February 2, 2019

Latest loop in Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's roller coaster week: after admitting he appeared in a photo of two students in blackface and a KKK robe in his medical school yearbook and apologizing (but refusing to resign), Northam now claims that is not him in the photo.  What, he couldn't remember at first whether he posed for his yearbook in either blackface or a KKK robe?  And liberals accused Brett Kavanaugh of drinking too much beer!


Valentine’s Day is normally a happy occasion, but it also will mark the one-year anniversary of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting.  Since that terrible day, we have learned a lot.  We have seen how many levels of government failed in their responsibilities to protect those children; we’ve seen people try to exploit the tragedy to promote a political agenda that would not have prevented it; and we’ve seen an expert investigation result in recommendations that could make a difference, such as arming teachers, but some people refuse to accept them.   

At the link, a woman who lives in Broward County, was personally affected by the shooting and has been active in trying to hold officials accountable shares some conclusions she’s reached that a lot of people on the left also won’t like hearing.  She offers an overwhelming litany of ways in which liberals, whose justification for all their policies is “Think of the children!,” have repeatedly failed children, harmed children, killed children, and placed the real needs of children behind the importance of advancing leftist social and political ideas. 

This is a must-read, although I warn you: there are several disturbing images.  But that’s the whole point.  There are a lot of disturbing facts, too.


Just as I predicted, Republicans are going to make sure that when President Trump gives his State of the Union Address in the House, in the face of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and fellow Democrats who back her willful refusal to acknowledge the serious negative consequences of lax border and immigration control, the guest gallery will be filled with living examples of the pain caused by those policies.  Anyone who can look into the face of these grieving families and still tell us that the problem is “manufactured” either has no heart or thinks we have no brains.


Like to hear some good news?  Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog did not see his shadow on Groundhog Day, which means he predicts spring will come early.  And if he’s wrong, I predict that Nancy Pelosi will blame it on weather forecasts being less reliable due to “Trump’s government shutdown.”



Okay, everyone who predicted that there might eventually be privacy problems with taking a sample of your DNA and mailing it off to a lab to analyze and store in their records, give yourselves a pat on the back.


Talk about perfect timing for releasing a movie: Next month, the distributors of the Christian movie hit “God’s Not Dead” will release a new film about the abortion industry called “Unplanned.”  It’s the dramatic true story of Abby Johnson, who managed a Planned Parenthood clinic and defended abortion as a compassionate service for women – until one day, her life changed when she was asked to help out with an abortion and was horrified when she saw with her own eyes what it really was.  She then became a pro-life advocate who knew the truth the other side tries desperately to keep hidden, which made her one of the #1 enemies and targets of Planned Parenthood and the pro-abortion lobby. 

With many Democrats vying to outdo each other in dropping the facade of “safe, legal and rare” and celebrating outright infanticide, this looks like a must-see film – hopefully one that will be seen by a wide audience so it can change hearts and minds, and not just by people who are already pro-life.  It looks like a terrific film, too, judging from the trailer, which you can watch at the link.  I’m sure that when the release date draws closer, you’ll be hearing more about this on my TBN show.



And more excellent timing: A man in Shawnee, Kansas, was arguing with his wife over his spending too much money on lottery tickets when he looked at the computer to check his numbers and saw that he’d won $22,000.  He said, “When I showed my wife how much I had won, she immediately quit bickering.” 

I hope he enjoyed that feeling because the one thing that happens even less often than winning the lottery is winning an argument with your wife.  Having both happen at once is about as rare as winning the Powerball lottery when you forgot to buy a ticket.




I already told you that the Bureau of Labor Statistics said the economy added 304,000 jobs in January, far more than predicted, and that wages rose again.  But the labor force participation rate also rose by a tenth of a point to 63.2% -- the highest it's been since President Trump took office (at that time, it was 62.9%.)  It would be even higher if so many baby boomers weren’t retiring.  Despite doomsayers worrying that the government shutdown would derail the booming economy, it seems that life actually went on just fine without all those non-essential government workers.  Who’d a thunk it?

And now, we pause for this comment on the economy from the outer frontiers of Bizarro World…


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  • Clara Herrin

    02/23/2019 03:10 AM

    1. Re Broward County article: The author needs to take a refresher course in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Reading it made my teeth grind together. Even though I totally agree with her thoughts, she would be more convincing if she had a better handle on the English language. Plus, she is not alone when it comes to publishing English as if she had never taken an English class. I'm quickly losing faith that proper English will ever be spoken in America again.
    2. Re Punxitauny (I never could spell that word) Phil: People need to understand that this whole exercise is about having fun. But since liberals have completely lost the ability to laugh about anything, it's no surprise that the reaction to this event is so negative. I have come to the conclusion, after seeing what liberals do to people who do not agree with them, that they truly suffer from a variety of mental disorders. However, this situation is good news for psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors of every and all ilk.
    3. Re New York City's decision to make infanticide legal: ...words fail me. This HAS to be the bottom of the barrel. I've never liked being in NYC, but this seals my desire to never, ever visit there. California is another place I don't ever want to visit again.
    Other than these thoughts, I enjoy your articles very much. I've given up either listening to, watching, and/or reading articles by anyone but you. I figure your faith in God requires you to tell the truth...which puts you head and shoulders above everyone else. Thanks.

