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January 29, 2022


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Mike Huckabee


In all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:6

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2. Wow:

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice is one of those political figures who can be described as “colorful.” And certainly entertaining. During a press conference, he once showed lawmakers what he thought of their budget by bringing out a pile of bull manure. But he actually managed to top that with the finale of his State of the State Address Thursday.

Justice picked up his locally-famous dog, BabyDog, displayed a portion of her anatomy usually only seen so closely by other dogs and the vet during a proctology exam, and invited Bette Midler (who attacked Joe Manchin by sending a nasty tweet insulting West Virginians) to “kiss her hiney.”

Warning: this story includes a photo illustration. Not of Bette Midler, but of BabyDog’s hiney.

3. Breyer Retirement Update:

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has made his retirement plans official, sooner than he intended, thanks to a leak from someone who likely wanted him out fast before Republicans can win back the Senate. After all, the protectors of democracy on the left can’t let the people have any say over who’ll be making rulings over them for the next 40 years or so.

I already mentioned this next story yesterday, but maybe bringing it up repeatedly now will help dissuade the media from promoting the narrative Democrats plan to create:

If Republicans block Biden’s nominee on grounds that they oppose her leftwing activist judicial philosophy, Democrats will claim that they are racists and sexists who just don’t want a black woman on the Court. So never let it be forgotten that…

1. Then Sen. Joe Biden led a racially-charged smear campaign to try to block Clarence Thomas, the second black SCOTUS Justice, from being confirmed, and voted against him.

2. Biden twice filibustered and voted against Republican black female nominee Janice Rogers Brown to keep her off the federal bench. He said at the time that race and gender only count if the nominee is a committed judicial activist.

3. Democrats filibustered (!) George W. Bush's court nominee Miguel Estrada, launching a smear campaign against him as a rightwing extremist. Leaked internal memos to Senate Minority Whip Dick Durban showed that liberal groups thought Estrada was “particularly dangerous” because he was a Latino, so it would be hard for them to block him if Bush later nominated him to the SCOTUS. The attacks on Estrada were so vicious that it was suggested they might have played a role in his wife's suffering a miscarriage, and in her accidental death by an overdose of sleeping pills and alcohol.

I don’t know who Biden will pick, but I can confidently predict that if Republicans oppose the nominee, it will be on grounds of judicial philosophy, not race or gender. And it won’t involve the kind of no-holds-barred character assassination that Democrats have turned into an ugly art form.

4. Los Angeles Justice: Even more insane:

Just when you think that the criminal-coddling leftist district attorneys of blue cities can’t get any more insane, one of them ups the ante. In this case, it’s Los Angeles DA George Gascon, who declined to prosecute transgender California “woman” Hannah (formerly known as James) Tubbs as an adult, even though the repeat offender is 26 and pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl. But the crime happened in 2014, just two weeks away from Tubbs’ 18th birthday, when I suppose you suddenly realize that doing that is wrong.

Because of Gascon’s decision to treat Tubbs as a minor, the judge sentenced the 26-year-old admitted child molester to two years in a juvenile facility. Yes, you read that correctly. 

In a very related story, yesterday, the L.A. County Registrar officially approved a petition effort to get a vote on the ballot recalling Gascon. A previous effort failed to garner enough signatures. I have to assume that won’t be a problem this time. If you’re in Los Angeles and on the fence, go back to the beginning of this story and read it again.

Related: While this story doesn’t involve Los Angeles, the shootings of six police officers over 48 hours in Houston, St. Louis and Milwaukee bring home in tragic fashion the high cost of electing “progressive” DA’s who refuse to prosecute criminals and who are turning blue cities into violent nightmares where criminals reign.

Our prayers are with these officers and their families. And to the voters of these cities, you have it within your power to end this. How many lives, of both police officers and innocent residents, will have to end before you do?

5. Breaking the tie:

Thursday, we ran a story about Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz saying that if Biden nominated Kamala Harris for Supreme Court (you know, to make her somebody else’s problem), she wouldn’t be able to vote to break a tie to confirm herself. A reader commented that there was no such Constitutional restriction. It wasn’t really clear to me whether Dershowitz meant it was actually forbidden or that it would just be so outrageous that the American people and the Senate wouldn’t stand for it (although I’m convinced there are about 48 Senators who’ll stand for anything if it keeps a Democrat in power.) That’s why I avoided the controversy by joking that if she didn’t vote for herself, it would because she failed to show up.

