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January 19, 2021

Kevin McCullough at expands on the question I asked: why aren’t the shareholders of Twitter and Facebook raising the roof over their CEOs tanking their stock prices and driving away customers by prioritizing their leftist politics over maximizing profits? His solution: sue ‘em. The government will never rein them in as long as Democrats are in power and benefiting from their illegal partisanship. But there are still civil courts, many with Trump-appointed judges, and there are hundreds of millions of shares of public stock owned by people with a legal vested interest in preventing these companies from destroying their investment.

McCullough lays out several legal areas in which Twitter and others may have opened themselves up to huge class action lawsuits, both from stockholders and from the people they unfairly deplatformed.

The latest victim of Silicon Valley leftist censorship is the conservative site, which was forced to shut down its comments section or lose its site entirely. American Thinker hardly draws a lot of violent rightwing extremists. But even more threatening to those on the extreme left is a site that encourages people to think.

Finally, Derek Hunter at explains the difference between Google and other search engines such as DuckDuck Go and Bing. As he illustrates with examples, Google no longer returns the best results for your searches. It now returns only the results that its leftist executives want you to see.


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  • Larry Butterfield

    01/19/2021 03:42 PM