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April 1, 2024

Georgia lawmakers just passed a new law that will make it easier for presidential candidates to get on the ballot and that defines “probable cause” for challenging the eligibility of people who are believed to be voting fraudulently. Naturally, the Democrats are throwing a fit, although I’m not sure which part they think is the biggest threat to “our democracy:” the part that prevents voter fraud or the part that makes it easier to vote for the candidate of your choice.

Judges in South Carolina and Florida sided with Republicans in drawing Congressional maps that will affect the 2024 elections…

A federal judge has struck down a rule created by the Federal Highway Commission that would have required states to measure greenhouse gas emissions on highways to help “set climate targets.” The judge found that the rule was unauthorized because “a federal administrative agency cannot act without congressional authorization.” The ruling was stayed to give the Biden Administration time to appeal so they can take it all the way to the Supreme Court where it will be declared unconstitutional, then they’ll ignore the ruling and do it anyway. Oh sorry: that last bit wasn’t part of the story, just a prediction based on experience.

By the way, if this is unconstitutional, then how in the heck do the unelected bureaucrats at the EPA have the power to mandate the entire gas-powered car industry out of existence against the expressed will of the people?

Finally, a MUST-READ legal ruling from US District Judge Trevor McFaddon. The Biden DOJ is constantly coming up with new excuses for why anyone who was in DC on January 6, 2021, should be hit with every charge imaginable and sent to prison longer than Charles Manson. At last, they’ve encountered a judge who refuses to rubber-stamp their partisan tyranny.

The case involves a Jan. 6 defendant sentenced to three years who is likely to have some of his charges overturned by the Supreme Court due to the DOJ twisting the laws to overcharge J6 defendants. The DOJ argued that he shouldn’t be released pending the ruling because he might pose “a danger to the community.” The judge threw that right out of court, blasting them for presenting a “fact-free” argument. He said they presented no specific reasons for why he poses any particular threat, they just demonized an entire class of defendants (Jan 6 defendants) because it’s an election year without presenting any evidence that the unique conditions that led to the 2020 riot would be replicated.

He dismantles the DOJ’s anti-MAGA histrionics so well that I suggest you read the entire story. If more judges demanded actual evidence and facts from the Biden DOJ, there wouldn’t be American citizens rotting in prison for stepping inside the open doors of the Capitol for two minutes to take a selfie and a former President wouldn't be fighting dozens of bogus felony charges.

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