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July 21, 2023



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It is joy to the just to do judgment: but destruction shall be to the workers of iniquity.

Proverbs 21:15


In ‘N’ Out Burger

It was understandable for people to have mistaken beliefs about COVID early on (remember when we were supposed to spray disinfectant on our mail?) But the pandemic is now so far in the rearview mirror that even Joe Biden was forced to admit it’s over. Still, habits die hard and some people are still clinging to them, like wearing facemasks even though we now know that they are largely ineffective and can cause more health problems than they prevent. In some places (especially deep blue places, where people have a hard time giving up crutches), you still see them. But in much of the country, masks are SO 2021.

That’s why In ‘N’ Out Burger announced that its employees would no longer wear masks unless they wanted to (and even then, they have to provide a doctor’s note explaining why.) The chain said they would continue with unmatched health and safety standards, but the masks interfere with customer service and being able to see their associates’ smiles. Incidentally, for those who have hearing problems, they make it almost impossible to understand what a person is saying by muffling the sound and hiding the lips.

I imagine most customers cheered this return to normalcy and sanity. But that leaves liberals, who are having their daily meltdown over it. They tweeted out calls for a boycott from their hermetically-sealed apartments where they live alone, wearing masks 24/7. So no leftists will be at In ‘N’ Out Burger, which is one more reason to eat there.

If it helps, the mask ban will not apply in Democrat-dominated California, where masks are still necessary to block out the smell of human feces from the sidewalks.

The Issues

The media love to carp about how the presidential candidates aren’t talking about “the issues,” but when they do, the media ignore it and fixate on personal attacks and horse race polls. Well, around here, we think that voters should consider a candidate’s ideas (or in Biden’s case, lack of them.) So here’s an article about the “Mission First Military,” Ron DeSantis’ plan for restoring America’s military that’s being hollowed out by woke top brass. Discuss.

“Try That in a Small Town”

If there were a Nobel Prize for Hypocrisy, there would be so many contenders, it would be impossible to pick a winner. But I might be rooting for it to be one of the many liberals who constantly accuse other people of racism on the flimsiest pretext while launching shocking and blatant racist attacks on black conservatives.

This has become so common that the past two days alone brought us several examples. Liberals flew into a Code Red righteous rage at country star Jason Aldean for his song, “Try That in a Small Town.” Aldean has been outspoken about his conservative views, and the song is about how people in small towns have strong communities, they help each other, and they wouldn’t tolerate the rioters and criminals that big cities allow to run amok (if you disagree, I’ll point you to video of Antifa thugs trying to intimidate some suburban veterans and getting their rear ends kicked until they run away.)

BLM apologists shrieked that Aldean was endorsing lynching, which isn’t mentioned nor depicted in the song or video, and most of the criminals depicted in it are white. But it was filmed at a courthouse where a black man was lynched in 1927! Yes, and so were countless other movies and videos, and Aldean didn’t even pick the location. CMT (Country Music Television), showing a strange idea of who they think their viewers are, yielded to the liberal cancel mob and yanked the video. Meanwhile, the song rocketed to #1 on iTunes and other platforms, and country music fans are talking about a Bud Light-style boycott of CMT. Well, Jason did try to warn them that that leftist garbage doesn’t fly with country people.

Meanwhile, all the liberals having a fit over the imaginary racism in a county music video didn’t have a single syllable of criticism for far-left Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, who launched the latest in an endless series of racist smears against SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas. It’s too vile to repeat, so I’ll just link to the full story.

As Jonathan Turley points out in that article, Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre just this week denounced Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for suggesting that COVID-19 may have been engineered to spare Jewish and Chinese people and declared that "it is important that we essentially speak out" when racist or anti-Semitic comments are made.

Couldn’t agree more! So how many liberals have condemned Ellison’s disgusting racist attack on Thomas? Zip, zero, nada. About the same number as have ever condemned any of the disgusting racist attacks on Clarence Thomas, Tim Scott, Condoleezza Rice or any other black conservative.

So to clarify: the current Democratic Party policy is that it is important to speak out against racism – unless it’s their own.

Related: Sheryl Crow also found out that it’s not a good idea to attack Jason Aldean for opposing rioters and criminals.

