November 8, 2016

Good morning, on Election Day 2016! This is billed as the most important Presidential election of our lifetimes, and this time around, that’s actually true because the rule of law, the Supreme Court and the First and Second Amendments all hang in the balance.

The first results are already in, and they look good for Donald Trump. In the three tiny New Hampshire towns that vote right after midnight, Hart’s Location went for Clinton by 17-14, Dixville Notch by 4-2, and Millsfield went Trump by 16-4. Trump won the first votes in the US by 32-25. In 2012, Obama beat Romney in those three towns by 33-30.

If you’re the type who likes to read meaning into silly things, note that Trump tied Romney’s 2012 vote in Republican Millsville, and his extra votes all came from the two Democratic-leaning towns. That means Trump ate into the Democratic vote and scored a victory 4 votes greater than Obama’s. With only 57 voters in the pool, 4 votes equals a 7% swing.

Now, I’m just counting on all of you to keep up that margin of victory in all 50 states, and we’ll have a big party that starts early tonight.

For more, please read this USA Today story here.

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