November 23, 2020

November 23, 2020      

Good morning! Today's newsletter includes:

  • Sidney Powell story subject to the "24-hour rule"
  • Thank God for our freedom
  • Ignore this guy
  • The impact of far-left leaders running our cities is clear


Mike Huckabee


When attorney Sidney Powell said last week that she was getting ready to “release the Kracken,” there was no clue that President Trump’s legal team would distance itself from her just days later, as it seemingly has done. So, what does this mean? It depends on who’s talking. One could speculate that Powell’s claims, whether eventually provable or not, might not mesh with the team’s immediate strategy, mostly because of time constraints.

BREITBART quoted a White House source (for what that's worth) as saying “the scope of Powell’s public claims had gone beyond the scope of the evidence they had seen and believed they could prove in court.”

As THE EPOCH TIMES reported, Trump’s personal attorney and head of his re-election effort Rudy Giuliani issued a statement that “Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own. She is not a member of the Trump Legal Team. She is also not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity.” It’s not clear from this statement if she ever was a part of Trump’s official team.

Trump himself has sort-of referred to her in that way, listing her among their “lawyers and other representatives.” Even THE EPOCH TIMES’ headline was unclear, describing her as part of “their election legal effort.”

Powell appeared with the team during their big press conference of November 19. Whether or not she was officially a member at that time, it certainly appeared so.

But this “distancing” might be about something else entirely. Michael Flynn, Jr., son of Powell’s looooongtime client Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, aimed to clear it up with a message on Parler, saying, “Cannot confirm yet but I’m confident this has to do w money coming in for legal defense fund [support]. Sidney Powell has her own separate entity 4 legal donations that isn’t in conjunction with the Trump legal team. Frees SP to do her own thing...which will STILL b biblical. Give this the 24 hour rule.”

That’s what we always do. Here’s Flynn later: “Can confirm this parlay...Sidney Powell is free to focus and not be tied to having to vett everything through the campaign.”

Here's how Andrea Widburg in an opinion piece for AMERICAN THINKER dissects the story. (She does believe "epic fraud" took place, but the allegations are so huge that I'm waiting to see what Powell has.)

Powell told NEWSMAX that “we’ve got tons of evidence; it’s so much it’s hard to pull it all together.” Of course, they do have to pull it all together for it to be worth anything. As we’ve cautioned, showing that votes COULD have been changed is not the same as showing they WERE changed.

On Sunday, Michael Steel, spokesperson for Dominion, was interviewed on FOX NEWS, and he told Eric Shawn it was “physically impossible” for the machine to switch votes.

But reportedly, Steel is also a former strategist for John Boehner, Paul Ryan and Jeb Bush, so what’s going on here? This strong opinion piece –- repeat, opinion –- from NOQ REPORT is highly skeptical of his defense of Dominion. I pass it along to you so you’ll have more to go on as we all try to unravel this story.

Incidentally, here’s a story from NBC NEWS about the problems with Dominion voting machines. I know, hard to believe they'd cover that, right? But it’s from 2019, when it was okay for the MSM to report such things.

Moving to another question, since this is civil litigation, what kind of evidence is needed? Mark Levin, on Sunday’s LIFE LIBERTY & LEVIN (which was recorded before the latest on Powell and has little to do with her claims), said filing a civil complaint requires “a reasonable basis in fact and law. Allegations can be made on information and belief.” A motion to dismiss assumes everything in the complaint is true --- interesting --- and then asks if relief can be granted for that complaint.

I would add that, of course, this has to do with what form the “relief” takes. If it means canceling out millions of votes, the complaint would have to be serious indeed.

Levin finds it troubling that some cases brought by Trump’s team have been dismissed when they shouldn’t have been. (Of course, when this happens, the media don’t question it; they just say Trump lost another case.) The threshold should be fairly easy to reach that allows the case to go forward and lets the plaintiffs seek “expedited discovery.” Since time is of the essence, he said, “discovery can be ordered immediately.”

In civil litigation, he said, “unexplained significant deviations from expected results --- mathematical inconsistencies supported by experts --- should be more than sufficient to establish a reasonable basis to file a complaint and justify fast discovery.”

Aha –- we definitely have mathematical inconsistencies, very big ones, supported by experts. This should be enough to advance a civil case. Those who say “there is no evidence” are wrong.

It seems to me that judges, in dismissing these cases, are cutting Trump’s team off at the knees before they can go forward with discovery to gather the evidence they'd need to take to trial. Such rulings prevent the lawyers from fact-finding, and that might be their purpose.

Levin reminds us that the Trump team has collected “hundreds and hundreds” of affidavits, sworn under penalty of perjury (meaning jail, unless you’re on Team Hillary), from “election workers, state officials and civilians."

We also have the question of who makes election laws. The Constitution says state legislatures do this, not governors or state supreme court justices. This distinction will come into play in Pennsylvania, and that’s why Justice Sam Alito ordered Pennsylvania to keep late-arriving ballots separate, pending future rulings.