Incidentally, when you consider all the songs that glorify violence, why is it that the only one that liberals criticize is one about not tolerating violent criminals?

America the Beautiful

God's creation is all around us.  We are blessed with his bounty.  Take a moment to enjoy it.

GOP Senators complain to The Hill

The Hill newspaper reported that several “Republican” Senators are complaining that they might not be able to remain in the party and might become Democrats because they’re so horrified by all the extremist, America First populists who’ve taken over. You know, GOP voters who actually expect the people they elect to put the good of America and its people ahead of the wishes of party leaders, globalists, the Deep State and corporate donors. Why, the nerve of those peasants!

This link will tell you who these Senators are, but I’ll bet you’ve already guessed.

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Bad news for President Trump

Wednesday, former President Trump got bad news from two court rulings. First, Clinton-appointed federal Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein rejected his bid to move his hush money case from New York State court to federal courts. The judge ruled that the allegations pertained to Trump’s personal life, not his official presidential duties, so it belongs in state court. This will set the stage for a trial in Trump-hating New York in the middle of the presidential primary season, providing the election interference that was obviously the whole basis for the case. I find this ruling particularly galling, considering that the only way D.A. Alvin Bragg was able to bring these charges was to twist federal law into a state case, the state charges having already passed the statute of limitations.

Also from the story: “Hellerstein rejected Trump’s argument that the indictment could be moved to federal court because it was ‘politically motivated’ and the product of ‘state hostility.’ Hellerstein said there was ‘no reason to believe that the New York judicial system would not be fair and give Trump equal justice under the law.’” I will give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the floor before continuing.


In other bad court news for Trump, another New York judge rejected his appeal for a new trial and to reduce the $5 million damage award in the E. Jean Carroll defamation case. This case has gotten extremely convoluted, and the details aren’t something I want to go into here, so I’ll link to this explanation by attorney Susie Moore, who attempts to untangle and explain it.

Report: SPR is at its lowest level in decades

Remember when President Biden was patting himself on the back for his genius in taking all that oil out of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve that Trump had topped off, to artificially lower gas prices before the last election, and then he was going to refill it at lower prices? GENIUS!!!

Well, here’s how it worked out in reality: The energy news site reports that the SPR is at its lowest level in decades, and oil prices are too high to refill it. Even at $70 a barrel, we’d have to buy 300 million barrels for $21 billion. But worse than that, the SPR is kept in salt caverns that were intended to hold the oil intact, not have it constantly sucked out and pumped back in, which dissolves the salt. That means we might not be able to replenish it because the caverns were never intended to handle regular withdrawals like an oil ATM.

Please pardon me while I express my opinion of this Administration in a word…


Stephen Green at PJ Media has some more thoughts on this story that I think we can all agree with, and a chart that might shock you.




Jennifer Van Laar at compiled a helpful list of all the most important and (in the case of the Democrats) cringe-inducing moments from Wednesday's Hunter Biden/IRS whistleblower hearing.

Pay particular attention to how Rep. Dan Goldman, in attempting to run cover for Joe Biden, inadvertently made the case for appointing a special counsel to investigate him.

Israel’s President speaks to Congress

I told you that Israeli President Isaac Herzog would be making a speech to Congress. Here is a write-up of what he said, along with video.

And in a line that deserves special notice because it appeared to be aimed at the leftist Congress members who constantly slam Israel and who boycotted the speech, Herzog said it’s fine to criticize Israel, but it “must not cross the line into negation of the state of Israel’s right to exist. Questioning the Jewish people’s right to self-determination is not legitimate diplomacy. It is antisemitism.”


FBI “1023” alleges Bidens “coerced” Burisma exec to pay them $10 million

Apologies in advance for linking to yet another headline with the word “bombshell” in it.  So many stories get called bombshells these days that we’re hesitant to use the word ourselves --- it’s like “The walls are closing in!!” --- but this one does seem to fall into the bombshell category.  A sitting President, Joe Biden, has been very credibly accused of public corruption on a massive scale, and the FBI/DOJ knew about this and hid the evidence away.

