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May 10, 2022


Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!  Today's newsletter includes:

  • Go Vote
  • The Left's intimidation campaign continues
  • Hunter's "sugar brother" pays his taxes and bills
  • And much more.


Mike Huckabee


And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28

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2. Go Vote 

Reminder: Today is primary election day in Nebraska and West Virginia. Don’t forget to vote, and we’ll have a roundup of the results tomorrow. 

I have endorsed candidates in both states.  For my West Virginia endorsements, go here. For my Nebraska endorsements, go here.  If you are curious who else I have endorsed this year, go to the map here and click on your state or any other one for that matter!

3. The Left's intimidation campaign continues

Leftist mobs are continuing their intimidation campaign to try to frighten conservative Supreme Court Justices into changing their votes to overturn Roe v. Wade. More protests at the Justices’ homes are planned for tomorrow. Justice Alito, who wrote the leaked draft ruling, has reportedly been moved with his family to an undisclosed location for their safety. So when leftists say they’re not pro-life, they really mean it.

While these people remind everyone once again that it’s not MAGA conservatives who are violent, extremist insurrectionists attacking the institutions of democracy, we’re also getting some reminders of the dangerous rhetoric of Democrat Party leaders who are egging them on, even as they continue to accuse former President Trump of inciting a riot by telling his supporters to “peacefully and patriotically” protest. Compare Trump's words to, for instance, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. You’d think that after presiding over one of the worst violent crime waves in the nation, she’d think more carefully before firing up angry mobs. Instead, she tweeted, “This moment has to be a call to arms…We will not surrender our rights without a fight.”

Sounds like incitement to violent insurrection to me. Where’s the Pelosi House Investigating Committee on that one?

And compared to some others, she was almost discrete (warning: obscene language because of course there is.)

The White House is sending mixed messages, first defending the mobs as peaceful protesters, then backtracking and condemning violence after they saw how bad it looked on TV. Too little too late. Protest organizer Lacie Wooten-Holway already got the message and said that “no home address is out of bounds,” and “we’re about to get doomsday, so I’m not going to be civil to that man (Justice Kavanaugh) at all.” Other protest organizers are also rejecting calls for civility, saying the “time for civility is over!” My question: when have these people EVER practiced civility?

The Supreme Court has sustained enough damage from this unprecedented leak without completely destroying its credibility by yielding in any way to a violent, threatening mob. Our court system exists to prevent mob justice. So there is only one way to end this: start arresting and jailing anyone who threatens judges’ homes. That’s not repressing anyone’s First Amendment rights because you don’t have a right to use freedom of speech and assembly to threaten people, certainly not Supreme Court Justices.

In fact, protests at judge’s homes are not only banned under Virginia law, where most of the Justices live, they're also a violation of federal law. Under 18 U.S.C. 1507, “Whoever, with the intent of interfering with, obstructing, or impeding the administration of justice, or with the intent of influencing any judge, juror, witness, or court officer, in the discharge of his duty, pickets or parades in or near a building housing a court of the United States, or in or near a building or residence occupied or used by such judge, juror, witness, or court officer, or with such intent uses any sound-truck or similar device or resorts to any other demonstration in or near any such building or residence, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.”

But will anyone enforce that law and hold them accountable, or is the Biden DOJ now wholly a political enforcement arm of the Democratic Party? The answer is becoming clear by the zero number of arrests.

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy said the Biden DOJ and White House are staying silent because "They are elevating their political interest in portraying the draft Supreme Court opinion as extreme over their constitutional duty to execute the laws faithfully and protect both the Court and the justices."

Former Attorney General Bill Barr said these protests are clearly violations of federal law, but he doubts that his successor Merrick Garland will do anything about it, because leftists continue to wield violence as a political tool and get away with it.

Barr said, "That's essentially what the left is all about: Anything goes because they're holy, they're virtuous, and they know they're…the vanguard of history. And they know what's best for everyone. So if you oppose them, if you get in their way, you can be rolled over. The ends justify the means. And this is the ultimate expression of it.”

