July 1, 2017

And another hallowed anti-Trump media narrative bites the dust: the New York Times has retracted an editorial that scolded President Trump for refusing to acknowledge the “basic fact agreed upon by 17 American intelligence agencies” that Russia orchestrated the 2016 election cyberattacks and did it to help Trump and prevent Hillary Clinton from being elected. That was a claim that Hillary made in her second debate with Trump, and it became a constant talking point on the left during her post-election “Feeble Excuse Tour.” One problem: it isn’t true.

As the New York Times was at long last forced to admit, only three of the 17 intelligence agencies (CIA, FBI and NSA) have looked into this; four, if you count the office of Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who released their report.

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Now, I’d like the remaining dozen or so intelligence agencies to explain why Russia would want to elect the candidate who was promising to rebuild US military might and world leadership over the one who exposed our classified information to Russia and sold them a fifth of our uranium. Although it shouldn’t take that much intelligence to figure out which one Putin would’ve preferred.



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  • Sue Wonder

    07/02/2017 09:52 PM

    WHEN will the left realize Trump IS our President and for the sake of the AMERICAN PEOPLE, we need to move forward?????

  • Maria Mihaylova

    07/02/2017 05:40 PM

    Very logical, but not for Trump haters.

  • Sam Kemp

    07/02/2017 04:47 PM

    The end justifies the means. That's the mantra of the Democrat (communist) party and their (useful idiot) rank and file and complicit news media. The only time they 'retract' or 'fire' is when their deception is so blatant they have no choice. But Trump fights back! God bless him!

  • kevin springs

    07/02/2017 04:30 PM

    Hillary is a narcissist and sociopath who is married to a rapist and a pervert.

  • M. Zane Walker

    07/02/2017 04:21 PM

    Maybe the New York Times should be renamed the Retraction Times.