December 21, 2019

A big salute to all the members of multiple law enforcement agencies who were involved in the takedown of a massive crime syndicate in New York run by the vicious Central American gang, MS-13.  The operation resulted in the arrest of 96 gangsters on 77 charges, including illegal weapons sales and possession and conspiracy to commit murder.

Authorities say the bust foiled at least seven alleged murder plots and resulted in the confiscation of “substantial amounts of cocaine and the deadlier opioid fentanyl, as well as handguns, long guns, machetes and $200,000 in cash.”

Those arrested range in age from 59 down as young as 16, and include both US citizens and illegal immigrants.  In other words, these are the young MS-13 gang members that President Trump said we need to keep out of the US (or as the Democrats call them, "immigrant children.") In fact, it was at a rally in this exact area in New York in 2017 where he said, “They kidnap, they extort, they rape and they rob. They prey on children. They shouldn’t be here.”

For that, he was falsely accused of being a racist, and referring to all Mexicans or all immigrants as murderers and rapists. Maybe this story will finally make it clear what he was really talking about. Click on the link to read the disturbing detailing and see the pictures.  And remember, these people particularly flock to “sanctuary cities” where law enforcement refuses to work with ICE and they get to roam free, preying on American citizens.  If you live in one of those cities, I pray for your safety, and that you can muster the votes to replace your misguided local officials.  

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