They believe that because for the past few years, they’ve been allowed to get away with it and face no consequences. But I believe that a reckoning is coming, and those days will soon be at an end. If November brings a red tsunami, it’s going to wash a lot of things clean, especially if it’s followed by a new President in 2024 who will actually enforce the laws. And I hope it’s also going to wash a lot of very arrogant criminals who think they’re untouchable right into prisons where they will finally learn the meaning of consequences.

4. Hunter's "sugar brother" pays his taxes and bills

Recent stories about the investigation in Delaware into Hunter Biden’s finances have mentioned that Hunter paid his huge delinquent tax bill with help from a loan. Until now, however, the details of this arrangement weren’t known. Now they are, at least the essentials.

According to the New York Post, which broke the original laptop story that was suppressed by the media prior to the 2020 election, Hunter has a “sugar brother” –- that’s what Hunter’s friends call him –- who paid it all off. And the bill wasn’t $1 million as first reported, but more like $2 million.

This generous friend is mega-rich Hollywood entertainment lawyer and novelist Kevin Morris. The firm he founded has represented numerous A-list celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey and Scarlett Johansson. This man represented Matt Stone and Trey Parker, creators of SOUTH PARK, negotiating blockbuster deals for them reportedly worth nearly $1.5 billion, and he also co-produced their hit Broadway musical, THE BOOK OF MORMON.

So out of his pocket change, Morris has apparently been covering Hunter’s $20,000-a-month rent and other living expenses. He lives there in Malibu near Hunter. His office told CBS that he’s helping Hunter with his “legal and image problems.” Reportedly, it was Morris who advised him on how to structure the sale of his “art” so it would be sold to “anonymous” (mm-hmm) donors.

It’s likely that having a paid-up tax bill will cause a grand jury to look more favorably on Hunter, if not on the question of guilt or innocence, then at least on the severity of punishment, and that surely was the idea. Will they assume this reimbursement was done on Hunter's own initiative, or will they be told the truth: that it was a fabulously wealthy friend covering for him by bailing him out?

According to FOX News, Morris is a big Democrat who has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democrat Super PACS and candidates since 2007.

He has even been producing a documentary film on Hunter’s life, which I seriously doubt you'll want to take your kids to. And CBS News reports that Morris is serving as Hunter’s “attorney and trusted adviser” to investigate how his all-too-revealing laptop became public. (Hunter’s criminal defense is being handled by another attorney, Christopher Clark.) Morris reportedly is conducting a forensic investigation of the laptop, while, in interviews, Hunter has seemed utterly clueless about what happened to it, or even if the one being investigated was really his. Why, sure, maybe it WAS Russian disinformation! Golly, who can say?

Has Hunter been feigning ignorance about the laptop all this time, trying to weasel out of answering questions about it? That’s likely. On the other hand, according to computer shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac, Hunter reeked of alcohol when he brought it in, so that might explain his mental blank.

The New York Post has more details on the Hunter documentary. Morris wants to tell the story of Hunter’s life since he came under scrutiny for his lifestyle and controversial overseas business dealings while “dad” was Vice President.

Finally, there’s a senior Department of “Justice” official whose conflicts of interest should, at least in a sane world, keep him far away from the Hunter Biden case. But since the world we’re currently living in is certifiably insane, Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin have been looking into the issue

Nicholas McQuaid, head of the DOJ Criminal Division, used to work with Hunter’s criminal attorney, the above-mentioned Chris Clark, at...(drum roll, please)...Latham and Watkins.

Last year, Grassley and Johnson wrote to Attorney General Merrick Garland three times about McQuaid’s possible recusal from the case, and he ignored all three letters. So they wrote to U.S. Attorney David Weiss, the presiding judge in the Biden financial case, to try to find out if McQuaid has recused himself. They also asked for copies of communications between the office and McQuaid, plus information on whether any employees of the U.S. attorney’s office in Biden’s home state of Delaware had recused themselves.

As of this writing, Weiss has not responded, and AG Garland still ignores them. I expect they'll hear from Judge Weiss, but Garland is much too busy tracking the movements and communications of "domestic terrorists" in MAGA hats to deal with this.

