July 20, 2021

I know Americans usually don’t care much about the internal problems of other countries, but what’s happening in South Africa right now is both a tragedy and a cautionary tale we’d do well to heed.

Sunday would have been the late Nelson Mandela’s birthday, but his dream of a peaceful, multi-racial South Africa has crumbled, with the nation torn by riots, looting, rising radical political parties, racial demonization of whites, staggering unemployment and the jailing of the former President. One woman ruefully tweeted that an entire shopping mall had been looted with the only thing untouched being the bookstore.

And why should this spreading implosion of South Africa be of concern to Americans? Because, as this article from Revolver News explains in depth, it was the first nation built on the concepts of Critical Race Theory, and this is where it’s sadly led.

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  • Dorothy Gable

    07/21/2021 09:49 AM

    Our missionaries, Dan & Deb Willoughby with Baptist Ministries Worldwide were in the area when the riots hit. Thankfully, their neighborhood defended itself against the mobs and survived intact, including its local stores. Also, the missionaries and Christians banded together to help others in the city and had many opportunities to share Christ. This world is not our home, but God has us here at this time to share the hope that only Christ can give. Let us make ourselves ready.