However, if this unlikely hypothetical is really that important to you, then I’ll add that another Harvard Law professor, Laurence Tribe, an ally of the Biden Administration, is also on record as saying that a Vice President can’t break a tie vote for a SCOTUS nomination. He argued that the Constitution gives the VP power to break ties in passing bills, but not over the Senate’s “Advise and Consent” role in approving SCOTUS nominees.

At the time, Tribe was trying to prevent Mike Pence from breaking a tie to confirm Trump nominee Amy Coney Barrett, but I’m sure he would say the exact same standards apply to both Parties, right?

6. To kick your Saturday off right:

I love a good dog story, and this really is a “Good dog!” story.

7. I Just Wanted to Say:

Thank you for reading the Morning Edition.

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  • Jay Johnson

    01/30/2022 10:52 AM

    Gov, I believe I read in the Epoch Times that this 26 year old convicted child molester will be spending his/her time in GIRLS juvenile detention facility because he/she now identifies as a woman. So a man who molested girls will now be incarcerated for two years with girls because he now identifies as a woman! And nobody in the LA judicial system thought this was a bad idea? Let the recall petitions abound.

  • Jerry

    01/30/2022 10:00 AM

    The service of the murdered NYC policeman the other day brought out passion I have experienced over 40 years with the flag the widow the service force, PD. the passion of a funeral with the police force giving the last salute. As a past post commander I have had to give a folded flag to a widow a child while at the grave site, Last Tuesday Nite while the National Anthem played before the High School Basketball game I was to officiate I shook I could hope no one noticed my eyes had a tear in them as I remembered giving the flags to widows and children of military men young and old as millions watched the last moments of the policeman above ground I hope the passion for life and decency of American life is not snuffed out by the evil forces that roam this country and the ones that reside in our White House.

  • Stephen Russell

    01/30/2022 09:39 AM

    Natural Immunity lasts 18 months

  • Stephen Russell

    01/30/2022 09:19 AM

    Patriots Purge: Dont watch, very confusing storyline, No sense of event
    In your Face vidoes, seems rushed to make
    on Fox Nation
    Need J6 Doc with
    Timelines, video, audio feed
    To make sense
    At least NewsMax Day of Outrage tried to say something

  • Stephen Russell

    01/30/2022 09:17 AM

    PAC to support:
    SEAL PAC, Mt Vernon VA
    Ex Vets running for office
    They need your aid

  • Jerry

    01/30/2022 09:00 AM

    Having joe biden as President of the United States is the same as Hunter Biden as having joe biden as a Father. I do not not endorse Hunter's behavior as a human being he is a product of his environment growing up what he was taught as a child he is living thru the teaching of the father. Divine intervention is needed for Hunter as is the the United States itself in need of extreme Divine intervention. The evil forces that are in the control of the power of the government is the result of people that are not evil but lack intellect and stems from not having faith in one God which is this country's most solid foundation I am no saint by any means however I am a good citizen that happens to believe in One Nation under God something that joe biden has rejected and is a sponsor of evil behavior.

  • Wendy Storm

    01/29/2022 07:27 PM

    My heart goes out to the family of the 10 year old girl James Tubbs raped. I cannot imagine the level of rage, frustration & betrayal this family must be feeling. And as much as I am against violence, this situation calls for street vengeance! I daresay this "MAN" will get his justice in the penal system as I'm sure the female inmates will not take kindly to a rapist, particularly one who assaulted a 10 year old girl. I will not put into words what I hope these women do to this rapist!

  • Floyd A Unger

    01/29/2022 02:35 PM

    Thank you

  • Keet Parakeet

    01/29/2022 02:10 PM

    Kick your saturday off right item has an access problem

  • Steven J Fuller

    01/29/2022 01:24 PM

    1) Murdering any first responder especially a LEO should carry a mandatory life in prison w/o parole or even the death penalty... no long drawn out multiple appeals.
    2) VP breaking tie for SCOTUS nom. Constitutional??? Would the SCOTUS decide??????