April 21, 2022


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  • Durham's evidence suggests Trump was tracked, CIA deceived
  • 26 Republican Governors are stepping in to lead on Mexico border
  • Fist-fights at the Tony Awards?!?
  • And much more.


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Mark 10:45

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2. Durham's evidence suggests Trump was tracked, CIA deceived

Legal analyst Margot Cleveland has expanded on something we reported a couple of days ago; namely, that the nature of the Trump-Russia stories put together by Georgia Tech’s cybersecurity team suggests they were actually tracking Trump’s physical location.

As revealed in special counsel John Durham’s recent filing in the Michael Sussmann case, there actually were two different conjured-up stories being peddled by Sussmann to try to link Trump to Putin: the Alfa Bank story, in which innocuous “pings” between servers at Trump Tower and the Putin-linked bank were used to falsely suggest surreptitious communications, and the “YotaPhone” story, in which they claimed they’d found signs of rare Russian-made cell phones accompanying Trump’s movements.

The YotaPhone hoax, though smaller and (so far) less well known, involved the mining of proprietary information and sensitive data from the Executive Office of the President (EOP) --- as did the Alfa Bank Hoax --- but also seems to have relied on the surveillance of Trump’s physical location.

The one lie Sussmann is charged with has to do with his meeting with FBI general counsel James Baker, where he presented the Alfa Bank story. He told Baker (twice, actually, once in print) that he was coming on his own behalf, not representing a client. We know that wasn’t true; Sussmann was representing tech executive Rodney Joffe and also Hillary For America, billing the campaign for his time.

The YotaPhone story is first mentioned later, in Durham's filing about law firm Latham and Watkins’ possible conflicts of interest. These are “supposedly rare, Russian-made wireless phones.” In his filing last Friday, Durham included two CIA memoranda that recorded what Sussmann was telling the CIA about this YotaPhone story.

We linked to these a few days ago, but to accompany Cleveland’s piece, we’ll offer them again for reference. Here’s the one from January 31, 2017 –- very soon after Trump’s inauguration –- memorializing Sussmann’s first contact with a CIA employee…

According to this memo, Sussmann said the “Russian” phones appeared to follow Trump around, from Trump Tower to Trump’s apartment at Grand Central Park West and even on a trip to Michigan. (Trump did go to Michigan, to interview a potential cabinet secretary.) Sussmann also said that in December 2016 --- note: the transition period --- the phone disappeared from Trump Tower and surfaced at the Executive Office Building after Trump moved to the White House.

Sussmann said this very rare phone that seemed to follow Trump made calls to Moscow and St. Petersburg from April 2016 to February 2017.

Cleveland also outlines the story Sussmann gave the CIA about why his sources wanted to remain anonymous. That apparently was bogus as well; there is no reason to think Rodney Joffe and the Georgia Tech team were in fear of retaliation from Russian intelligence.

Then there’s the second memorandum, from the meeting Sussman was able to obtain with the CIA, on February 9, 2017.

At that meeting, Sussmann passed along separate thumb drives with data from the different “domain name system” (DNS) lookups, including Trump Tower, his apartment, the EOP (White House), and Spectrum Health Care, a Michigan hospital company whose server had for some reason interacted with a Trump server. But, as discovered by the special counsel and revealed in his recent filing, the information on these thumb drives is just a sliver of what the Georgia Tech team had. These same lookups had been detected at the EOP since 2014, well before Trump was even there.

In Cleveland’s words, “That Joffe and his associates had assembled more complete DNS data related to the YotaPhones than that provided to the CIA --- data that disproves the Trump-Russia collusion theory --- is a huge scandal: Those allegations indicate an attempt to deceive by omission.” And they did it to get the CIA to go after a sitting President. Cleveland rightly calls this “horrifying.”

There’s more that we learn from the CIA notes; for one thing, that the targeted surveillance of Trump did go on after he moved to the White House. For another, that they were following Trump’s geographic location. Did they have him followed? Have a mole on Trump’s transition team and/or White House staff? Use GPS? The thumb drives probably tell that story.