  • Carol Mathews

    02/05/2019 02:19 AM

    On taxing the rich. This comment usually gains support from those who do not understand the value of the "rich". I never got a paycheck from a poor person.
    If I am a rich person, I did not get that way by being stupid. I worked my tail off building my company. I reached the point of hiring others. The government decides that they should have more of what I worked for and built up so they increase my taxes. Some increases are reasonable and I comply but then little miss AOC comes along and decides that I should pay the government 3/4 of my income so what do I do? I figure out how much that will cost me and I send for my foreman and tell him that I need to increase my profits to cover my taxes, therefore he needs to choose however many employees I have that make that amount of money and let them go. The rest can pick up the slack or quit. As others are also laying off workers, (due to the high rate of taxes) there will be plenty people who need to work and we can hire more.
    You get the picture. Take my money and I will 1. raise my prices, hurting the middle class the most, 2. lay off workers who are most likely in the middle class, or 3 just retire, close the business and live on my "rich" income in the US or some other more tax friendly country.
    I hope my boss is rich as he provides my paycheck and I want him to prosper so I can also.
    Another option is exactly what a friend of ours does. He and his wife decide on how much they need to live comfortable, with a little in savings and etc. Her salary is fixed but he works on his own. At a certain point, when what they earn starts going more into taxes than they can keep, he just stops working. He says that when the government is getting more than I am, I just stop. I am not working for the government. I work for myself and my family.
    Give little miss AOC 10-15 million and then tell her that 70% of that will now go to the government and see what tune she sings. It is easy to take from others (socialism) but if it happens to you, then we are not so anxious to follow that cry.
    It is amazing how many dems or socialist who later became very successful with A good career and healthy income, end up becoming Republicans when they saw their money go into taxes that keep up those who live off the government, foreign countries and or wasteful pork projects.

  • Frank Stewart

    02/04/2019 05:48 PM

    Your articles on Tasing the rich.
    So here we are visiting in Los Angeles and my ten-year old granddaughter made the unsolicited comment when the term 1% came up on the TV...oh I know what that refers to...that's the top richest people in America, the 1% who do not pay any taxes. I was so upset, but I didn't want to likewise upset my granddaughter. I asked her where she heard that and she said she was taught that in school. Yep...they brainwash them when they are young. I took a few minutes to orient her to who really pays the taxes here in America and she was totally astounded. I must say...I have so "had it" with the left and progressives. Daily prayers do help, but the unfairness of the "system" is beyond disappointing.

  • Rafael A Salaz

    02/03/2019 09:27 PM

    Mitch McConnel is weak and spineless just like Jeff Sessons was in his position before he left. Some how the Republican Party needs to get their heads out of the sand and start kicking some butt. The Democrats seem to be leading them around like a puppet . Those old men like Mitch McConnel and Jeff Sessons are burned out and scared , and the rest don’t what to be shunned for supporting . Trump has courage to stand up to what’s needed in our Government . There is no reason for the republicans to tremble at feet of the Democrats . Trump is the best we’ve had in a long time. But his party is not helping him very much , if at all . That’s very discouraging to the people who voted Republican for the good of America . It’s not Trumps fault, it’s the party that is at fault .

  • William Chester Brown

    02/03/2019 08:42 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee,
    I must take issue with the item about the man who won $22,000 GAMBLING on the lottery. While not having looked into this very deeply, and hope I'm wrong, I expect 3 things MAY now happen:
    1. To win $22,000 at the "Numbers Racket" other people had to LOSE probably over $50,000. You CANNOT win at gambling unless someone else LOSES MORE than YOU "win".
    2. The "winner" may now become a gambling addict. He may spend nearly all of the "winnings" on more lottery tickets, and will encounter other losses trying to get another "high".
    3. I know of a couple who "won" a large prize, and it very nearly destroyed their marriage.

    I believe Mr. rump is one of the better presidents ever to hold the office. His tax plan increased Government income, The USA is more respected in foreign relations, and he may even have the chance to get the Dept. of "Justice" cleaned up.
    I would like to hear your thoughts on the additional Govt. income from the tax cut--I know the Republican Congress spent more than the extra income, but I'm not sure how that was done. If that is correct, SHAME on them!

    Thank you for all your efforts,--I believe they are effective.

  • Emily Yeatts

    02/03/2019 12:57 PM

    When is mueller witch hunt going to end when are others namely Hilary and comey and clapper and Brennan and who advised trump on his pick of ag seriously I am ready to throw in towel mueller will never be investigated or end

  • Nelda White

    02/03/2019 12:55 PM

    I always thought that the possibility was there for the DNA tests. So now is the time for everyone that was involved to sue for millions of dollars for the companies disrespecting the constitutional rights of the people that trusted them.

