January 12, 2021

Activists who caused mayhem trying to crash the joint session of Congress last week –- tragically leading to one shooting death and several other fatalities, including one policeman –- have been characterized in news reports as right-wing conspiracy theorists who identify with such groups as QAnon. It’s not the first time Trump supporters have been reportedly associated with QAnon, and when this came up once before, some readers wrote and asked us, “What is QAnon?”

Heck if I knew. Seriously, we had no idea. And those readers must not have known, either, or they wouldn’t have asked us. Judging from typical news accounts, though, Trump supporters are deep into this and other wild conspiracy theories, like the crazy belief that some people actually commit election fraud. Of course we know that’s nonsense, especially when applied to the 2020 election, which we’ve been assured was the most accurate and secure election in our nation’s history and that’s good enough for us. (Sarcasm alert.)


And since news accounts are known for giving such keen and insightful depictions of Trump supporters –- how we think, what motivates us, what we like to buy at Walmart and order at the Olive Garden –- we were frankly a little embarrassed at our ignorance about QAnon. What kind of self-respecting Trump supporters were we, not even knowing what it was, let alone not believing whatever it was they were putting out there? So we did a little very basic research and tackled the question briefly in a months-old newsletter.

After the Capitol Hill riot last week, the topic of QAnon came up again, in a particularly sad context: Ashli Babbitt, the woman who was killed by a Capitol Hill officer inside the building, reportedly at least looked into it herself.

Here’s how the AP put it: “Her Twitter account promoted mainstream conservative views but also included references to the QAnon conspiracy theory, which centers on the baseless belief that Trump had been secretly fighting deep state enemies and a cabal of Satan-worshiping cannibals operating a child sex trafficking ring.”

Well, they kind of had us at “deep state enemies” but lost us at “Satan-worshiping cannibals.”

Please understand, we strongly condemn the foolish and destructive actions at the Capitol. Everyone involved should be ashamed of what they did and those who disobeyed Capitol Police, vandalized the building and led to the death and destruction should be prosecuted as fully as we called for that to happen to the Antifa and BLM rioters last summer. Their actions helped Trump’s adversaries wrongly paint the President and ALL his supporters as insurrectionists and even seditionists, giving the left an excuse to crush our civil rights, which they are now doing. Still, the AP report about Babbitt reads mostly like a hit piece, especially jarring since the woman had been killed just the day before. It includes a couple of nice remarks from her ex-husband Aaron, but otherwise paints her as a nutty Trump supporter who believed all those crazy things about the election and tweeted about gun rights and illegal immigration.

According to the AP report, “Babbitt, an Air Force veteran who identified as a Libertarian and supporter of the 2nd Amendment, frequently posted unsubstantiated views about election fraud by the President and his most extreme supporters –- activists whose conspiracy theories and unflinching support for Trump have attracted large numbers of online followers.”


Babbitt was once charged with road rage, it says, but acquitted. She reportedly supported a recall drive against California Gov. Gavin Newsome, which is at least one testament to sanity and good judgment.

Again quoting from AP: “Brian Levin, Director of the Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, said Babbitt will be remembered as a martyr by people with a wide range of grievances spanning from disbelief in the seriousness of the pandemic to beliefs in QAnon conspiracy theories.

“‘When you have people in an alternate universe, they will take a catalytic event and spin it in a way that is most appealing to their emotions and fears, irrespective of what the facts may end up showing,’ he said.”

Well, isn’t that special. I get the impression that to such a condescending person, gun rights and legal immigration –- and Trump support –- are right up there with a cannibalistic sex trafficking ring as crazy things to believe in. And many on the left eagerly lump us all into that same alternate universe.

I’d also say that anything called the “Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism” might want to focus just a little attention on the hate and extremism coming from the left, along with those wild conspiracy theories about Trump and Putin and Russian prostitutes. Bet they won’t, though. Because those examples are perfectly normal.

Another report, this from the AIR FORCE TIMES, refers to Babbitt as an “adherent" of QAnon.

Incidentally, this report tells us that Babbitt “was part of a mob that, after being incited by President Trump’s fraudulent claims of a stolen election, overran barricades and stormed Congress...” Hold on --- one timeline of events suggests the mob could not have been listening to Trump’s speech and get there in time to cause the chaos at the Capitol when it took place. We're checking into this, but It appears these people might not have even heard Trump speak, so I’m curious to know how he “incited” them.

Also, the event they were interrupting was an attempt by Republicans in Congress to present their evidence, which thanks to their idiocy, was not presented and never will be.

Apparently, Babbitt had posted a photo of herself in a “QAnon” shirt. We wish we could tell you more about this group, but we –- like most Trump supporters –- are just not into that. When President Trump was asked about it by incredibly rude town hall host Savannah Guthrie last year, he said he didn’t know anything about it. “I just don’t know about QAnon,” he said.

Guthrie argued with him (!), as she did repeatedly throughout the interview. “You do know,” she said.

