’t ask their parents why they just didn’t abort them.

    Except for some rare cases where a child is born with heterogenous attributes, the gender of a person cannot be changed. You can protest all you want, but it is cruel to suggest to children that this can really happen. They are being led down a path that could well shorten their lives or leave them impaired in some way. We simply do not have enough years of experimenting behind us to know what the long term affects of these hormones and surgery could mean to health, physical and psychological in later years. This adds to a long list of hoaxes foisted on humanity over the centuries. If you remember people believed you could turn other metals into gold at one time, that certain “ witches” had supernaturally powers, that diseases where caused by having too much blood, or by sinfulness.

  • dave allen

    05/07/2022 01:18 PM

    of course MAGA is the most dangerous extremist group....dangerous to the democrat's agenda...which is, of course, all they care about.