  • Jerry Korba

    02/03/2019 11:05 AM

    Politicians Being forgetful was to be a part of our aging society I have walked into a room in my house and when I arrived I asked myself why am I in here it only takes a few seconds to answer myself luckily. Not major a facet yet. I look at the actions of these politicians they can not remember what they have voted for 1 year to the next they can't remember what the people that sent them to different positions whether it be the mayors office the House or the Senate they can't remember why they are there. Just maybe they forgot they are there to serve We the People. New Yorkers do you really want to murder babies Virginaions do you want the same and do you want your Gov doing dress up or Minnesotans do you have something against the Jewish people Lets not forget the existing politicians that may want to be President do you really think we are all Racist The real fact is America does not have time to be bothered with your nonsense we are working harder and more to build up America for America and for ourselves for the last 25 years of neglect that you politicians have saddled us with. Most of you nitwits have so much time to continue the ripping of this country you have no idea how great we are doing. I will not ask you to shut up I will ask you what are your plans to continue our journey to greatness theft of our wealth and giving it to the government is not a plan to build this Country killing our babies is not a plan to build our country I ask your unemployed voters to get to work employment is at the greatest of all time in our country I ask you to talk about filling those jobs use your time to build America If you do that there will be no time for your racist talk and no time for racism. Now that's a dream help make it happen!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charito Holbrook

    02/03/2019 04:34 AM

    Love your show . It's nice to hear from you Everett day. Didn't know you were so funny.
    God bless

  • Toni DeFronzo

    02/03/2019 12:41 AM

    Your honesty, combined with humor, is so very much appreciated. Thank you!

  • Ted Griffith

    02/02/2019 10:30 PM

    Mr. Huckabee, what would “really make it easier “ to read your EVENING EDITION would be to be able to read it without having to click away

  • Amelia Little

    02/02/2019 10:27 PM

    I already have had no interest in the DNA testing thing--I suppose if a court insists I do so for some reason, I might reconsider. I have a sister who did that--since we have the same parents that means we have the same ancestors going back to Adam and Eve--I'll just take her word about our heritage.

    Interesting article about telling business owners how to run their businesses. First, there are bakers and wedding venue people who are bankrupt/out of business because they wouldn't do same--sex marriage things, which, of course "offended" people who didn't have the sense God gave a goose to just go on down the block to find someone who would meet their needs. Now, there are people who are "offended" because a baker put "build the wall" on his cookies--people want to tell him what he CAN'T bake!!!

    Let nancy insist the barrier can't be called a wall. I say, pass legislation for a barrier (use that word, and that word only) along the border. Then, BUILD THE WALL!!! I am among those who think all the elite high and mighty (politicians, hoolywood elite, etc) who call a wall immoral should be forced to remove all the walls around their estates and mansions. I've seen pictures, and those "barriers" can only be called WALLS. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • albert behrens

    02/02/2019 09:44 PM

    As usual, excellent coverage of what is really happening.

    If there ever was a good moment in time to demand term limits on pols, it is now!

    Also, no one should be allowed to run for public office unless:
    signing pledge to not seek more than 2 terms,
    successful in own career, and
    if person signs a pledge to not take tax payer money when serving your country!

    Keep the Faith! God is watching!

  • Victor Lyon

    02/02/2019 09:06 PM

    Oh, Wow!
    What a great bunch of "links" you gave us today, 2/2/2019. Your sarcastic humor in detailing these daily travesties is just great. Keep it up. Regular reader, rarely comment. Love your shows.

  • Melvin Overholt

    02/02/2019 08:08 PM

    Trump doesn't need to declare an "Emergency" to secure our Southern Border! you see, US Code 15 SC 284 gives POTUS the option to
    let the military build walls, barriers, roads, increased Ports of Entry, etc . I saw this when Rep Brooks answered a question during a House Armed Services meeting recently! Great! Let Palousi, Schumer and the rest of the "Never Truper's" "pound sand" for all their obstruction tactics! Amen!

  • Chery Holtman

    02/02/2019 07:49 PM

    How can a congress person who takes an oath of office to defend this country and its laws take illegal aliens into a federal building in order to show up the president? They are bringing criminals-who have ignored the law and willfully violate it-into the House where security should be tight. Do they guarantee their pawns that ICE isn't going to be there? That the Secret Service won't object? Clearly-if they harbor criminals they are violating the law-arrest both.

  • Charles Nicholson

    02/02/2019 07:11 PM

    “ BIZARRO WORLD” -Mike. you are priceless! Keep it coming!

  • Terry Gardner

    02/02/2019 07:03 PM

    I heard gov. northam say today he believes in God, prays to God, What God was he praying to when he signed the late term abortion bill?
    I know it wasn't God Almighty.

  • Bernadette Kathleen Dillon

    02/02/2019 06:31 PM

    I am hoping someone sues New York State and names Cuomo specifically for 200 trillion dollars and holds the state hostage for years until the law he just signed regarding murdering your kid after they are born is reversed.

  • Margaret Swearingen

    02/02/2019 05:40 PM

    Thank you for what you are doing / God bless you & family