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January 17, 2024

“This may be the most significant instance of the United States government turning against its own citizens that we’ve encountered in our lifetime.”

That’s the conclusion of a must-read new piece in REVOLVER NEWS that brings together an array of details showing what the administration, some members of Congress, and the law enforcement bureaucracy have done (and continue to do) to American citizens in furtherance of their own political agenda.  “What’s emerging,” they say, “is a chilling image of a rogue and desperate regime willing to go to any lengths, including imprisoning innocent Americans, to keep its grip on power and punish its political enemies.”

Anyone who thinks that’s hyperbole needs to take a look at what they’ve put together over long months through the magnificent reporting of Julie Kelly and Darren Beattie.  For when you have time, here’s “The Essential REVOLVER NEWS January 6 Reading List” that they assembled two years ago.  Most of this background information should be familiar to longtime newsletter readers, as we’ve covered it in detail.  But what a great compendium to share with family, friends and acquaintances who might not be as well-versed in what really happened.  (Also highly recommended: Kelly’s eye-opening book, titled “JANUARY 6:  How Democrats Used the Capitol Protest to Launch a War on Terror Against the Political Right.”)

This administration’s mad power-lust, fueled as it was by TDS, was even turned on a former President of the United States, especially during the past two years, when they decided it was permissible to commit a shocking armed raid on Mar-A-Lago a few months before the 2022 election.  We would add that the blatant targeting of Trump is one big reason why so many Republicans so strongly back him today, as seen in last night’s Iowa caucuses.  He’s seen as THE leader who can and will get in there and fix this unholy and most decidedly un-American mess.

On Monday, Kelly and Beattie appeared on Sebastian Gorka’s podcast, stunning Gorka with some of their latest details.  Kelly delves into the matter of DC U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves and his leftist political agenda.  Recall that Graves is also one of two Biden-appointed prosecutors who refused to allow Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss to prosecute Hunter Biden in their districts.  Graves is supervising ALL the J6 cases.

It should be noted that before and after her book came out, Kelly personally attended the trials of the various J6 defendants and read all the court filings and legal judgments, so she has a good idea of the mindset of the actors involved, particularly Judge Tanya Chutkan.  Reading her orders, one can see the twisted “logic” behind punishing people innocent of any violent or even provocative act.  In her mind, she had already convicted anyone who was there as being part of the “insurrection,” just for being at the rally at all.  It was essentially a blanket condemnation.

Gorka started his interview by observing the government is “upping the ante” as the January 6 narrative is crumbling, with Graves announcing in a big presentation just days ago that “you’re committing a felony even if you didn’t go into Congress.”  As we’ve discussed, in his zeal to double the number of his J6 indictments and keep the stack of cases growing, this prosecutor is fine with putting someone in prison just for standing in the wrong spot outside the building.  But Kelly said this legal strategy is really not new (note the aforementioned Judge Chutkan), citing the conviction of Enrique Tarrio, who was charged with obstruction of an official proceeding and trespassing (!) even though he wasn’t anywhere near the Capitol building on January 6.  The man was in a Baltimore hotel.  He got 22 years in prison.

“But what Matthew Graves did last week was really egregious,” Kelly said.  “...This is the centerpiece of Joe Biden’s presidential re-election campaign, and Matthew Graves, another partisan disguised as a prosecutor, did his part with that egregious hour-long presentation.”

Now view that in light of something else that happened this week, the sentencing of Ray Epps, who is clearly seen on video yelling at the top of his lungs multiple times the day before the rally for the crowd to “go INTO the Capitol!!!”  (The crowd didn’t go for it; sensing a trap, they started chanting, “Fed!  Fed!  Fed!”)  Unbelievably, Epps got a suspended sentence of less than a year --- no jail time at all --- when others have received astonishing sentences of 20-plus years in prison.

Gorka also brought up something new this week that we haven’t addressed yet:  the insistence by a Pentagon source that Gen. Mark Milley was the “architect” of the events of that day, as he’s the one who obstructed the deployment of National Guard troops that had been green-lighted by President Trump.  Col. Earl G. Matthews, a former Guardsman now serving in the Army Reserve, called Milley “the Don Barzini of the Deep State.”

As senior military advisor to the President, Gen. Milley had no legal role in the chain of command, according to Matthews.  But he managed to exploit relationships and run it as “his own feudal possession.”  Read what Matthews said about the role played by Army leadership on J6 --- not wanting to appear as if they were cooperating with President Trump in any way --- and you’ll see another chunk of the government’s narrative fall to the ground.

Even with all this, Beattie --- who deserves credit for coining the term “fed-surrection” --- informed Gorka that “the cracks in the official narrative are far more severe even than what you’ve described,” though he didn’t have time in that brief podcast to get into it in detail.  He said that with Ray Epps’ slap on the wrist, “they’re trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube, tie up loose ends” and that Epps “would have been Central Casting for their fake insurrection narrative,” a hulking 6’3” former Marine in camo and a Trump hat.  On the day of the rally, Epps skipped Trump’s speech in favor of directing people to the Capitol building.  And at just the right moment, Epps found himself “magically pre-positioned right at that initial breach point, whereupon he whispers in a man’s ear and two seconds later, the initial breach occurs [with the barriers being moved].”

After this was accomplished, Epps texted his nephew to say he’d “orchestrated” it.  Epps had been the head of the Arizona chapter of the Oath Keepers and on the FBI’s Most Wanted list, but he was dropped from that and ended up doing softball interviews with THE NEW YORK TIMES and 60 MINUTES while other J6-ers were held without bail.  Beattie, wording it as nicely as possible, concluded that Epps is “not an authentic actor.”

The REVOLVER NEWS piece brings up yet another example of the crumbling J6 narrative.  Remember former Capitol Police Lt. Tarik Johnson, the official that Pelosi’s committee made sure it did NOT talk to?  And Special Agent David Lazarus, whose testimony helped put Oath Keepers in prison but who appears to have perjured himself after newly-released J6 video shows he couldn’t have been in the right place to witness what he testified about?

Johnson (a hero in our book) posted an “EMERGENCY UPDATE!!!” on X with the news that Capitol Hill Police Chief Thomas Manger --- whom he called “arguably the most corrupt politician in the country,” which is saying something --- has decided to do no internal investigation of Lazarus’ allegedly false testimony.  The rug is getting pretty lumpy with all that stuff swept under it.

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