September 28, 2021

This reader comment was in response to our piece, “Who edited the Maricopa County audit report?”

From Howard A:

You got trolled by a fake leaked draft. I guess you missed the part of the actual final report where they announced that Joe Biden got more votes than Donald Trump.

From the Gov:

No, we certainly were not “trolled,” as we made it clear we were still verifying the draft as authentic. “It has been reported...” we said. “If this is true...” “If that’s the case...” “No accusations, just a call for answers.”

Does that sound like we bought into it at the outset? If just calling for answers is going to be criticized, there is little hope for enlightening discourse in this country.

But mostly, we wonder where you got YOUR information, about the earlier draft being fake. If you go to Patrick Byrne’s website, he has that original draft right there --- complete with the part about the election results not being reliable or certifiable, the part that does not appear in the final version. If that draft was fake, why is it on Patrick Byrne’s own website?

And, no, we didn’t miss the part of the report that said Joe Biden got more votes than Donald Trump. In fact, we referred to the problem with that count as being that they were “just recounting the same ballots over again.” It does no good simply to recount the same issue-plagued ballots, and for that reason the recount was just one of many things the auditors were looking at.

Byrne also has an exhaustive list of other problems turned up by the audit that we haven’t yet had a chance to go through. After that loooooong list, he says, “Which our craven and literacy-challenged MSM reports as, “Maricopa County audit shows Biden still won.” You're just repeating what our craven and literacy-challenged MSM told you. So, Howard, who was really trolled here, us or you?

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  • Howard Appel

    09/28/2021 07:27 PM

    I look forward to your reporting and/or analysis now that Mr. Logan, the head of Cyber Ninja, has publicly stated that the "draft" of the report that contained language re: decertification was not real. OOPS.

    Also, you profess to be an observant Christian -- I guess you missed that Commandment about not bearing false witness as you routinely and knowingly lie. It seems to me that your political positions and desire for power far outweigh your belief in Christianity and what Jesus preached.

  • Bob Watts

    09/28/2021 04:42 PM

    Mike - Your response, printed above, was 'right on point' and hopefully simple enough for Howard A. to comprehend. As stated by Howard A. in his opening statement, his assumption was based on hearsay he read from some Liberal sources. He does state "I guess......" Thank you for your response that goes directly to the heart of 'Liberals' information as guesswork.

  • Candance Willis

    09/28/2021 04:36 PM

    Hmmmmm, I wonder if "Howard A" is one of those transplanted Californians who have been working diligently to turn our wonderful conservative state Blue. The influx of these Californians has been unreal!! I was not born in Arizona however I've lived here for 62 years and personally think this is the worst sham of an election that I've ever seen. Total fraud bought and paid for by dark money. Thank you Governor Huckabee for keeping us all informed of what's really going on in our country and Thank you for setting Howard A straight. God Bless you and yours and your wonderful staff.

  • Michael Fulghum

    09/28/2021 04:27 PM

    The whole premise is the illegal votes and what votes may have been changed by software!! does very little to count the same chickens !! got to find out if those are the " real " chickens , other wise it's an exercise in futility!!

  • Kathy Waite

    09/28/2021 03:24 PM

    Thank you!! I'm so tired of being beat over the head by my liberal family members who only hear what CNN or other MSM has to say. They seem to be deaf to all else. One even posted on Facebook that I was going to die because I don't believe real "science"!!

  • Mark Evans

    09/28/2021 02:11 PM


  • Rev. Judi Sorensen

    09/28/2021 02:08 PM

    Governor ~ We love you for all you are doing for our Country. You do & say
    things that are demonstrably true ! You are a great honest voice in the wilderness of lies & deceit ! Please, keep up the good work that you do,
    Thank You & God Bless You & Yours !
    Rev. Judi

  • Greg Bacon

    09/28/2021 01:25 PM

    The US flag has always stood for freedom. In lieu of recent events, this country is in distress and facing real disasters (like the open borders, Americans held hostage in Afghanistan, the biological attack by China on us and the world, crime out of control, etc.etc. There is a code in the US code that allows the hanging of the us flag upside down when the country is in danger, distress or concern for imminent danger to life or property. Isn’t it time for patriots to start hanging their flags upside down (in protest, and in lieu of burning or stomping on the flag) as a sign of deep concern. If elections in this country remain rigged and the left continues to stack themselves against the people in checked, this country will become a State of China. We need to stop the infiltration from within!

  • Rose Sawicki

    09/28/2021 11:53 AM

    We all KNOW the election was rigged. We also know America is under siege..non of this is stupidity, it is a plan.

  • Jack E Harbaugh

    09/28/2021 10:00 AM

    Sounds like a "troll" is calling you out for being "trolled". It is obvious the only thing he saw was the narrative being pushed by the far left.