September 21, 2018

These days, Christine Blasey Ford isn’t the only one who’s trying to avoid testifying.  While she dodges the Senate, Nellie Ohr dodges the House.  The former Fusion GPS employee and wife of former top-level Justice Department official Bruce Ohr has refused multiple requests to appear before the House Judiciary and Oversight committees.  It seems as though the committees have been working on making this happen for an awfully long time.  Since she still won’t appear voluntarily, the committees are reportedly considering subpoenaing her.

“Considering?”  Come on, committees –- this has gone on too long.  Serve the subpoena.  Serve it on a shiny silver platter, with garnishes.

Bruce Ohr testified in late August.  Much of the questioning concerned his relationship with British ex-spy Christopher Steele, who wrote the highly imaginative and unverified “dossier” paid for, through channels, by Hillary’s campaign and the DNC and used fraudulently to get a FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign associate Carter Page.  If Bruce and Nellie wanted to coordinate their testimony, they've had plenty of time to work that out.

As reported by FOX News investigative reporter Catherine Herridge, former FBI general counsel James Baker has also refused to appear.  Like Nellie Ohr’s, his testimony will be compelled if it comes to that.  Looks as though that process server’s going to be a busy man.

It may also take some serious elbow-twisting to get the Justice Department to respond in a timely manner to President Trump’s call for declassification of documents relevant to the so-called Trump/Russia investigation.  (No surprise there.)  But Trey Gowdy says he’s read it all and that any delay is caused not by concern for national security, but because of the embarrassment it might cause the Justice Department and FBI.  “Embarrassment is not a reason to classify something,” he notes.

“A lot of it should be embarrassing to John Brennan,” he continues.  “And maybe therein lies why he is adamant that this information not be released.”

Can’t wait.  But until we get the unredacted documents, reporters such as John Solomon at THE HILL are working to uncover more in the way of texts and emails.  And it’s quite interesting to learn that the approach taken by Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and the rest of that motley crew wan’t always shared by others at the Bureau.  Apparently, there was concern that some had “partisan axes to grind,” and not everyone conveniently assumed that Russia was out to help Donald Trump win the 2016 election.

On January 3, 2017, in apparent reference to a conversation with then-Assistant Director Bill Priestap, Strzok wrote to Page (who was then legal assistant to deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe), “He, like us, is concerned with over sharing.  Doesn’t want Clapper giving CR cuts to WH.  All political, just shows our hand and potentially makes enemies.”

Though somewhat open to interpretation, this message hints at political disagreement and intrigue within the FBI.  According to Solomon, some investigators think that “CR” refers to “classified raw” intelligence, such as the Steele dossier and other intercepts.  This message was sent at a critical time, less than 72 hours before the intelligence community released its report saying that Russia “meddled” in the 2016 election.

There are more texts at the link below.  Not being Bureau-crats, we’ll have to puzzle over some of the jargon and abbreviations, but the most important take-away is that they were pondering the political risks and benefits of what was in their reports.

According to Solomon, one of Strzok’s texts from December of 2016 candidly states that that the FBI really couldn’t determine which of three possible motives had driven Russia’s attempts at interference.  “...The activity is one-sided and clear,” he wrote, “but we can’t say the sole and primary purpose was specifically intended to help someone, hurt someone else or undermine the process.  The reality is all three.”

Yet when Obama’s official intelligence report came out on January 6, the wording was certain:  “We also assess Putin and the Russian Government aspired to help President-elect Trump’s election chances when possible by discrediting Secretary Clinton and publicly contrasting her unfavorably to him.”  That was obviously the chosen narrative of Obama’s White House, even without the evidence, and Democrats have stuck to it now for almost two years, though we still have no established motive on Russia's part besides simply to “undermine the process.” 

Personally, I don’t think Hillary needed help from Russia or anybody else in contrasting herself unfavorably.  She was doing fine all by herself.  But I digress.

Anyway, we have this to chew on until the newly declassified documents start coming out, probably next week.  If they don’t appear, the President is going to have to get tough.  It’s no good allowing our own Justice Department to behave like Russia and “undermine the process.”