Dershowitz has maintained this is a strong Supreme Court argument for the Trump team, as well as equal protection, as he said on FOX NEWS. Still, he believes that the strongest case, “if they have the evidence,” is the one about voting machines turning hundreds of thousands of votes.

Recall that in the months before the election, Democrat lawyers such as Marc Elias (of Hillary law firm Perkins Coie) brought over 300 lawsuits to change voting rules in various states, all with the result of making fraud easier if not downright institutionalized. JUDGES made these decisions, when the Constitution says state legislatures are supposed to do it. Some of these changes call into serious question the accuracy of the vote count.

Levin says the legislatures in these states should have issued resolutions early on, stating that THEY had a duty to ensure Article II of the Constitution is upheld, that THEY make the election laws and that THEY declare these judges’ rulings null and void. If they had, they would've headed off all kinds of chaos. But they didn’t.

Powell may have gone “a bridge too far” in her claims, but we shall see. She has a sterling reputation, and her determined, measured handling of the Flynn case makes it hard to believe she’s saying things she can’t back up or isn’t confident she’ll be able to. As I've said, this seems startlingly out of character for her, so much so that we suspected there was something about it we just didn’t know. But now we have an idea what that might be.


The elections were almost 3 weeks ago and votes are still being counted and ballots are turning up that are just being “found.” American Idol can tabulate 100 million ballots in an hour on a live show, but we can’t get the votes straight in all 50 states in 3 weeks? You know what no one is talking about? Florida. Remember back in 2000 when the national joke was the hanging chads? Let’s give some credit where credit is due. Florida’s governor at the time was Jeb Bush, and to his credit, he realized what a national embarrassment that election was for Florida and he worked with the legislature and county election officials across Florida and created one of the most efficient, safe, and trusted election systems in the nation. On election night this year, Florida quickly and efficiently counted millions of votes across 2 time zones without a bit of controversy and was able to announce undisputed results early in the evening. So the reforms that Florida enacted in the wake of the disastrous 2000 election are a model. If the next President, whether Donald Trump retains the office or Joe Biden is sworn in ought to appoint Jeb Bush to lead a national ballot integrity initiative that will propose ways to regain the trust of the American public that their votes are being counted properly and only the votes of legal and properly registered voters are counted.

If we can’t do that, then we have 2 choices: Either contract the producers of American Idol to do it, or just officially announce that we are no longer a free nation where we elect our leaders, but a dictatorship with make-believe elections to humor the masses, but to ignore their will.

In the meantime, we will observe Thanksgiving this week and there are plenty of turkeys this year! I’m not even talking about the bird, but the elected officials around the country who are telling us not to have Thanksgiving with our families for fear of Covid. I’m very careful about the virus—probably more than you would believe. I wear my mask, wash, sanitize, socially distance, and don’t shake hands, but elbow bump instead. But fear will not be my driving force when it comes to my family at Thanksgiving. It’s especially offensive when the politicians impose on us rules they don’t follow themselves. CA Governor Gavin Newsom issued orders for CA citizens not to eat out, but he did because he thinks he’s better than the little people he orders around. It’s not unlike Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot who prohibited the people of her city from getting haircuts, but she got one because she said she had to make public appearances. Nancy Pelosi also visited a salon without a mask—a salon that was closed to the public was opened up just for her. And just this week, Senator Diane Feinstein was seen going into a hearing room not wearing the magic mask that everyone else in the Capitol is required to wear.

Bottom line—the elections are frustrating enough, but we need to worry about the kind of people who are getting elected and who think it’s their job to tell us how to live, but who ignore the rules imposed on the rest of us.

Maybe the reason some of the elections are so messed up is because the officials running them also think that it’s their job to force us to live in a way they have no intention of living. So, sure, be careful this Thanksgiving, but the purpose of Thanksgiving is to thank God for our freedom. And there’s a reason it’s not celebrated in North Korea or China. And I don’t want to be like them.


Attorney Lin Wood is calling on Republicans to withhold their money and votes from Georgia Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue if they don’t speak up more in defense of Trump’s vote challenge. A reminder: If Republicans don’t turn out in full force to reelect those two Senators, we will have a Democratic Senate, House and President. We will be stuck in the back seat of the car while a cadre of radicals fight over the steering wheel and veer America hard left and over a cliff. We won’t even have the ability to stomp on the brakes.

So do not listen to Lin Wood, unless you think that a great way to make a point is through political and national suicide.


From Saturday into Sunday morning, there were four killings in Los Angeles, including a 17-year-old boy riding a bicycle. That pushed the total killings this year to 300, and it’s only November. The last time there were that many was in 2009.

City officials are blaming it on the coronavirus, and its attendant economic lockdowns, unemployment and restrictions on city services and interventions.

