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February 6, 2023

The Chinese “weather” balloon that was allowed to cover the entire US, drifting over various sensitive military and nuclear defense sites, was finally shot down off the coast of Florida. Watch the video of the immensely satisfying explosion here:

Aside from the fact that the balloon was actually allowed to cover the entire US before President Biden had it shot down, the other jaw-dropping aspect of this is China’s threatening tone about “reserving the right to respond” for shooting down their balloon. As this article makes clear, the US was well within its rights under international law.

And China is notorious for defending its own airspace, even to the point of once forcing a US military jet to land when it got too close to China’s shoreline. I can’t help thinking that they wouldn’t be acting so belligerent if they didn’t just get a strong sign from Biden that they can get away with it.  And I’m hardly the only one who suspects that.

Experts say China’s claim about the balloon drifting in the wind is dubious, since it had navigation abilities and drifted over sensitive areas that it would not have reached via wind currents. We might be able to find out, since it fell into the ocean largely intact, so we should be able to analyze and even reverse-engineer any technology it might have been carrying. Of course, that wouldn’t do anything about the data it might have already sent back to China, unless the new technology is a time machine.

Democrats were quick to seize on Biden’s order to shoot down the balloon, hailing him as a strong and decisive commander-in-chief who just had to wait until it was in a spot where the debris could fall safely. But that narrative quickly started to unravel after we learned that the government had been tracking the balloon for a week, well before it arrived over US territory, and was being watched as it floated over vast areas of uninhabited terrain. 

Also, Biden had already claimed that he ordered it shot down the instant he was briefed on it last week, but Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark MIlley overruled him. You’re not really the “commander-in-chief” if your subordinates can overrule your orders. All these attempts to rewrite Biden’s humiliating weakness in the face of China remind me of a guy who runs away from a fight, then spends the next month thinking up justifications and brave, snappy things he would’ve said if he’d only thought of them at the time.

Former President Trump said he would have shot the balloon down immediately, but China never would have tried this under his watch.

But an anonymous claim appeared that at least three such balloons got to America under Trump’s watch, and he didn’t shoot them down, either. Leftists and Biden media sycophants gleefully dived on that, but at least eight former top military and intelligence officials, some of whom aren’t even on good terms with Trump, came forward to say they never heard such a thing and that it never happened and is “blatantly untrue” and “100% lies.”

Even though China’s pretty balloon has been popped, that’s hardly the end of it. As Roger Simon of the Epoch Times noted, it will be drifting over Biden’s State of the Union Address tomorrow night.


On the Lighter (Than A Chinese Spy Balloon) Side

I believe we may be the first media outlet to have exclusive video footage of the balloon first being spotted above Montana:

Okay, that might be a clip from the ‘60s sitcom “F-Troop.” But the way this White House is run, “F-Troop” references suddenly seem topical again.

And just to prove that Americans can find the humor in anything…

Finally, the Best Balloon Quote: Rep.Thomas Massie tweeted that if Biden shoots down that balloon, it will be the first thing he’s ever done to combat inflation.



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  • Paul Kern

    02/07/2023 01:49 PM

    We now see The the left has nothing to offer. In my military time sailors would head to sick bay right after roll call. Now they end up keeping the king's bed warm