Sara A. Carter has looked at the same Strzok-Page text exchanges with her usual clear eye and offers additional insight.


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  • Angela Marie Walls-Windhauser

    09/25/2018 08:57 PM

    Rev. Mike, you probably know this historical tradgedy, how hatred of one falsely accused man festered and resulted in an entire city killings.
    "Rosewood, Florida massecre happened because a woman falsely accused a black man of rape. She was raped, but by a friend." The mobs, full of racist hate, killed basically everyone in the city over a LIE!

  • Kathy Wdingate

    09/24/2018 01:56 AM

    Did I understand that Bruce Ohr got demoted, instead of fired?! He and his wife should be fired, and their retirement benefits stripped away from them, security clearances stripped, and they should be sent to Mexico with our blessings. These people in the FBI and "Justice Dept." Don't deserve another penny from US tax payers, certainly not to live a cushy life after they leave their positions in government They have not "SERVED THEIR COUNTRY" As they pledged to do when they took office. They deserve NOTHIHG MORE from taxpayers' funds. Shut them off, like they want to shut the POTUS out!!! I'M TAalkibg about all of them, from Comey and McCabe on down. Anyone out there agree??

  • judy hannon

    09/23/2018 09:12 PM

    Who the hell do they think they are to disobey the president by not turning over what ever he asks for? They will have to face a meaner crowd if they don't do what we the people want!

  • Richard Davis

    09/23/2018 07:20 PM

    Two points:
    1. I believe Dianne Feinstein is guilty of obstruction of justice for withholding that letter.
    2. I will not donate any of my hard-earned money to Republicans running for re-election until I see some democrats charged with the crimes that they are obviously guilty of committing!

  • Maria Ferrantelli

    09/23/2018 10:43 AM

    I first must say that I'm very proud of our president. I don't care about his sometimes crass personality because I truly believe he cares about the people in this country and has done a lot to prove it. But I am embarrassed to be a republican in the sense that we have a troubled congress. There's no loyalty in the party, no unity, no fervency or desire to accomplish the president's & the people's plans to make America better & stronger. The only thing I see is weakness and selfishness. Other than a handful of republicans and loyal and wise commentators like yourself, we always seem to be at the mercy of an unscrupulous democrat party. There are so many things republicans have dropped the ball on like funding for the wall, fixing bad immigration laws, Kerry's treasonous activity, the DOJ refusing to hand over documents, Clinton's crimes, the IRS/Lerner crime, the Kavanaugh smear tactics, the FBI & DOJ & other depts. refusing to fire deep state people and on and on. How can they expect us to vote them back in when they sit back and allow democrats to dictate their every move or don't accomplish anything or seem to care? I hope they wake up soon or it's going to get uglier. For now, all I can do is keep praying and not allow this insanity to take over my mind.

  • Lance E Brown

    09/22/2018 10:48 PM

    Judge Kavanaugh:
    How is it that a man can go into a "job interview" and end up in "The Inquisition" ? no proof, no investigation, just accusations. And now he has to answer to the accusations before his accuser formally accuses him then SHE GETS TO ACCUSE AGAIN?

    This occurred 36 years ago and both were under age, Tho I know that CNN is labeling it “Judge Kavanaugh raped a 15 year old”. He was NOT a judge back then! The fact is two under age kids were drinking. Their age makes this a misdemeanor at best. So this should be handled in juvenile court or in superior court. This should NOT be decided at the supreme court and damn sure should not be decided by Senators and Congressmen. A congressional hearing is appropriate for an Impeachment, Espionage, Treason and the like.

    This is sexual misconduct. Again I know that CNN has labeled it RAPE. Other news agencies are calling it assault. But even the victim has stated that it is “ misconduct”.

    So we have THE HIGHEST body in the land deciding a 36 year old misdemeanor committed by a minor onto a minor and to date NO charges have been referred. The way it USED TO WORK in America is if a crime is committed then you go to the cops. The cops investigate and then you all go to court and review the findings. To date we have no investigation, no evidence, no charges and still it is being heard at the HIGHEST level. ARE WE IN AMERICA ANY LONGER? Hang him and then, if we find the time, investigate? What if she is lying?