And I’m sure that is a major factor. However, I notice that the virus is everywhere while the worst spikes in violent crime have come in cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and Austin that have been run entirely by Democrats for a long time, and whose current leaders are the most far-left in history. It makes me wonder if maybe policies like slashing police budgets, letting all the criminals out of jail, doing away with bail, not prosecuting a wide range of crimes while targeting citizens who defend themselves against criminals, tolerating widespread homelessness, providing sanctuary for criminal illegal immigrants and allowing rioters and looters to run amuck might have a little something to do with it, too.



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  • Priscilla atwell

    11/24/2020 02:33 PM

    One thing has me puzzled. How did so many democrates get reelected as governors.

  • Cynthia Mann

    11/24/2020 11:06 AM

    Love your show

  • Ben Marshall

    11/24/2020 10:01 AM

    I am a new subscriber. Your newsletter this morning has brightened my day. Thank you for all you do for amercans


    11/24/2020 08:24 AM

    Those 75 Million alleged people that voted for Biden and those blue state governors and mayors now have a new problem on their agenda. 12 Million unemployed people are losing their benefits and they need Biden and Pelosi and Schumer and AOC and associates to come to their rescue and if not when the Moratoriums on delays for payment comes due. He and his administration cannot blame that on Trump and he will be looking a GREAT DEPRESSION unlike the 1929 one.

  • kenneth r burns

    11/23/2020 09:53 PM

    Mike, In your piece: "Thank God For Our Freedom" you make the point about the disparity between the lives of the ruling class and the lives of we the people. A quick look at the salaries, benefits and outside incomes of the rulers in this country will demonstrate the long lasting "golden rule" of American politics: "THOSE WHO HAVE THE GOLD, MAKE THE RULES". Sad but true.
    Joe Biden and his family were not multi millionaires when he entered politics.

  • Elaine Knudsen

    11/23/2020 07:53 PM

    It is my understanding that the people who are suppose to "certify" the Dominion machines, are a very small outfit. Not only that, but supposable, out of that small group, one of the people who is responsible for "certifying", worked for Dominion before becoming a certifier. Also that certifications of these machines was minimal. Also it appears there is no watchdog group overseeing certifications. In regard to the (2) Republicans who refused to certify elections, they did certify on grounds there would be an audit, then the people who promised the audit, refused to hold up their end of the deal, so then the Republicans tried to rescind their certifications, but it looks like there are no legal means to rescind. I believe that Trump's Campaign legal team, and Sydney Powell do have (2) different strategies, and that's the reason for the split up of legal forces. Another upsetting report was that President Trump asked the Pentagon about military action in Iran, & the Pentagon leaked it to the media, 6 days ago, which is a huge national security concern. Prayers for all and prayers for a Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Jim Chitty

    11/23/2020 06:42 PM

    We as Christians have become complacent! We think because we live in a free nation and a “Christian “ nation that we shouldn’t have to suffer! But Jesus promised that we will have trouble! It’s time for us to defend our faith! There will be a dividing of those who are real & those who just playing church ????

  • Aaron Woien

    11/23/2020 04:53 PM

    Unfortunately, establishment Republicans have NEVER supported President Trump, and if both incumbents lose the GA runoff election, it would serve them right. Perdue is a much stronger candidate than Loeffler. While I am not a big fan of Loeffler, I am appalled at the way black racists are viciously attacking her. Warnock is dangerous, an outspoken racist demagogue who is receiving massive left-wing campaign contributions.

  • Kay DeWitt

    11/23/2020 04:19 PM

    You want to know why our kids are so spiritually sick that they don't think twice about picking up a gun and killing one another? Just read the below statement that was printed in "THE GUARDIAN" as to what was THEIR summation statement about Powell 's "contributions" and compare it TO the kind of integrity that authored YOUR statements in this newsletter's article about Powell's contributions. After I copy, and paste, below the statement from the Guardian article I am referring to, I will continue writing this comment:

    "However, her contributions that day were largely overshadowed by Giuliani’s hair dye malfunction"

    Can you believe that anyone would care ABOUT Giuliani's "hair dye" let alone have it "overshadow" serious allocations Powell was making about the possible fraud involved in America's election process!     HOW LUDICROUS TO TALK ABOUT MAKING AMERICA "GREAT" WHEN SHE FIRST NEEDS TO BE MADE "SANE"!!

  • Janet Pingston

    11/23/2020 04:06 PM

    1. I love the lawyerease talk... Of course every computer programming can not "physically " do anything. However every computer can use their "artificial intelligence" to change votes with the assistance of programming by humans in this department.

  • Lorie Grenier

    11/23/2020 04:05 PM

    Governor Huckabee,
    I just have to tell you I love the way you explain every situation with straight up facts without any of the fluff that everyone else gives to us. I voted for you in the primary when you ran for President. I thought you would of made one awesome President! We never know what the future will hold! Keep telling it like it is and I will keep listening to your common sense approach to giving us the news...You're definitely better than all the reality tv we seem to be getting everywhere we look in this country! Thank you! God bless you, your family and all of America! ?????

  • Sharon Faulknet

    11/23/2020 03:17 PM

    I wouldn't spit on any of the turncoat Bush family. Period.

  • Wm. