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January 17, 2024

So now Biden is building the wall, asking Mexico to keep migrants on their side of the border, and redesignating the Houthis as terrorists.

Also, his DOJ finally, at long last, admitted that Hunter Biden’s laptop was real.

Apparently, their argument for reelecting Joe instead of Trump will be that after three years, he’s finally realized that Trump was right about everything.

Reminder: Know who falsely told us for years that Hunter’s laptop was “Russian disinformation,” that Trump colluded with Russia, that Joe Biden knew nothing about his son’s business deals, that there was an ethics agreement preventing Hunter from knowing who was buying his “art,” etc. etc. etc.? The same media outlets that are so obsessed with airing only “The TRUTH” that they refuse to show Trump’s speeches: CNN and MSNBC.

Get the feeling that there’s about as much truth in their alleged “news” reporting as there is actual cheese in a spray can of pasteurized, processed, cheez-food product?

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