  • Robert Lawrence

    09/22/2018 09:05 PM

    Mike I thoroughly enjoy and am truly blessed with your TV show and your news letters. I recommend you to many friends at our large retirement Center in Hot Springs, AR. Like many more I sincerely feel THE END TIMES are nearly at the doors knocking.
    Mike please visit my website listed below. With your permission I would like to send you an email at times.

    Joseph (Joe) Lawrence
    Hot Springs National Park, AR.

  • Dolores Tatton

    09/22/2018 06:16 PM

    Why r the Republicans cow towing to the whims of this very mixed up accuser? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out she is a cohort of the Democrats and the lovely Feinstein. Wake up or I will lose the Senate

  • Mary P. McDonald

    09/22/2018 05:41 PM

    Very good informative article/newsletter. It's such a shame, (sad!), that so much taxpayers' money has been spent on such disingenuous, potentially criminal and under-handed activities among people we are supposed to be able to trust and respect. Time for some major accountability--appears it's in the making. As a true conservative and strong ideals for the right versus the wrong, I am following closely. Thank you for helping to keep the caring informed. It is difficult to see and believe how some use their power to deceive and rule--a dangerous situation for our Country that I love!!!

  • Genie Garcia

    09/22/2018 04:32 PM

    I don't know what happened, but I sure hope that Judge Kavanaugh has his own *silent investigation* done on this woman & that he has some ammo to throw her way to prove she is wrong. She has not given dates when this took place, even though this was *SO traumatic it caused her problems in relationships all her life* because she knows that if she did give dates, it might be possible for Judge Kavanaugh to prove he was elsewhere when this *allegedly* took place! She says she told no one til 2012 when it came up in a therapy session & can't remember anything else but the names of the boys & what took place, not how she got there, who took her, how she got home, but she *clearly remembers thinking to herself that she was not going to tell anyone about it cuz nothing really happened.*

    When Judge Kavanaugh first became a judge, why didn't this bother her *then*? Was it not important then?

    Again, I hope Judge Kavanaugh has had someone investigate this woman & can prove what kind of a woman she was all through her high school years & beyond those years. Maybe something did happen, but it was another boy who said his name was Kavanaugh? Anything is possible & this I know for a fact because I have been in at least one situation where I thought something had happened but didn't!

  • James T Marbury

    09/22/2018 03:53 PM

    I can not believe that the congress & senate have sit on their hands this long and not doing anything but talking if we as working people did that we would not get paid and no vacations. There would be no way to pay them any salary.
    1 sentence get up and let the people who pay you know what is happening

  • Alice Landolt

    09/22/2018 01:04 PM

    Two comments:
    1) subpoena Nellie Ohr
    2) support John JAMES for Senate from Michigan
    3) see Ocosta's interview of Samantha Guerry - incidents like what Ford alleges happen to her classmates, but not by Brett Kavanaugh (see at minute 5)

  • Richard Kurkowski

    09/22/2018 12:33 PM

    The farther we stray from what our Maker says in His book the more evil we have. Like your Bible quotes.

  • Chris & Jeff Biscardi

    09/22/2018 12:30 PM

    Thank you for writing daily! Please continue appearing on FOX news!

  • William Turner

    09/22/2018 11:22 AM

    My Question is, WHY the Republicans can't seem to get much done when they have a Republican President, a majority in the Senate AND House. WHY can't we have a vote on this and proceed to the next item of business. A forty year old grope of a 10th grader by a 12th grader at a party during High School, while not the most sterling behavior, is not grounds to prevent a supreme court justice appointment. If that's all they could dig up (Even if it is true, which hasn't been established) then Mr. Kavanaugh must have a VERY GOOD reputation. I know I could not pass such a high bar and not many people I know could either. Look at the accusers and their characters. Can you spell
    H Y P O C R I T E ? Go ahead and call the vote!