He insisted he did not. Then he said they were against pedophilia, but it seems he was confused and really talking about Antifa. Apparently, even President Trump didn’t know what QAnon is, or had only a vague idea.

Here’s what the NEW YORK POST said about QAnon in a comprehensive report last October.

QAnon was supposedly named for “Q,” a shadowy figure who remains anonymous. But if some of those people who stormed the Capitol and dashed conservative hopes are members of QAnon, I say the “Q” should really stand for “Quixote,” as in Don Quixote, who famously tilted at windmills.

From this we get the word “quixotic,” which means “foolishly impractical, especially in the pursuit of lofty ideals.” Also, “Having or showing ideas that are different and unusual but not practical or likely to succeed.” That foolhardiness and its tragic end are all the “Q” represents to me.


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  • Donna Beckstein

    01/12/2021 10:48 PM

    The vast majority of people at the capitol were there to peacefully protest the theft of the election. Elderly people and children were tear gassed. Who is going to bring their children to an insurrection? How come only one person was shot - and that by the police? It’s my understanding that there were 2 heart attacks, one stroke, a severely injured police officer in addition to the woman who was shot and killed and some pipe bombs that were not used. I condemn the violence of the few. Don’t tar everyone else who happened to be there with the same brush. Nancy Pelosi was saying Trump incited violence. I heard the speech and it may have had harsh truths but it certainly did not incite violence. Seems it doesn’t take much to make Pelosi rip her paper apart!

  • Nancy McNeely

    01/12/2021 10:31 PM

    This is the second time I am writing this message to you. It appears that my thoughts did not go through properly due to my wrong email address.
    I place my Christmas electric candle on my windowsill ... turned on to the light... all evening until daylight. I do this because I want to show others that we are the Light in the world. This gives us Hope to combat the darkness in our nation... the world. This also represents my faith.. my belief in Jesus. In this way... it can show others that this Light which shines in the darkness is a pathway to Him... Our Lord is the answer to all these shavings taking place right now. So let your Light Shine.
    Nancy McNeely

  • Tanya Amant

    01/12/2021 10:29 PM

    I have no clue what Quanon is. I looked it up once on Wikipedia and it said something about John F. Kennedy Jr still being alive and was going to save the world with Trump's help. It sounded looney to me when I read it so I didn't want to know anything more. Crazy to say the very least.

    Whoever broke through the Capital and did what they did ruined the peaceful name of Trump supporters everywhere and they did harm to the president as well. Maybe it was their goal. I don't know, but they did a good job of making fools of themselves.

  • Linda Keen

    01/12/2021 10:28 PM

    Just wanted you to know that I am one of the Trump supporters that Facebook has censored. I am in facebook jail for thirty days because my opinion was that the ones breaking in were part of antifia. In order to do what they did climbing those walls takes people that are trained not ordinary people that support President Trump. I will be leaving Facebook as soon as I figure out where most of my cousins are moving to. It is a shame that a company like this is allowed to censor someone because they do not agree with their side. My sister in law is very ill and may pass away at any time and I cannot talk to my family on face book or request prayers for her. I think that I have been dealt a terrible injustice like the other Trump supporters. No Big Tech should be allowed to do this. What makes them think they are correct all of the time? If the FCC regulates these companies, why are they not doing anything to stop this injustice? Because they have Big Money they think they can do anything they please. One day we will all be equal and be Judged by a righteous Judge, I hope they get forgiveness for their evil before they leave this world.

  • Rita L. Randolph

    01/12/2021 10:27 PM

    Actually, I follow the Q postings. I don't believe all he, or she, writes. In fact, he said early on that there would be disinformation mixed in. Truth is, he has given a lot of info that has to be from someone "in the know." Look, the Fake News has put a lot of time and effort into discrediting Q, so if he's just a LARP like they say, why are THEY making it a big deal? Makes me think maybe Q IS for real. In reality, there is no one called Qanon. There is Q, and the website he posts on there are anons(all anonymous). So Fake News got it wrong again, as usual. So far, there are over 4500 postings from Q. Maybe 100-200 concern pedos, cannabalism, and human trafficking. Most are about corruption in our gov't. Q also asks the anons to look into certain topics, all open source(no hacking allowed!). The anons are part of the digital army General Flynn has spoken of. They dig into business' Boards(like Dominion), the people, their families, etc. The anons know the messages by them are monitored by both sides, and the site itself gets DDoS'ed often, when they are "over a target." If a good person read the Q postings with an open mind, it wouldn't take long to see that Q is on to something. It took me about a month of reading the Q posts for me to mostly trust what he was saying. Plus, there are lots of "Q proofs" to show that he is one in the know. That is a certainty. Remember POTUS saying at Easter(2017?) that the WH is in tippy top shape? That was a request by an anon, so Q could prove he has PDJT's ear. Affirmative. In fact, I think PDJT is Q. I'm wrong a lot so don't bet on that!

