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December 8, 2023

It's been two whole days since I reported any negative electric vehicle news, so before it piles up any higher, I’ll clear out a couple of stories:

Ford is backing off its attempt to force dealers to spend up to $1 million each on expenses such as installing EV charging stations and training mechanics to work on EVs. The dealers are already dealing with lots full of EVs that nobody wants to buy, and they refuse to take on all those maintenance costs for their nonexistent EV customers. The dealers filed legal challenges against Ford in Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, New York, North Carolina, and South Dakota. While Ford won in South Dakota, New York courts granted the dealers a stay on the requirements, and Ford was just found in violation of the Illinois Motor Vehicle Franchise Act that bars car makers from forcing dealers to “purchase unnecessary equipment and adhere to unreasonable requirements.” “Unnecessary” and “unreasonable” are good adjectives to describe a lot of the pressure to force Americans into EVs.

And this is an interesting video from Australia about the disastrous implementation of electric buses.

He describes how the “green” leaders of several communities wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on electric buses, only to find that they can’t get parts for them and they can run for only a few hours at most before having to sit idle as they charge for hours.

It’s also well worth watching for his comments on the ludicrous leftist fantasy of attaining “net zero” carbon emissions, and how it will devastate Western economies and harm working people while China and India continue building coal-fired power plants. As he observes, before we inevitably admit it's impossible, we will have wasted a staggering amount of money for very little benefit.

Here’s an inconvenient truth: if you really want a vehicle that creates the least pollution, buy a late model used gas-powered car, preferably a hybrid. You’ll get reliable transportation and high mileage from a high-efficiency, low-pollution engine with none of the pollution that comes from making a new car, especially the highly-polluting mineral mining necessary to make EV batteries. And you won’t be contributing to Third World child and slave labor, which I think of as a net positive.

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