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April 8, 2024

How in thrall to communist China is the Biden Administration? Even Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan (as have I, numerous times) to express solidarity with our friend and democratic ally. Yet Biden’s spokesman John Kirby responded to China’s renewed aggression against Taiwan by declaring this week, “We don’t support independence for Taiwan.” Critics were appalled, saying that Biden was giving a greenlight to China to invade Taiwan. Here are more very appropriate reactions to this gutless sellout of our ally.

I hate to break this to Kirby, but Taiwan is an independent nation whether Biden supports that fact or not. That’s like saying he doesn’t believe in gravity; he’s still going to fall down the stairs of Air Force One.

A little history lesson for the Biden Administration: Taiwan is officially the Republic of China, which governed mainland China until 1949, when the communists took over after the Chinese Civil War. As communists always do, they misnamed mainland China “The People’s Republic of China,” even though the good of the people is the least concern of communists.

Since then, the Republic of China has been limited to Taiwan, but a good case could be made that not only is it an independent, legitimate nation, but it has more claim to legitimacy to rule mainland China than the communists do. It would certainly be much better for the Chinese people if it did.

Related: While the White House is selling Taiwan out to communist China and sending so many mixed signals about our support for Israel that they should rename it “The Waffle House”…

…Secretary of State Antony Blinken confirmed that they’re also laying the groundwork to induct Ukraine into NATO. That’s a move so provocative to Russia that it would be virtually guaranteed to start World War III. It prompted Donald Trump Jr. to tweet that we have to elect his father “to stop these warmongering psychopaths.” I admire his gift for understatement.

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