June 11, 2018

Tomorrow could go down in the history books, as President Trump meets in Singapore with Kim Jong-Un (yes, it’s still on as of this writing), becoming the first US President ever to meet a North Korean leader.  While the main priority is denuclearizing North Korea, the meeting holds the potential for many historic outcomes, such as finally ending the Korean War, the possible reunification of Korea, or bringing North Korea out of its self-created Dark Age and into the 21st century.  Most astounding of all, the meeting is so important, it might even get CNN and MSNBC to go an entire day without talking to a porn star’s lawyer.  Although that’s probably the least likely scenario.

Here are some more last-minute details about how it will go down, including how Trump expects to find out within the first minute whether Kim is serious or not.


One odd sidelight of the meeting is the news that Kim is so paranoid of being poisoned that he’s reportedly bringing his own food from North Korea rather than eat the food at a five-star luxury resort.  It seems more likely that if he were going to be poisoned, it would be someone in North Korea who would do it.  Let’s hope that one of the fortuitous outcomes of this meeting is that someday, when we hear someone brought food from North Korea, we won’t have to wonder if that left the rest of the nation without any.


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  • Chuck Matthews

    06/11/2018 07:44 PM

    The left wants Trump to fail even though KJU has recently launched missiles that could reach the US. I don't know of any other President that has brought North Korea to the table. Hopefully, KJU will see the light and history won't repeat itself with communist leaders reneging on their peace promises, e.g. Neville Chamberlain thought Hitler would stand down. Same with FDR and Stalin; Nixon and Maoist China. I'm hoping for the best. If KJU reneges, there will be a heavy price to pay.