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July 28, 2021

The Olympic gymnast who was expected to dominate the Tokyo Games pulled out of all team events and has now dropped out of individual events as well and will not defend her title.

Without her, the US women’s gym team lost the gold for the first time in 13 years, coming in second to Russia.

Ms Biles explained that she was not physically injured, but was feeling too emotionally shaky to go on. She said, “Once I came out here (to compete), I was like, ‘No, mental is not there so I just need to let the girls do it and focus on myself.’”

Her last-minute withdrawal drew harsh criticism from some analysts, who accused her of being self-centered and said if she couldn’t compete, she should have let someone else take her place rather than leaving her team in the lurch. Kylee Zempel at the Federalist took that view.

Others took Biles’ side, noting that she had been one of former team doctor Larry Nassar’s sexual assault victims, and people shouldn’t judge her if they don’t know what she’s going through.

One of the best commentaries was from radio host Mark Davis, who didn’t rebuke Ms Biles but considered what this says about how attitudes have softened and how the value of exhibiting mental toughness when the going gets tough is slipping away.

As for me, I will pray for Ms Biles to achieve her peace, and also root for the US Women’s Team to call on their mental toughness to succeed without her.

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  • John Hyatt

    08/02/2021 07:07 PM

    A 75-year-old who participated in highly competitive sports until I was 50, I have a fairly strong view of the Biles situation. I've watched every Olympics as far back as I can remember and have seem some truly remarkable gutsy performance under the most trying of situations. One in particular was Japanese Shun Fujimoto who dismounted the rings and landed flawlessly with a shattered leg to ensure his team won gold. He was thinking about his TEAM. Biles on the other hand quite ... thinking only of herself. In my opinion, she is a poor sport. The media instead of congratulating Sunisa Lee for winning Gold for all around in gymnastics fell all over themselves bragging about Biles as though Biles was the reason Sunisa Lee won ... bunk, Biles had nothing to do with it ... she simply quite. Biles reminds me of Kaepernick ... he got benched, replaced at QB, pouted on the sideline by kneeling and then when interview later about it lied his way into the Social Injustice fraud. Bile did not perform well so rather than get beaten she quite to preserve her image as opposed to reality. Unfortunately, this incident reminds me of another disgraceful American, Paul Hamm. South Korean bronze medalist Yang Tae Young actually should have won the Gold but a French Judge incorrectly scored him. It was discovered and Paul Hamm was asked if he would give the rightful winner, Yang Ta Young the God Medal ... Hamm refused. Then there was the Black Power display on the pedestal disgrace one year. Of course, there is the anti-American Rapinoe. Lest not forget the antics this year. Either they are all in to compete ... and all in as an American Patriot ... or they should not be on the team, period. I am tired of this beautiful country being embarrassed by these ungrateful athletes. I am so proud of the ones that give it all for their country. Bile should be a NO story ... the ones there competing with all their hearts, like Dressel who admitted he had to tough it out mentally ... and he did, are the story.

  • Toni Baker

    08/02/2021 03:18 PM

    I think Simone Biles withdrew in dignity; not disgrace. I believe that she made a very unselfish decision which took courage to make. She made a decision that helped her teammates rather than hurting them. She has proven that she is the best at performing physically, but she also has proven that her mental strength is more important and valuable than a gold medal will ever be.

  • Mary Louise Scott

    08/02/2021 01:15 PM

    Thank you Governor Huckabee for sharing this post regarding Simone Biles. At first I was surprised of her decision however quickly I realized she was very brave to make the decision to care for herself. I admire her for her decision which required a strong gut wrenching choice from within. To see her supporting her teammates which I believe is quite genuine is so honorable.
    Simone's decision, in my heart and mind, is a true gold medal. Thank you.

  • James H Klynman

    08/02/2021 10:21 AM

    Yes, she must consider her own health and peace of mind, however there comes a time that a person must put the whole first above self. She did not do it and now she is OK to compete for self on balance beam. I have lost respect for her and for every member of the US who disrespects our country. We all at this time must agree America first and stand up for our flag, our service members and our constitution.

  • Claudia Trogvic

    08/02/2021 08:34 AM

    Thank you for your daily emails. What can Americans do to fight the vaccine mandates? Hospitals in our state are all teaming up to require the vaccine or be terminated. This is insanity! I know for a fact, many people that worked thru the height of covid and never got covid. The same can be now. People should have a choice as this is not China- yet

  • Corbin Douthitt

    08/02/2021 06:06 AM

    Biles made about herself. It’s about the team and USA. Should have stayed home and let the alternate go. She politicized it.

  • Sandy Hartman

    08/02/2021 02:41 AM

    I happened upon a program with Charlie Kirk whom I usually love and he was bashing Simon BIles decision etc...and he quoted 1 interview she may have given...however there were multitudes of interviews even on "lying main stream media" that painted a very different picture than the one Charlie focused upon. I saw the initial post regarding "her inner demons" that she could not overcome and thus stepped out after her failed 2.5 vault that turned into a 1.5 vault: and that is so loose as I do not have the exact incident terminalogy or details. She admited to "mental illness" - inner demons - and to the fact she was not able to control God bless her to stand down. I guess somewhere Charlie Kirk heard an interview where she said she was "not having fun" and I have not seen that post but all it says to me as we Christians best shut out mouths when it comes to condemning those we have zero clue what they experience, and this young lady is a sister in Christ. So grace grace grace is needed and never think we/you have the whole picture or all the facts when it comes to some of the decisions our brethren may have to make - even if it is the Olympics...I would rather see what Simon Biles chose to do rather than the soccer queen who slams our nation etc... so God Bless Simon BIles and please pray for her as what a humiliating experience that had to be for her to make that choice. Praise God for her team that some of which medaled in gold because of her choice to die to self.

    Gov Huck you are always the last to "judge" anyone that is why we love you so thanks for listening to my rant. I really was sick when I heard Charlie Kirk go on and on and "slamming Simon for not basically" pulling herself up by her boot straps and claiming it is the America way" well according to my Bible that is the way of the flesh...and if the Lord is not giving the wisdom and or strength then we should all heed the warnings....You think you stand take heed lest you fall..

    Gov Huckabee you are a rock star to multitudes multitudes and we are so thankful for your program on TBN. And yes I love daughter Sarah!

  • Henry Pan

    08/02/2021 02:32 AM

    Ms Biles made the right decision. If she stay, USA may not even win the silver medal. She is a team player not thinking of herself. Yes, we need to pray for her and the whole team.

  • Paul Mayes

    08/01/2021 11:42 PM

    Mike, I watch your show weekly, and enjoy it immensely. Regarding the interview with Dr. David Aronoff, I have a question that was not raised in the interview, nor have I heard any discussion anywhere at the national level. My question is, why does a person who has survived Covid-19 need the vaccination? Before the vaccination became available, our California governor stated that herd immunity would be accomplished when a certain percentage of people received the vaccination and/or survived Covid. That is a statement never heard now. Why not?
    Thanks, Paul Mayes, one of your admirers....and I love your daughter too.

  • Larry Fry

    08/01/2021 11:28 PM

    I agree with you. I pray for Simone Biles to find peace. As a person who suffers from clinical depression, peace is something that is often sought, but usually only temporarily found. I cannot imagine trying to do a triple flip with a double twist and my brain and body be on different pages in the book of the move. Scary. You are a winner, Simone. Thank you.