August 14, 2018

“Agent Peter Strzok was just fired from the FBI – finally.  The list of bad players in the FBI & DOJ gets longer and longer.  Based on the fact that Strzok was in charge of the Witch Hunt, will it be dropped?  It is a total Hoax, No Collusion, No Obstruction – I just fight back!”

That’s President Trump, breaking the news of deputy FBI Director Peter Strzok’s firing on Twitter (where else?) on Monday.  Strzok had been at the FBI for 22 years.  Incredibly, this partisan anti-Trump hack managed to get himself put in charge of both Hillary Clinton’s sham email “investigation” and the Russia/Trump “collusion” probe.  If he and his paramour Lisa Page hadn’t immortalized their extreme bias through many candid text messages, we probably would never have known about the feelings motivating their actions at the FBI.


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And don’t tell me, as Strzok smugly tried to do before Congress, that his actions and their outcomes weren’t affected by his deep political bias against Trump and his supporters.  (Inspector General Michael Horowitz gave him the benefit of the doubt on that, but his reasoning is unfathomable.)  The decisions made to protect Hillary and keep her viable as a candidate can’t be explained any other way.  Remember who changed the statement made on July 5, 2016, by James Comey to read “extreme carelessness” instead of “criminal negligence” (which it was) to avoid having to indict Hillary?  None other that Peter Strzok.  And, if I understand correctly, Lisa Page was looking over his shoulder as he made the change.


In June, the IG issued a report that acknowledged the bias and at least the potential for abuse.  Strzok’s texting was “not only indicative of a biased state of mind but, even more seriously, implies a willingness to take official action to impact the Presidential candidate’s electoral prospects.”  The Office Of Professional Responsibility, headed by Mueller appointee Candice Will, recommended a demotion and a 60-day suspension, but, to his credit, deputy FBI Director David Bowdich saw the need for more of a change and went on to fire Strzok.


Though Bowdich has an amazing career history (police officer, FBI SWAT team member and sniper, head of white collar investigations at San Diego field office, head of Los Angeles field office, leader of FBI response to San Bernardino shooting), Strzok’s lawyer, Aitan Goelman, said his firing of Strzok was a departure from “typical Bureau practice” and dismissed it as a result of “political pressure.”  No doubt Goelman will become a fixture on CNN and MSNBC.  And the GoFundMe page Strzok set up immediately upon being fired has already brought him (at this writing) over $120,000 from suckers who share his hatred of the President.


When President Trump says the list of bad players grows ever longer, he’s not exaggerating.  Look at the list of those who are gone or demoted and most likely on their way out:  FBI Director James Comey was fired by the President himself, a richly deserved sacking that Trump had every right to do.  Acting DOJ Director Sally Yates was fired for refusing to obey an order.  Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, whose office was apparently used for a discussion of the “insurance policy” against Trump, was fired for lying to investigators.  FBI General Counsel James Baker resigned.  Comey’s Chief of Staff James Rybicki resigned, though that seems to have been in the works for some time.  McCabe’s legal assistant and compulsive texter Lisa Page was demoted and later resigned.  Bruce Ohr, fourth highest in rank at the DOJ –- and of great interest to investigators now, for good reason –- has been demoted twice.


There’s a rarely-heard positive side to some of these individuals remaining at the FBI and DOJ for a while:  as long as they remain government employees, they can be interrogated by the IG.  Once they’re out, they’re out of reach, at least to him.  But look at how the swamp is actually starting to drain and remember that if Hillary had been elected, it would only have gotten deeper and cruddier.


The reported reason for Strzok’s firing was that his texting gave the “appearance” of bias, but according to Sara A. Carter, the most probable and much more serious reason for his dismissal was the action he took:  abusing the FISA court by withholding information in the warrant applications to spy on Trump associates.  That’s the “poisonous tree” that has since borne poison fruit in the form of the Mueller investigation.


Relative to that, here’s a useful memory refresher:  a report from the Washington Times written just after Strzok’s testimony in July.  It’s timely now because the just-released Bruce Ohr memos and notes confirm what Strzok said then about the route the Clinton-financed “dossier” took from Christopher Steele to Bruce Ohr to the FBI.  Bruce Ohr himself is scheduled to testify August 28.




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  • Dolores Gericke

    09/22/2018 07:50 PM


    "Go Fund Me" for the Wall.

    Watch you on Fox (our only news source-that tells the truth).

    Your daughter Sarah does a marvelous job. She puts the press in there place.