As we’ve discussed, the Sussmann defense team is trying to keep all of the CIA evidence out of court. (The trial is scheduled to start May 16.) They say it’s not relevant to the one charge of lying to the FBI that Sussmann faces. It seems to us non-lawyers that Durham has made an excellent argument for including it, but if for some reason that doesn’t fly, he ought to just charge Sussmann with lying to the CIA as well, and bring in what he has. Perhaps that’s his ace; far be it from me to say.

There’s more from Durham’s filings that the Sussmann attorneys, from DNC-connected Latham and Watkins, are trying to keep out of court. One of these items of evidence is that tweet from Hillary spreading the fake Alfa Bank story, headlined, “Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-based bank.” Below that is the Hillary For America logo and a four-paragraph statement from Hillary For America Senior Policy Adviser Jake Sullivan (who now works in the Biden White House). The full text is included with the story at PJ Media. One you know the Trump-Russia collusion story was a complete hoax, it’s infuriating to read this tripe.

Anyway, Sussmann’s attorneys don’t want this tweet introduced in court, and one of their arguments for keeping it out strikes us as particularly hilarious. Read the following and see if you agree: “There is no evidence that Mr. Sussmann’s meeting with [FBI general counsel James] Baker had anything to do with the Clinton Campaign’s broader media strategy.”

Now that is just fall-down funny. (It’s almost as funny as Hillary Clinton tweeting about a “covert server.”) Hillary's campaign was working on two fronts to damage Trump: 1) investigations into Trump-Russia collusion, and 2) media narratives about Trump-Russia collusion. They wanted to get stories about Trump colluding with Russia into the media. BuzzFeed broke the “dossier,” peddled by Christopher Steele, and Slate broke Alfa Bank, likely peddled by Michael Sussmann. Durham has tied all this together and traced the players to Perkins Coie, the law firm representing Hillary For America. This statement from Hillary (both personally and from her campaign) was ready to go and posted just three hours after the story broke in Slate magazine. Someone had to give Slate the story, and whoever did almost certainly coordinated with the campaign. If that turns out to be Sussmann –- in coordination with HIS CLIENT, Hillary For America –- it sure adds heft to the lie that he wasn’t working for any client.

3. Nobody cares  

The same Pulitzer Prize winner who predicted that markets would “never recover” from Trump’s election is now predicting that people who continue to wear facemasks will “face harassment, even violence” from those who aren’t wearing masks.

Hate to break it to him, but nobody cares. I suspect the worst “violence” they might experience is some people violently rolling their eyes at them. And in case he hadn’t noticed, it's the mask fanatics who've been harassing and attacking people without masks, not the other way around.

As I said yesterday, there’s a very simple solution for those who truly believe that wearing a mask will save them from catching COVID: wear one. Problem solved.

4. Russia-Ukraine War Update

By Mike Huckabee

Here’s today’s link to Fox News’ continually updated Russia-Ukraine news.

The latest: The mayor of Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, says that Russian troops have launched an intense bombing campaign on the city, despite the fact that around a million civilians are still there after only about 30% of the population was able to evacuate. This morning, President Biden is expected to announce another package of security assistance to Ukraine. President Zelenskyy accused Russia of repeatedly using banned thermobaric bombs in Ukrainian cities. These bombs detonate fuel and oxygen that’s dispersed into the air. Putin said he ordered his troops not to storm the last Ukrainian holdout in Mariupol, the Azovstal steel plant, claiming it’s unnecessary and they’ll impose a blockade instead.

It’s also being reported that Russian troops are shooting volunteer aid workers who are trying to deliver humanitarian help.

5. 26 Republican Governors are stepping in to lead on Mexico border

By Mike Huckabee

Twenty-six Republican Governors have launched a partnership to protect their citizens from the crime, drugs and human trafficking that’s been unleashed by the chaotic lack of security at our Southern border. Stepping up to lead where the federal government will not, they call their initiative the American Governors’ Border Strike Force. They will use state resources to secure the border and work with non-border states to share information, coordinate law enforcement training and review existing laws to find ways to protect citizens from the crime and drugs coming across the border.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem said the move was necessary because “President Biden has failed to secure the border, and it has deteriorated into a war zone that is threatening all of our communities.”

I think this is a very welcome development, but I do have to correct Gov. Noem about one thing. I don’t think Biden has “failed to secure the border.” Give credit where it’s due: I think he’s succeeded brilliantly at deliberately unsecuring the border.