5. The Left's campaign to replace equality

Before leftists can destroy something, they first must change the language so people don’t realize what they’re doing. That’s why they started trying to do away with the word “equality,” which every American can embrace (we all get an equal opportunity to succeed) and replace it with “equity.” Sounds similar, but means that authorities (them) get to determine equality of outcomes, a socialist idea that never works because not everyone is the same and some people are better at some things than others.

In order to prevent such horrible ideas as rewarding hard work and merit, liberal school boards started introducing “equity” as part of their “diversity and inclusion” push. Parents didn’t notice this pernicious change until COVID Internet classes gave them a window into what was actually being taught in their kids’ classes. But what really brought it home was when schools started enforcing “equity” by doing away with honors classes, which was designed to drag down kids who excel academically, to put them through the sausage grinder and have them all come out the same.

Schools that do this are causing irreparable harm to these students: by doing away with merit, they’re making it impossible for them to qualify for merit scholarships. And a lot of angry parents are starting to fight back, as we saw over the weekend when conservative candidates swept every school board race in suburban Fort Worth.

Here’s an article focusing on a school district in Rhode Island where parents have had enough of this “equity obsession,” and the board’s word salad like “de-leveling allows for the dismantlement of ableist structures." And it’s working: under their “leadership,” in just three years, their high school sank from 189th ranked in the US to #308. These parents, like others nationwide, are rebelling (those domestic terrorists!)

It’s well worth reading, especially for the comments by a dad who’s a dentist. He said his immigrant parents came from Mexico, he started out unable to speak English, and he lived until he was 12 in a Chicago neighborhood full of crime and drugs. He’s the type of person their “diversity, equity, inclusion” mantra is supposed to help – but they never asked him what he thought, and he hates it.

He told the school board, "If you guys really believe in [equity], then pick an average or below average dentist and see what you get. But you guys get the ratings, and you pick the best that's available. And you know what? For some fields, that's what you need. You need the best. And I'm here to speak about that...It's embarrassing that you guys have done this."

I think that dad should be on the school board. I also think he should get to pick the dentist all the current board members have to use.

6. 80% of Americans rate the Biden economy as poor or fair

Defenders of the Biden Administration are desperately trying to convince us that the economy is going gangbusters (and pay no attention to that alarming stock market meltdown behind the curtain.) But saying, “Who you gonna believe, me or your lying bank account?” doesn’t seem to be persuading working Americans.

A recent Gallup Poll found that 80% of Americans rate the Biden economy as poor or fair, with more than half of those (42%) calling it “poor.” Only one in five rated it positively, with just 2% rating it “excellent.” I should point out the poll had a +/-4% margin of error, so I like to think that nobody’s really dumb enough to believe that. If they do, they’re probably lobbyists. Also, only one in five think the economy is improving, with 76% saying it’s getting worse.

Some Democratic strategists claim, as usual, that what they have here is a failure to communicate. There just aren’t enough media outlets pushing the Democrats’ messaging. The poor liberals can’t get their message out because it’s they, not conservatives, who are being censored by social media. You can believe that because it comes straight from our new Singing Disinformation Czar.

That whopper prompted journalist Glenn Greenwald to ask, “How did Homeland Security find one of the top 10 most ridiculous people in the country to run their new Ministry of Truth? Was this some sort of trolling exercise?” She might also consult the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, who was asked about why tweets supporting the fire-bombing of a pro-life group’s offices were allowed on Twitter. He tweeted, “Twitter obv(iously) has a strong leftwing bias.”

According to the Democrats and their mouthpieces, the people are just depressed by the pandemic and don’t realize how good they’ve got it (I am not making this up.) They point to the record job creation numbers (in many cases, just people going back to jobs that were shut down by the government.) Another thing they don’t mention is that much of the economic growth Biden is trying to take credit for happened in red states that have gone to court when necessary to avoid complying with his economy-destroying policies.

To show how much better red state policies are, the National Right to Work Committee analyzed Labor Department data and discovered that even during the pandemic in 2020, employment in the 27 states with right-to-work laws rose by 1.2%. But that was more than offset by a drop of 1.75% in blue states with forced unionization, the type of laws the Democrats want to impose on the entire nation. In employment growth since the recovery started, seven of the top 10 states are right-to-work states while seven of the bottom 10 are union states. (This Epoch Times link is a subscriber-only story.)