  • Darwin Jones

    08/26/2018 11:29 AM

    Gov. Huckabee: If Strzok can raise that much, can you imagine what we deplorables could raise GoFundMe Build that Wall. Would it be possible??? Would you be interested in doing this?

  • Norma Maas

    08/19/2018 06:16 PM

    My comments concern the removal of security from Brennan. Why all the fuss from Brennan and others? When a person leaves a job as he did, why can they retain their security clearance. Anything connected to that job should not go with them as the security clearance apparently did.

    And why is President Trump waiting to remove the security from Comey and the others who are out of their jobs. Does Hillary Clinton still have security clearance? Why would she need it since she is not in a government job, or any job that would need it. And, of course, there are more things than that that concern me about Hillary Clinton.

    You could probably say that anything you believe, Gov. Huckabee, I believe also. Thanks a lot.

  • Laura Hoffman

    08/19/2018 09:17 AM

    I cannot for the life of me understand how Bill, but most especially Hillary, have not been indicted, investigated, or ANYTHING! Please tell me that neither of them have ANY security clearance! I don't believe that anyone who is a FORMER employee (of ANY industry or company) should have any type of security clearance. The swamp is not draining fast enough in my opinion. And just because the continued clearance has been done "for years" doesn't make it it right. Slavery went on for years too, but it was never right, and that was abolished by another hated president. I don't hate Trump but I'm impressed with his sincere love of our country, I just think he needs to be more careful about what he tweets.

  • Mark Mittelstaedt

    08/16/2018 01:02 PM

    All these Deep State scum need to see a prison cell from the inside !

  • Ann Ault

    08/15/2018 12:40 PM

    So grateful as you continue to "never give up/never surrender" in dishing out the TRUTH!!! Water in the desert of these times! Ironically, I sent your daughter, Sarah, my book and CD's a few days before her birthday (and before I knew it was her birthday!) Hope it was a HAPPY ONE and that she and those she loves were able to either have a nice dinner at home or at a conservative restaurant where they would be safe!!! I am as much a fan of hers as I am of YOURS! Psalm 16:11

  • William Bailey

    08/15/2018 12:36 AM

    We are all biased including you and no body can work for justice that isn't ! Only Christ isn't biased thank God!

  • Dawn Street

    08/14/2018 08:55 PM

    I would prefer that Strozk be in jail, or under the jail. His insolence and snarkiness is nasty. And he is so guilty...He is awful.

  • Keet Parakeet

    08/14/2018 08:51 PM

    In Re the Former FBI (& disgrace to the institution) agent. Yes, it took a long time & yes his departure is good, however, Sometimes things should take a long time. While he's employed his work product and actions are subject to examination and evidence preservation without court proceedings. Had I been investigating, I'd have bitten my tongue & secured every shred of evidence I could before criminal proceedings or firing. It's sort of shine a light on things that makes destruction as opposed to refusal to produce evidence for congress Difficult with a capital D. There are lots of bureaucratic records in super computerized quintuplet. Not every one in there is Swamp, thank the good Lord.
    Also, I noticed an article you might like on Fox website. Seems 4 little girl friends 11-14 years old fought off a would be kiddie-napper of the 11 yr old up in Michigan. Kicked, punched, bit, threw their hot coffee on him. They won. He was arrested. Seems they watched a lot of Law & Order, Dateline & also the Dad of one had showed them some moves. Good Daddy. :)

  • jack macdonald

    08/14/2018 05:34 PM

    These people are criminals and the place for criminals is a jail cell. I will have no respect for our system of govt. if these cruds skate.

  • Deborah Lemons

    08/14/2018 04:18 PM

    Better for misinformed liberals and socialist (on GoFundMe) to pay Strzok's retirement and trial expenses than the "taxpayers"; just don't put him in jail where we have to support him. Send him on unpaid mission to some other "socialist" country. We really need accountability and payback from some of these people (esp, some in Congress and various Agency heads) for some of the money they have collected over the years for Harm to Constitutional government operation. I want accountability of Antifa and BLM (others) too; punishment by deportation to other countries. Don't put these people in jail to live a "free" lifestyle; assign to some "labor"/work camps with actual work requirement.

  • Lance E Brown

    08/14/2018 02:56 PM

    Nothing to do with today's article but

    As I was thumbing through older videos and re watched one of Ivanka. In it she lamented the family separations at the border and labeled them the “low spot of this administration”. And I admit that it is as bad as it gets but in the same light, this is the only administration to take it on.