Related: We may have finally found a border policy that’s so clearly a disaster waiting to happen that even Biden might be having second thoughts about it.

Or maybe not…

6. Fist-fights at the Tony Awards?!?

In the wake of Will Smith’s assault on Chris Rock at the Oscars, the producers of the Tony Awards have issued a strict warning that no violence will be tolerated during the Tony broadcast, and perpetrators will be immediately removed.

Is that really a concern, fistfights breaking out at the Tony Awards? Just be warned that if it happens, a street gang with really scary choreography will dance you right out of the theater.

7. Update

Here’s the latest on the story of the liberal Washington Post writer attempting to dox the creator of the Libs Of TikTok Twitter account, and how she continues getting facts wrong, endangering innocent people, and attracting more and more subscribers to that account.

8. Jaw-dropping examples of bias

Here’s more on the RNC’s excellent move to refuse to continue with the blatantly biased presidential debate process. This is from Tim Graham of the Media Research Center, so he has some jaw-dropping examples of that bias that our “professional journalist” class claims not to see, even as they decry the parties turning into “echo chambers” on liberal media outlets that are nothing but echo chambers.

9. Here’s something you’ve been waiting for

Kurt Schlichter weighs in on the “weirdos” trying to take over our schools and groom our kids. He also offers his own five-step plan for reversing the rot that’s taken root.

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  • George A Reynolds

    04/22/2022 04:51 PM

    Hillary's tweet about a "secret server" was hilarious! (Or should I say, "Hillaryarious"?)

    If anyone would know about secret servers, it would be Hillary Cinton.

  • Bob J

    04/22/2022 08:03 AM

    Hi Mike, I keep seeing the new narrative pushed very hard and it’s disturbing that people are falling for it. That narrative is Ukraine. Why didn’t Joe Biden do anything a year ago when Russian forces amassed on the Ukraine border? Because it wasn’t convenient enough at that time. It works very hard to cover up Hunter and the Biden crime families doings. We all know we would never get directly involved because Russia has nukes in submarines sitting right off our coast. Second I don’t support invasions of any sort since unfortunately we have been the aggressor of a lot of them. However from information gathered there are mostly Ethnic Russians in the are in question. A lot of these people are Jewish and from the picture NATO supplied on womens day of the solider wearing the Nazi black sun patch it may confirm that Putin is trying to stop genocide. I had already heard before this that many Ukrainian units wore Nazi symbols. So there may be a lot more going on here then people think.

    Thank you

  • Cathy Hamilton

    04/21/2022 06:20 PM

    Today I received my first newsletter. It’s very informative and I’m glad I signed up.You and your daughter are among my favorites! Thanks Cathy H.

  • Edna pitts

    04/21/2022 05:19 PM

    I want to say thank you, I enjoy reading your daily devotion and, keeping us updated on the Durham report!

  • Jerry

    04/21/2022 04:01 PM

    While Biden sat on his hands for months while Russia built its forces on the Ukrainian borders as usual the mindless biden watched as people and buildings were destroyed the same is going to happen to Americans in a year or more when these terrorists biden has brought into the country start blowing up infrastructure and people history will tell about the atrocities that will happen while Biden held the title of president I am sure biden is just a live body with out much of anything else working brains or real American character this a coward that no one can attach its self to not even a dog

  • Bob Ernst

    04/21/2022 03:18 PM

    Gov. Mike, you said, "I think this is a very welcome development, but I do have to correct Gov. Noem about one thing. I don’t think Biden has “failed to secure the border.” Give credit where it’s due: I think he’s succeeded brilliantly at deliberately unsecuring the border."

    Which means he failed to secure the border!

  • Bruce Obermeyer

    04/21/2022 12:42 PM

    Please look into this adoption of Climate Alarmism Propaganda as science "standards" being used to brainwash American school children.

    Climate alarmism posing as science education for children
    By David Wojick, PhD |April 21st, 2022|Science

    The new and so-called Next Generation Science Standards are now law for about a third of American children. They say what will be taught in each grade from first grade through high school. At least 20 states have adopted them. See for a map and information concerning these alarmist junk pseudoscience propaganda "standards."