May 5, 2019

A week ago, the White House Correspondents Association held their annual dinner in Washington, but the President didn’t attend nor did my daughter, the WH Press Secretary after she was ambushed by a bitter, angry, and vicious headliner who was actually billed as a comedian.  In fact instead of getting skewered by a so-called comedian standing 5 feet from her, she went with the President to Wisconsin where instead of being insulted about her appearance and character, she was treated to rock star status by an overflow crowd that numbered well above 10,000.  Back in Washington, the media types sat solemnly to whine about how unfair THEY have been treated and how the 1st amendment was “at risk.”  Here’s a heartfelt message to them:

You media folks hate it when the President calls you Fake News or even calls out some of you as “enemies of the people.”  You all but break your arms patting yourselves on the back for your commitment to truth, journalism, and the 1st amendment.  Not all of you in the media are enemies of the people, and the President has never said all of you were.  But to be blunt—some of you are!  When you allow your personal biases and animosity toward the President to shape your coverage of his events, his policies, his remarks, and his personal life in a vastly different way than the manner in which you report on other public figures, then you are no longer champions of truth or the 1st amendment, but just partisan hacks out to unfairly smear a President you don’t like and never though could get elected. 

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We desperately need a strong press and a strict adherence to finding the truth wherever it may lead.  Our great republic can’t survive if the press puts it thumb on the scale for a candidate or political party.  The noble responsibility of the press is to fairly and accurately report facts and let the public determine how it will respond to those facts.  When I watch, listen to or read someone’s reporting and I know exactly the point of view the journalist, it’s not journalism anymore.  It’s just the same kind of advocacy I expect from the Republican or Democrat parties. 

When you guys in the media whine about how bad YOU’VE been treated, forgive millions of us for laughing out loud.  You’ve put your hurt feelings out front and cried like 6 year olds because someone, usually the President, called you out.  We do, by the way, know the difference between news and commentary and respect that commentary can and should be highly opinionated, but even then should be fair and based on accurate facts.  We just see much of that.  Over 90% of the coverage about President Trump is negative.  He is far from perfect and sometimes can be his own worst enemy with off-color or off the cuff comments or his obvious exaggeration and hyperbole.  But misreporting, the overuse of anonymous “high level” sources who don’t have the guts to speak on the record if they even exist, destroy your credibility and frankly shred the Constitution’s protection of a free press.  It isn’t free if it isn’t fair, and you might be blind to your own biases, but millions of us aren’t.  If you to get respect, you have to show some.  And the level of disrespect you show toward the President, his staff, and his votes only result in being held in contempt by those of us who see the world differently than you.  

I’m glad the President and the press secretary skipped your little party of self-congratulations, whining and elitist pomposity.  They were in a crowd of what you call deplorables and being shown appreciation of standing up for them and frankly, standing up against you.  You can fix this by becoming journalists again, instead of ball-point pen pimps, computer contract killers, and camera-ready cardboard cutouts with all too predictable breathless anxiety about those you disagree with.  We want to respect you.  We actually need you.  But if you refuse to act like professionals and insult us with your pious putdowns, don’t expect us to do anything other than hold you in contempt for the perpetual put-downs.  You broke this.  And only you can fix it.


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  • Mary Frances Wisdom

    05/06/2019 05:17 PM

    I admire you Gov. Huckabee, for believing in God, our President and Vice President. If I can't watch you, I check out your page. I agree 100% with you about everything. Thank you and may God Bless you.

  • Rev Sam Martin

    05/06/2019 06:54 AM

    You hit the nail on the head. If they want our respect they need to start reporting the news not trying to make the news. I sure do enjoy all the information you share with us.

  • Pamela Moreau

    05/05/2019 09:39 PM

    I have never seen anything like this with the media and democrats acting so viciously, 100% wrong and vindictive. Keep saying the truth over and over again Gov. Huckabee. I love reading your daily briefings. I love Sarah, she’s smart and poised and beautiful. ??

  • Larry Shoemaker

    05/05/2019 08:20 PM

    You interviewed Van Jones on your show. You claim to be Christian brothers. My question is twofold: How can he claim to be a Christian and support the Democratic party which supports infanticide, homosexual marriage, anti-Christian views, etc, etc, etc,,,,,
    How can you claim him as a Christian brother knowing all the above???