    The problem at the border has been ongoing now since AT LEAST Clinton's administration. Additionally I can make an inference that the child trafficking problem, which exploded in this same time period, is tied tightly to the immigration problem. And NO ONE, DEM, GOP, INDI, has attempted to fix it. I'd like to see someone stand up and give Ivanka a little credit for keeping her foot on the neck of this problem.

    My one wish, that the Trumps are in office long enough to resolve the problem.

  • Nancy Emmons

    08/14/2018 02:27 PM

    Why is Mueller spending millions of our tax money going after Manafort when it has nothing to do with President Trump? He needs to stop!

  • Nancy Neal

    08/14/2018 02:19 PM

    He should have been fired much sooner. Do you think anyone will ever pay for all their crimes such as Hillary, Comey Strzok or any others ? I feel our country is in such a bad way and we will never recover.So much corruption.

  • Joe Analco

    08/14/2018 01:57 PM

    If the FBI truly has a policy manual for all employees, then they have a good dependable rope. And you can't have a hanging without a rope. ????Time to start criminal and civil charges against those who violate the law.

  • Terr Moore

    08/14/2018 01:03 PM

    LOVE & Birthday wishes being sent to your amazing, respectful, Christ-honoring daughter Sarah... God Bless her & the family that raised her!!!! Sarah is such an inspiration to women (men too) w/ all the growing viciousness & hate filled people out there!

  • Charlotte Bartlette

    08/14/2018 12:37 PM

    Wow . Interesting . I am so sick of these people who bash a Trump and his crew daily

  • Shirley

    08/14/2018 12:16 PM

    Mike I meant to tell you in my original comment how much I appreciate what you do. I stand behind you and what you believe. We watch your show on tv every sunday and LOVE IT. So glad to have such great family viewing for people to watch. Great Show. We love you Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shirley

    08/14/2018 12:12 PM

    I cannot believe that the FBI would be involved in such a terrible thing. Our President is doing great things for our country and I still cannot understand why He is not getting the support he deserves. Obama was on a drive to destroy America and everyone for the most part could not get enough of him.. I think we live in a sick country for the most part and I think if they cannot get behind our President and support him that they should find another country for their home. They apparently do not like it here and I think they should go somewhere else. They don't deserve the freedoms that America allows and that our fantastic service people fought to and in some cases gave their life for them to have. They need to go!!!

  • Shirley

    08/14/2018 12:12 PM

    I cannot believe that the FBI would be involved in such a terrible thing. Our President is doing great things for our country and I still cannot understand why He is not getting the support he deserves. Obama was on a drive to destroy America and everyone for the most part could not get enough of him.. I think we live in a sick country for the most part and I think if they cannot get behind our President and support him that they should find another country for their home. They apparently do not like it here and I think they should go somewhere else. They don't deserve the freedoms that America allows and that our fantastic service people fought to and in some cases gave their life for them to have. They need to go!!!

  • Theresa Carver

    08/14/2018 12:00 PM

    Stzrok said that if he used his bias, he would have released information that Trump was under investigation prior to the election. Two things... 1. Its supposedly been reported that Trump WASN'T under investigation per Comey, even AFTER the election. 2. If he wasn't biased, why didn't he question the entire investigation as being bogus since no crime had been committed?

  • Julia Brower

    08/14/2018 11:44 AM

    It would very interesting to see who these contributors are, maybe Soto’s or Clinton people, Obama’s cronies. Just a thought, I can’t imagine anyone who actually has brain giving him money. Sounds like another move to coverup the corrupt people.

  • rodney burke

    08/14/2018 11:37 AM

    well, this creep finally got canned. He should be in jail for what he's done. I am hopeful that all the evidence which is coming out of the woodwork will put him where he belongs. He knew better than to tell congress he wasn't biased. The texts make that VERY clear. He has, what can only be characterized is hatred, and utter contempt for DT and the laws that govern the FBI and the USA.


    08/14/2018 11:22 AM

    Maybe they can get him on "Tax evasion" IF he doesn't claim that money as income ?

  • Kimberly Evans

    08/14/2018 10:52 AM

    Nicely laid out content here. It's nice to finally see some justice being done for our president. It'd be even better if Hillary & all of the culprits to be charged. Any of us Americans would've been. I hope to see Muller actually behave unbiased n charge some of these criminals. Thanks for the article here. I love your posts .