  • Kenne Will Hendren

    09/22/2018 11:14 AM

    We don't even know whether or not Russia did anything at all concerning the Clinton/Trump Presidential election 2 years ago.
    So far everything has been accusations and hearsay.
    Let the Democrats and the FBI along with the Department of Justice put out proof publicly and openly, so that the American people can see it and decide for themselves.
    We do know that Obama had parts of Trump Tower wiretapped.
    Let's go after Obama and his Cronies. K.W. Hendren

  • Judy Bunch

    09/22/2018 11:08 AM

    Enjoyed your post, Gov. Huckabee, as always. I strongly believe the documents should be declassified. We the people have waited long enough! If it does not risk our country's security....WHY NOT???? I could care less if the FBI and Justice Dept. are embarrassed. THEY (not all) ARE an EMBARRASSMENT! I am sick of them giving President Trump such a hard time. Our President works night and day for our country, for No Pay! I am praying we have a good Republican turn out to vote this November! Thank you, God bless you Gov. Huckabee 9-21-18 Judy Bunch

  • Lloyd Richardson

    09/22/2018 10:52 AM

    When are we going to stop playing smurf ball and start playing hardball, like the Dems! My current position as someone who has voted in the South Carolina primaries this year is that if the Republicans don't make Kavanaugh happen Monday, I will NOT vote in November, and the Republicans can live with the country they created, just like the rest of us. Dems and Dems Lite is a meaningless political system, and if the Hollywood crowd won't leave the country, we will. Since Obama, this has been nothing but a banana republic anyway. Might as well pay less for the bananas! And I am not alone in my level of disgust. An unhappy conservative.

  • Lee Marcum

    09/22/2018 10:50 AM

    Being from Arkansas I was wondering which was worse...Lying to the FBI, Congress, or DOJ or lying to my mother? Since I am not getting paid to lie to my mother I know lying to mom is worse! However, you can NOT pay me enough to lie to MOM!!


    09/22/2018 10:35 AM

    Enough already....subpoena them all. Dr Ford and Neliie Ohr. Congress needs to show some intestinal fortitude!

  • Jim Standifer

    09/22/2018 10:35 AM

    Good going Huck! I can't wait! But as of this writing, still no unredacted documents. What a shame! Just hope justice will be served, but apparently partially is the best we can hope for,,Just all politics. Darn! How very sad!

  • MJ Anderson

    09/22/2018 10:31 AM

    Mr. Governor, there's just one thing that will make these demonicly possessed democrats, give in or desist from obstructing and or resisting, and that that last word before the comma 'resist'. The one man (God in the flesh as our Lord Jesus) that defeated the devil gave us as well the secret on how it's done, "RESIST the devil, and he will flee from you". President Trump has shown the Republican Party how to win all the time on every issue, where the Democrats have some say as well, time after time, battle after battle President Trump pushed forward and RESISTED every democrat attempt to stop him, and in the end on 99% of their attempts, they have failed because there is someone RESISTING them harder than they are, no special skills required at all just toughness, and so they are defeated time after time.

  • Betty Phillipw

    09/22/2018 10:06 AM

    I am 81 yrs old and I can't think of any time I have been so angry. Except for Bengazi, I saw the live news and watched Hillary with her hand over her mouth and Obama walking out, saying Do what you need to do.

    What can ordinary law abiding citizens do?* One thought I had was putting a suggestion on FB, to send emails to our senators, not just the ones from our state but every senator. Maybe if they realize how many of us are REALLY tired of investigations and refusals to testify, etc. (Many of today's senior citizens had a Logics class in HS which may account for the anger. )
    *Don't suggest street protests. Many of us are not physically able, besides we can't afford it since we don't have a Soros handing out

  • Rev.Sam Martin

    09/21/2018 05:27 PM

    Why is nobody doing anything to prosecute these people would have clearly broke the law? It doesn’t that a lawyer to see they have broke the law. I don’t understand why action isn’t taken. They are acting quickly on the stopping the confirmation but we can get some real criminals jailed.