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November 14, 2022

Say, remember the COVID “health emergency”? It seems to pop up and then disappear again more often than Waldo. President Biden claimed it was over so he could remove restrictions on illegal immigrants pouring into the US. Then suddenly, it was back, so he could inappropriately claim forgiving student loan debt as a health emergency power. He said himself that it was over – and most of the public agrees, if you look at how few masks you see at crowded restaurants, sporting events and other places.

But wait! It’s back again! Biden now plans to extend his COVID health emergency power through April of 2023.

Even the Biden court jesters at “Saturday Night Live” are mocking the idea of COVID still being a health emergency.

The far more dangerous sickness now is the government’s addiction to unconstitutional powers. When do we get a vaccine for that?


Speaking of COVID, the last thing we need is more veiled attempts at exercising power thinly veiled as a “health emergency.”

A survey in the UK by the University of Portsmouth found that because of the self-serving actions, misinformation and lies of government health authorities, nearly one in four respondents across all demographics now have less confidence in vaccines in general. That includes people who supported other vaccine campaigns in the past.  

Thanks, Dr. “Science!”

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