November 9, 2017


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Today's Commentary: Should you trust the media? -- Bad optics -- TDS is more contagious than measles -- Congressional investigators suspect -- Rand Paul update -- Repudiation of what exactly? -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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When you pick up a newspaper, read an article online, or watch TV news, do you trust what’s being said? SHOULD you trust it? The credibility of the media has tanked in recent years. And not just because the President fights back by talking about “fake news.” Several surveys reveal that 2/3 of Americans just don’t trust the media to give them accurate, balanced, or objective stories. Whether you love President Trump or not, 91% of news coverage about him is negative. 91%! No wonder he tweets! But it has not caused the public to love the media—they are barely more popular than food poisoning. As one who has been the target of the news media for nearly 30 years in politics, I’ve come to some simple conclusions:



Mike Huckabee


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Bad optics

By Mike Huckabee

After getting a lot of blowback, House Republicans are reconsidering their decision to scrap the adoption tax credit in their tax reform bill. To be fair, you could make a green eyeshade kind of argument that they thought it wouldn’t be necessary because it would be offset by doubling the standard deduction, which is what most moderate income people take anyway.

But in politics, there’s a thing known as “bad optics.” When many of your constituents adamantly favor adoption over abortion, and when you’re dealing with an opposition that’s already drawing editorial cartoons of you pushing orphans over a cliff, eliminating the adoption tax credit is like handing your opponents your own head on a silver platter.


TDS is more contagious than measles

By Mike Huckabee

According to Keith Olbermann, President Trump is a racist and an Islamophobe for not calling for the death penalty for the white mass shooter in Texas who’s already dead. Even more astounding, this came just weeks after MSNBC’s Eli Stokuls and GQ magazine’s Jay Willis both independently leveled the same charge against Trump for not calling for the death penalty for the Las Vegas shooter, who was also killed at the scene.

Trump Derangement Syndrome: now more contagious than measles.


Congressional investigators suspect

By Mike Huckabee

According to the Washington Times, Congressional investigators suspect that American reporters were paid during the 2016 election to spread anti-Trump stories from that dodgy Russian Trump dossier. Boy, isn’t it great when you get paid for doing a job that you’d happily do for free?


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Rand Paul update

By Mike Huckabee

Update on Sen. Rand Paul’s injuries: he has six broken ribs and a pleural effusion, which is a buildup of fluid in the tissues lining the lungs and chest cavity. It’s from a blindside attack from a neighbor, an anesthesiologist, who tackled Paul while he was wearing earplugs and mowing his lawn.

The neighbor’s lawyer claims it had nothing to do with politics but was an unexplained property owners’ dispute. But other neighbors are skeptical. They claim the Pauls are friendly, well-liked residents who keep their lawn looking good, while it turns out the assailant’s social media pages are filled with leftwing posts and memes attacking President Trump and demanding his impeachment. They’re also questioning why the media is downplaying a potentially lethal blindside attack on a United States Senator as an “altercation,” and why someone who committed such an assault was out of jail on $7500 bail the very next morning. He must've had Bowe Bergdahl's judge.

All good questions, especially considering this was in Bowling Green, Kentucky, not Washington, DC, where every day is open season on Republicans and near-deadly assaults on GOP Congress members by leftwing loons are quickly swept down the media memory hole.


Repudiation of what exactly?

The election is also being touted as a repudiation of Trump’s agenda. But what part of Trump’s agenda has passed? I see tons of fawning media coverage of Republicans “bravely” standing up to block the things working Americans voted for Trump to do (border security, repealing and replacing Obamacare, cutting taxes, etc.) That’s not how you energize your base. That’s how you make them believe that voting doesn’t even matter so why bother? Republicans who think the lesson of Tuesday’s election is to distance themselves even more from the working class issues that got Trump elected might as well start doing the unthinkable now: looking for a place to live back home in their districts.


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  • John Clark

    11/09/2017 11:21 PM

    In the case of Rand Paul, and others like it, I am SICK AND TIRED of people (especially grown adults) who attack others just because they have an issue with them, whatever it is. Then, even worse, they don't own up to their actions. He is not grown up enough to sit down and talk. A neighbor can't even mow his lawn without this happening. I have always said that there are a lot of emotionally immature people whose emotional age is lagging way behind their physical age. He is one of them.