August 30, 2021

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  • Marsha Jones

    08/31/2021 10:42 AM

    Impeach Biden asap

  • Janne Thiebaud

    08/31/2021 12:40 AM

    As an Australian, I clearly do not understand the nuances of American law, or what is, or is not allowed under the American Constitution. I do however have questions. I want to know how it is possible for a Commander in Chief of your armed forces, to not be tried under Military law, where treason is the charge? The fact that Biden is a civilian should not trump his responsibility as Commander is Chief, which gives him the power to rule over every last one of the military! He has the power, as clearly demonstrated these last weeks, to have every last one of them killed! He has the power to overrule all advice he receives from his departmental heads, and basically go it alone, in spite of them all. By not allowing him to be tried under military law, he can do what he damn well likes, and to hell with the consequences. Impeachment may only result in him losing his job, but is that enough for the lives lost thanks to his decisions, and the complete collapse of the reputation of the entire country, on the world stage? Such crimes deserve nothing less than death, yet the worst that will happen to him, is the loss of his job. That is just not enough! Can he be forced to face Justice at the Nuremberg Trials? His Secretary of State needs the same treatment. Finally, I would also like to know WHY the State Department was responsible for the evacuation of Americans and SIV holders from Kabul, instead of the Department of Defence? That decision also makes no sense!

  • David Lauterbach

    08/30/2021 11:05 PM

    Biden is doing everything he possibly can do to destroy the U S and in particular, the Republican Party. He needs to be removed from office immediately, even if we have to deal with The Hoe instead. She might not have the same amount of support as he did.