Sen. Chuck Grassley has released the slightly-redacted FBI “1023” it took him months to get from the Bureau.  Recall that this document contained notes from an interview in June 2020 with an FBI confidential human source (CHS) who alleged that Ukrainian oligarch and Burisma Holdings founder Mykola Zlochevsky had paid Hunter and Joe Biden a cool $5 million each.

That part we knew, but today we get a fuller picture from descriptions of four separate conversations the CHS had with Zlochevsky, starting with a meeting near Kyiv in 2015.  The White House would love to say (and no doubt will) that these are just hearsay allegations made by one person, but according to the CHS, all of the conversations took place in the presence of the man who had introduced them, Alexander Ostapenko, who, according to the notes, “works in some office for the administration of [Ukrainian] President [Volodymyr] Zelenskyy.”

(NOTE:  It occurs to us that if someone working at all closely with President Zelenskyy was privy to these conversations between the CHS and Zlochevsky, he might have shared the information with Zelenskyy.  And if Zelenskyy knew about the payments to the Bidens, that presumably would have given him a lot of sway over Biden once Biden was President.  Just a thought that might help explain a lot.)

We also already knew that Zlochevsky is alleged to have told the CHS he has 17 recordings of conversations he had with the Bidens, two of these with Joe Biden, as well as “many text messages” and financial records of two payments he made to the Bidens.

It should be mentioned that according to the House Oversight Committee, the 2020 FBI file on this CHS was created after the FBI found a record from 2017 from the same CHS about the malfeasance.  Sen. Grassley describes him as a Ukrainian-American who has been a trusted, highly credible FBI source for over a decade and been paid “six figures” for his information.

So let’s pick up where we left off, with details of one of these conversations.  The CHS told the FBI he’d met Zlochevsky at a coffee shop in Vienna in 2016 and they apparently had quite a conversation about the Bidens.  Zlochevsky, he said, had told him he was “coerced” into giving the Bidens that money.  According to notes in the “1023,” the CHS told them “Zlochevsky made some comment that although Hunter Biden ‘was stupid, and his (Zlochevsky’s) dog was smarter,’ Zlochevsky would have to keep Hunter (on Burisma’s board) ‘so everything will be okay.’”

The source told the FBI he’d asked Zlochevsky whether Joe or Hunter Biden had told him he should “retain” Hunter on the board.  Zlochevsky allegedly said, “They both did.”

According to the CHS, Zelensky told him the recordings he’d made and other evidence showed he was “somehow coerced into paying the Bidens to ensure Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who was investigating Burisma Holdings, was fired.”

So there’s your quid pro quo.  When Joe Biden later bragged onstage about getting the Ukrainian president to fire his lead prosecutor by threatening the loss of a billion dollars in US aid, this was apparently the backstory.  By this account, Joe was leveraging U.S. taxpayer money to earn his own private payment of $5 million from Zlochevsky, with another $5 million going to son Hunter.

The source’s last conversation with Zlochevsky was on the phone in 2019, during which the oligarch allegedly told him that he (the informant) had been an “oracle” for warning against partnering with the Bidens because of their political controversy in the U.S.  When the informant told him he might have difficulty explaining the suspicious wire transfers reflecting illicit payments to the Bidens, Zlochevsky explained that he hadn’t sent funds directly to “the Big Guy,” adding that with the various companies and bank accounts he (Zlochevsky) controlled, it would take investigators 10 years to find the illicit payments.

Note that according to the CHS, Zlochevsky DID use the words “the Big Guy.”  The informant took that to be a reference to then-Vice President Joe Biden.

The NEW YORK POST report shows the actual pages of the “1023.” quite minimally redacted, so I encourage you read through it, for the details and also (we promise) the unintended entertainment value.   According to the source, during the very first meeting he’d had with this group, Burisma CFO Vadym Pozharsky said Burisma had hired Hunter Biden to “protect us, through his dad, from all kinds of problems,” though he said Pozharsky didn’t elaborate.

(Aside:  Pozharsky was present at that now-infamous dinner at DC’s Cafe Milano in 2015, attended by both Joe and Hunter.)

