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October 6, 2021

Tuesday morning, the Supreme Court shattered one more liberal dream by rejecting an appeal of a lower court ruling that D.C. residents are not entitled to voting representation in Congress. That court cited a 2000 SCOTUS ruling that the Constitution does not require that DC must have a right to vote in Congress.

DC Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton expressed deep disappointment but insisted that this ruling "has no bearing on D.C. statehood, which would give D.C. residents not only voting representation in Congress but full control over their local affairs."

I’m not a lawyer, but it seems to me that it does. The same Constitution that the SCOTUS found does not require that DC have a vote in Congress also specifically states in Article 1, Section 8, that the nation’s capital will not be part of a state nor treated as a state, but in a neutral district under the sole authority of Congress, where the representatives of all states can meet on equal footing.

Since this case shows that the SCOTUS will look to the Constitution in deciding such issues, then how can it not suggest that they will bar DC statehood, just as the Constitution does?

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  • William Jakovac

    10/09/2021 01:01 AM

    I know it’s wrong to stereotype that the only ones who live in DC are lawyers and lobbyists, but that’s simply where they work. Those that actually live there can vote for a representative in Congress. The Constitution is clear in that the Capital shall be a district and shall not be treated as a state.

  • Gary Minter

    10/07/2021 07:22 PM

    Now if more people would read the U.S. Constitution for themselves they would find this to be true. It is an easy read and not a very long read. To get a copy for yourself simply ask your U.S. Representative or Senator for a copy. I am sure the will be glad to see that you have a copy. If your elected U.S. rep or senator can not furnish you a copy, Hillsdale College will be happy to oblige. Also would not hurt to take their free online Constitution 101 course.

  • Leslie Earwood

    10/07/2021 04:23 PM

    Hooray for the wisdom and justice of our constitution.

  • Cliff Garrison

    10/07/2021 01:15 PM

    The Founding Fathers had reason to not declare D.C. a state. It was to keep it neutral.