  • Karen Jones Cody

    01/12/2021 12:13 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee, thank you so much for being calm and informative. In the current climate, I wake up wondering if I really am crazy and if the whole world I grew up in and everything I believe in is wrong. Then I read something from you, and know there is craziness on all sides - but peace with Jesus. Please keep putting out plain truth and encouraging words!

  • Sharon Smith

    01/12/2021 12:13 PM

    I fully agree that those that were violent were not all Trump supporters and never heard the President's speech. The timeline was wrong and also most of the people who were supporters and heard the speech were not even aware of the violence. I believe it was staged by the left to disrupt what was going on in Congress. How in the world did we ever get here? Oh, yes, the lefts hate for Trump caused evil.

  • Betty Ridgill

    01/12/2021 12:13 PM

    I need to mention one more thing. And, I recognized your sarcasm. I think that anybody with the least bit of common sense knows that there was an overwhelming amount of fraud in the general election and the Georgia runoff. Just my thoughts!

  • Jesse Tomblin

    01/12/2021 12:12 PM

    While I agree with most of what has been said by Governor Huckabee I must correct one thing he said. He said a Joint Session of Congress what he left out was that it was an UNCONSTITUTIONAL session of Congress. See the CONSTITUTION CLEARLY STATES THAT CONGRESS SHALL NOT CONDUCT BUSINESS IN SECRET. The FACT that this session was doing the most important business this Nation has means it is should have had the most Citizens in attendance. Yet the Democraps(named thus for the WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER overflowing their otherwise empty skulls), PRETEND REPUBLICANS( McConnell, Graham, and those that did not support the STOPPING of this FRAUDULENT ELECTION FARCE), and the three RINOS(Romney, Collins, and Murkowski)closed the Capital Building thus VIOLATING not only the CONSTITUTION but the oath they swore when they got into office. Combine that with those I listed being on Soros’s payroll along with the DOMESTIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS ANTIFA and BLM who started the rioting. Which was met with LETHAL FORCE despite the other riots Soros paid for had little to not force at all shows just how ANTI-America and American Congress is at this time in History. Once the PEDOPHILE is declared UNFIT and they enthrone the PROSTITUTE America will be DOOMED.

  • Betty Ridgill

    01/12/2021 12:10 PM

    Well, I may be a member of the QAnon and not even know it! I thought as I was watching last Wednesday, that some of those flags that were being shown did not look like something that our President would have had anything to do with. I DO NOT believe that a "true" patriot would ever desecrate our flag the way those were, not even to make a point. I felt sadness that anyone would do this. So, I guess what I'm trying to determine is, "Were those people even a part of the protest group listening to President Trump?" The need to investigate who these people were (are), but I don't think if they discovered "paid plants", that we would ever hear anything about it.

  • Sandi Quinn

    01/12/2021 12:08 PM

    Watch The Fall Cabol on YouTube, it explains what or who QAnon is, and what they believe.

  • Carol MacMillan Godsey

    01/12/2021 12:08 PM

    Since the radical left seem to be the only ones who know what or who QAnon is, I believe its a bogus organization they invented to counter criticism of BLM and Antifa. When Snitty Savannah asked POTUS about it, we had no idea what she was talking about and it was obvious he did not either. The left has gone certifiable!

  • Amy Judd

    01/12/2021 11:49 AM

    Did I read this correctly? Are you saying you see no cheating in the 2020 election? You called this a "crazy belief"...I kept reading thinking you would explain yourself.... But you seem to be under the crazy belief that you can trust the main stream media and the democrats....Sad to say good bye.

  • Beverly Holloway

    01/12/2021 11:46 AM

    I am so happy to read your article this morning and see that you are not among the idiocy of French Hill and Tom Cotton and we don’t even know what John Boozeman thinks. Yesterdays receipt of French Hill’s email using all the same words as everyone else that’s got a microphone in front of their face that states Trump called for the riots blah blah blah. With that being said, I’m never voting Republican again. I’ll vote for Sarah for governor, if she runs on the Republican ticket, but likely a Patriot ticket would be my choice. I was one of the foolish people that thought that Pence would do the constitutional correctness of not excepting fraudulent vote and electoral votes from states that didn’t even follow their own laws. That was topped off for me by seeing him do a masonic handshake. Calling someone else your “most worshipful master” doesn’t sound like a good Christian man to me. Have non if these people heard his speech? Thank you for noting that those that were listening to the speech didn’t even have time to get to the capital to commit Harry Carey. Why are our Republican’s not hearing us say that we wanted the dead people votes, duplicate votes and illegal votes thrown out and then, if Biden still won, so be it? God help us and God help our country. Right is still right and wrong is still wrong.

  • Don Howard McCormack

    01/12/2021 11:36 AM

    Thanks for your comments but I field we are going to lose American can the we survive the social movement as a free American

  • Renee Kendrick

    01/12/2021 10:52 AM

    Just the name "QAnon" makes me think its an anonymous support group for gay guys! I am totally clueless about it! Guess I am not much of a worldly person.