Pozharsky said, too, that Hunter is “not smart,” so they wanted “additional counsel.”  Hunter’s lack of smarts seems to have been a recurring theme; hence, the entertainment value.  The POST also includes a number of additional breakout quotes from the document, as well as the lame response from White House spokesperson Ian Sams, who is getting to be known for those.  (They’ve also included a few related stories in the sidebar.)  A must-read…

Thursday evening, John Solomon appeared with FOX NEWS’ Sean Hannity to look at the key take-aways from this “1023,” along with legal analyst Greg Jarrett and former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker.  Great, must-see segment.  Many will be surprised to learn from Jarrett that even if it can’t be proved that Joe Biden personally was paid off, it’s legally a bribe and a violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act if one’s family benefits.

There’s no better source on the Biden deals (particularly in Ukraine) than Solomon, so here’s the link to his page with a list of the most recent updates.

We told you yesterday that in Wednesday’s House Oversight Committee hearing, New York Rep. Dan Goldman (who might not be as smart as Zlochevsky’s dog, either) unintentionally let it get into the record that Joe Biden did discuss business with son Hunter.  Law professor Jonathan Turley says in a new column that Goldman’s failed line of questioning inflicted “Dresden-level damage” to any defense of Biden while opening the door for a potential special counsel.  (Still, it’s hard to picture AG Merrick Garland appointing one of those.)  Goldman is very fortunate the clock ran out, or it could have been worse.

The especially delightful part of this piece at TOWNHALL is the exchange between Turley and Goldman after Turley wrote a column for the NEW YORK POST about how disastrous this was.  Goldman just made himself look even more obtuse.




Since we’re headed into a weekend and there’s so much to this story, here are some suggestions for further reading, if you’re so inclined.  You’ll pick up a few more bits and pieces from these.  And be advised that former Hunter business partner Devon Archer is supposed to testify next week.


It’s also fun to read about the Democrats’ reactions.  They’ve lost control and are losing their freaking minds.


Here’s Goldman showing off his obtuseness again by blasting the whistleblowers for not considering that their revelations of high crimes might impact the 2024 election. This is especially hilarious coming from the very people who would indict Trump for wearing white after Labor Day. Goldman proves once again that, like Hunter, he’s not as smart as Zlochevsky’s dog.


Dan Goldman is seemingly everywhere right now. The radical left heir to the Levi Strauss fortune who’s never had to work a real job in his life also arrogantly smeared Emma Jo Morris for working as a journalist for Breitbart News, which he considers not a “real” news outlet like one of the DNC stenographic pools that takes him seriously. This lug is just begging for a cream pie right in the face.


Lacking a pie, the journalist he dismissed as “fringe” LAUGHED in his face.




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  • Paul Kern

    07/21/2023 06:59 PM

    Am not surprised. Came out last couple of years that Zelensky put in office by Ukrainian oligarchs? Prances around in military fatigues and no military experience.
    Am concerned that Ilhan and a Republican representative attempting use the NDAA to push experiemental drug use ( LSD) on veterans! As a former addict I can say this dangerous. The arepublican has snowed his voters into thinking he's Christian! Even his former SEAL team mambers spoke out against him. This leads to witchcraft and even possession!
    Years ago the military quit teaching The Art Of War by Sun-Tzu to teach their officers how to fight! Instead they now push drag queen hour and assorted bilge to create a generation of soyboys!

  • Stephen Russell

    07/21/2023 02:51 PM

    Honoring Tony Bennett:
    Music School
    Events Center
    High School
    Charter School
    Hw, Rd, Ave, Blvd, St.

  • Stephen K Lentz

    07/21/2023 02:07 PM

    "FBI “1023” alleges Bidens “coerced” Burisma exec to pay them $10 million"

    SO WHAT??!! The creep is seen on VIDEO and BRAGS about blackmailing the Ukraine government by withholding BILLIONS of dollars until they fire a prosecutor looking into the cocaine kid's illegal dealings with Burisma!!! AND THE RINOS DO NOTHING ABOUT IT!!!! If I or any other "peasant" in this banana republic tried that, I would spend the rest of my life in JAIL!!! But AGAIN you rinos and jackasses live in a completely different universe with NO MORALS OR LAWS and you rinos allow this to go on because you obviously enjoy it!!! And "IF" you were to hold the creep and cocaine kid accountable you would be "upsetting the apple cart" and taking a chance of losing all the "power" and corrupt cash you get by allowing the jackasses to rule this republic. YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!!