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November 22, 2023

The latest NBC News poll shows President Biden’s approval rating has been falling since January, when it was 46%, to its lowest level ever now at 40%. Nearly two-thirds of Independents disapprove.

The biggest driver of the drop came with young voters aged 18 to 34. Their approval of Biden has plummeted from 46% in September to 31%.

Of course, as we’ve seen recently, that could be because so many of the Democrats’ young radical base are Hamas-supporting anti-Semites, and Biden is supporting Israel. He’s caught in an electoral Catch-22, because he needs their votes to win, but if he does what they want, he won’t get any votes from the non-crazy wing of his Party. I believe it was Kurt Schlichter who pointed out that the Democrats are in trouble because a large part of their base suddenly wants to kill another large part of their base. That’s rather hard for even the nimblest politician to straddle.

Related op-ed from Wayne Allyn Root: What if the Democrats get so panicked by Biden’s subterranean approval ratings that they replace him with their dream ticket of Gavin Newsom/Michelle Obama (or vice versa) – then discover that Americans blame all of them, not just Biden, for destroying border security and the economy and encouraging our enemies to launch World War III, and they see through all the indictments of Trump as the dirty abuse of power that they are, and elect Trump anyway?

The column actually ends a little too soon. I think it’s worth considering also how the Democrats would immediately revert to “election deniers” and do everything in their power to block Trump from taking office, and to ask if the Republicans are making any plans to deal with that possibility.

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