July 2, 2020

NEWS UPDATE: CHOP has been chopped. After degenerating from an alleged “festival atmosphere” and “second summer of love” into a dangerous, lawless war zone within days, the area of Seattle “occupied” by leftist radicals was finally cleared out Wednesday morning.

Mayor Jenny Durkan must’ve gotten tired of competing with Bill DeBlasio for the title of America’s Worst Mayor because she finally issued the order police had been waiting for. They moved and gave the big, tough social justice “warriors” eight minutes to clear out (yes, that’s how quickly this could have ended if the Mayor had ever done her job.) Among those who resisted, there were 31 arrests. Let’s hope that for probably the first time in their lives, they will discover what it means to face real consequences for their rotten behavior.

CHOP was a disaster and a massive dereliction of the city’s duty to protect its citizens. It was also an unwarranted tragedy that resulted in robberies, assaults and other violent crimes, three serious injuries from shootings, and the shooting deaths of two black teenagers - Lorenzo Anderson Jr. and Antonio Mays Jr. – by people who claimed they launched this radical Romper Room with no police allowed to protest the unjust killing of black people by police.

At the link is a post-mortem on what happened in Seattle and how (the first step was the mistake of electing a far-left government.) As bad as the entire episode was, it did serve one purpose: seldom has there been a more horrifying but useful illustration of how swiftly civilization can spiral into anarchy when you do something as stupid as abolishing the police and giving power to a bunch of socialist undergrads.

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  • Maria Croom

    07/03/2020 05:38 PM

    Thank you Jesus now Mayors should no longer be allowed to stay in office! That is the problem with politcs, if you do not do your job following the constitution, & taking care of the things for the American People you should be looking for another Job enough is enough your greed has lasted to long

  • David Baker

    07/02/2020 04:55 PM

    Children high on pot, how about occupying Guantanamo Bay they have a lot of people that hate America. You will get a free meal three times a day, place to sleep, and a place to go to the bathroom. Please for your precious little sakes go, and get taken care of. Seattle has ran out of diapers and Pacifiers and Binkies for you. I’ll see that you get all the baby supplies you need at Guantanamo Bay. Don’t cry
    C. H. O. P.

  • Patricia Barlow

    07/02/2020 02:21 PM

    Time to declare BLM and ANTIFA for what they are, Domestic Terrorist.

  • Pamela Pelliccio

    07/02/2020 01:53 PM

    She should be sued by the families of those youth killed.

  • Sharon Owen

    07/02/2020 01:45 PM

    I totally agree this should never been allowed.