A spokesman for the NRTWC said the numbers show that “freedom works,” and that voters in the 23 non-right-to-work states “should look at these latest jobs numbers and ask themselves, ‘Is this the best we can do?'”

I think that voters should look at a LOT of things and ask themselves, “Is this the best that we can do?”

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Comments 1-10 of 17

  • PG

    05/12/2022 05:45 PM

    Can we please defund NPR?? It's nothing but a tax-funded propaganda arm of the Democrat Leftist party. They lie all the time and are never held accountable for it.

  • Aaron Woien

    05/11/2022 08:34 PM

    Hopefully Gov. Youngkin will enforce VA law to prosecute those unpeaceful protesters. Fine AND prison, please. Also in need of cleaning-up are the DOJ & FBI, but that won't occur until January 21, 2025.

  • Jerry

    05/11/2022 10:00 AM

    With all the money leaving the United States how is one of the most corrupt country Ukraine using our money while America is crumbling how much money did polosi gat back after her visit with Ukrainian president this foreign aid needs to be monitored and accountable we have a half built pipeline and entire open border our judiciary is being attacked biden and his collection of anti Americans should spent a lifetime in Getmo not the Oval Office

  • Carmine Fea

    05/11/2022 06:20 AM

    Gov. Huckabee: How did the US today become a country of lower academic achievement compared with earlier years and only middling compared with other developed countries around the world. How is the US today no longer a country of equality, but equity. Why has the large fight for equality by institutions of learning, large corporations, and government over many years become today irrelevant and trashed as if it were and is unimportant, replaced by "equity". There are likely many reasons, but one stands out as an important reason, our schools and institutions of learning. The US requires a strong hand here to right the wrong that has been and is being done by our schools and teachers' union(s).

  • Carol Butler

    05/11/2022 04:35 AM

    How can our nation hope to survive when so many Americans seem to be driven to madness and violence because they may lose the "right" to kill unborn Americans?

  • Joseph Orsini

    05/10/2022 07:48 PM

    I was SHOCKED to get the California ballot and realize that we still have MAIL-IN VOTING. For some reason I had thought it was like the mask mandates, that when Covid faded we would go back to our regular voting methods. W-R-O-N-G .

  • Samuel L. Smith Sr.

    05/10/2022 07:43 PM

    To start with that 20% who say the economy is doing good, they are so far out in left field they give new meaning to the term " can not think for them self". I would say the government school system has gone far and above on brainwashing! Let's hope the GOP takes back the house and Senate come November and if they have any back bone and do what needs to be done or we will be in trouble not as bad if the left keeps both cambers and it might help them to keep the White House in 2024. God is giving us a change in November if we blow it and God steps in well let's say we don't want to be here!

  • joe reynolds

    05/10/2022 07:03 PM

    " The ministry of Truth" . Sounds like something in a Batman movie, or Superman, maybe Wonder woman?

  • Chelsea R. Martin

    05/10/2022 04:37 PM

    "...leftists continue to wield violence as a political tool and get away with it."

    And leftists will continue to do so, because that's how Communist Revolutions operate. If basic adherence to the law is not restored, and quickly, I predict America will look like Sri Lanka regardless of who gets installed in 2024.

  • Donna Oates

    05/10/2022 04:15 PM

    Sir, please tell people that a baby is NOT part of a woman's body! He/she has his own heartbeat, blood type, DNA and blood pressure, and can be a different sex. All he needs is a little time to begin breathing.

    Also, please tell women they have TWO chooses, abstinence and prevention!

    I volunteered at the crisis pregnancy center of FBCD for 13 years. Women need a champion that will tell them what happens to a women AFTER the abortion!!! About 75-80% of the relationships with the person who encourages the abortion ends - even marriages. She may not have any feelings for 5-8 years after the abortion, therefore she says she is fine. However, many women turn to drugs, alcohol, sex, and perhaps another abortion. Women suffer silently - especially every year at the time of the abortion. They look at a friends's child and wonder what their child would have looked like and if it was a boy or a girl. Abortion is not a simple one time decision that makes everything ok. It is a lifetime and eterenity decision.