November 14, 2022

Say, remember the COVID “health emergency”? It seems to pop up and then disappear again more often than Waldo. President Biden claimed it was over so he could remove restrictions on illegal immigrants pouring into the US. Then suddenly, it was back, so he could inappropriately claim forgiving student loan debt as a health emergency power. He said himself that it was over – and most of the public agrees, if you look at how few masks you see at crowded restaurants, sporting events and other places.

But wait! It’s back again! Biden now plans to extend his COVID health emergency power through April of 2023.

Even the Biden court jesters at “Saturday Night Live” are mocking the idea of COVID still being a health emergency.

The far more dangerous sickness now is the government’s addiction to unconstitutional powers. When do we get a vaccine for that?


Speaking of COVID, the last thing we need is more veiled attempts at exercising power thinly veiled as a “health emergency.”

A survey in the UK by the University of Portsmouth found that because of the self-serving actions, misinformation and lies of government health authorities, nearly one in four respondents across all demographics now have less confidence in vaccines in general. That includes people who supported other vaccine campaigns in the past.  

Thanks, Dr. “Science!”

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  • valerie elizabeth blount

    11/20/2022 06:11 PM

    I live in Arizona. Can you believe what we have to tolerate here? Can you believe what they expect us to believe? You cover our thoughts very well, Huck. You give us hope just knowing others see what we see. Stick with us. We need you.
    Love Sarah and so happy for her. We need more of both of you....may you both stay around and may you find others to help us all. We're here for you.

  • Mark Hannah

    11/20/2022 05:37 PM

    They not to stop using the term “vaccine” for this stuff. A true vaccine prevents you from EVER getting the disease (e.g. polio, tuberculosis, diphtheria). The so called “vaccines” that the pharmaceutical industry pushes only lessen symptoms and enrich the pockets of an industry that is long overdue for a reckoning. And the vast majority of the drugs that they promote cause a vast number of very serious side effects that are often worse than what the drug is supposed to alleviate. A healthy diet that is free of sugars, corn oils, vegetable oils, and artificial flavorings, and regular exercise will do more to boost your immunity than any of these placebo vaccines (for flu, CCP COVID, etc.). CCP puppet Biden and the WHO can pound sand. I have never had COVID, never had the “vaccine”, and never will.

  • Joanne Avella

    11/20/2022 04:35 PM

    In the 2020 election there were reports of fraud with the military away faxed ballots. It happened in Maricopa county Arizona and in other states.
    I have good reason to believe it just happened here in Pima County and only God knows where else. A person I trust who worked at the Recorders office that was given the task of taking those faxes and putting the final ballots together said that well over 90% voted straight democrat and against the ballot initiative that required identification.
    Read the testimony from 2020 .

  • stephen russell

    11/20/2022 04:33 PM

    Have NO emergency & only excuse is for Power
    Wont comply for other games'
    Had my 2 years fill

  • Connie Fenton

    11/20/2022 02:09 PM

    I love your newsletters. God Bless you.

  • robert waters

    11/15/2022 09:14 AM

    I posted this to a FB group I started called "Madison County News and Political Views" because of the bias and unfair practices of the local paper (Madison Country Record):
    "I've posted three outstanding articles from Mike Huckabee this morning. I hope you will take the time to read them and consider subscribing to his e-mails. You will get the best, most concise, interesting, and accurate news/commentary anywhere, IMO."

  • Carolyn Zeno

    11/15/2022 07:43 AM

    After spending days trying to digest what happened with 70% of the country dissatisfied with the direction of the country, I was left in shock with the televised election results. I began to think I was living in an altered reality that no one was questioning. Thank you for your discussion of the absurdities we have endured and continue to endure with this administration. At least, you are providing a good dose of reality in a world where the “Emperor Has No Clothes.”

  • Theresa Norcross

    11/14/2022 06:43 PM

    I just left a message did you get it?

  • Patty Hager

    11/14/2022 04:08 PM

    To say we do not trust the election process today us an understatement. Mail in votes should not be allowed. I feel voters should have to vote in person with IDENTIFICATION presented at the polls. The last election was a shambles and this one is not any different in that we more are aware than ever of the other side’s capabilities to put their people in place. But the saddest part of this entire election Mr. Huckabee is that Americans voted for the murdering of the innocents in the womb and outside the womb over the state of this economy which is near collapse. For that judgment will come from the Lord!

  • Linda Ward

    11/14/2022 04:06 PM

    From your article you got one right: "The problem with the less than stellar results of the midterm elections is not that the Democrats opposed our policies. That’s what we can expect them to do. But Republicans were facing a triple threat of the monolithic media, the bully bureaucracy of our own government, and the reliable partnership they had with the national Democrat party." I believe it is also two other factors: the Roe V Wade overturned (loss of many women's votes) and the Trump factor. Many people like me who voted for him are sick and tired of his never ending vendetta against everyone who ever crossed him. Has there been a double standard of treatment, absolutely; but he's too toxic to EVER bring this country back together again. His time has come and gone. GOP needs new, fresh people that are bent on revenge!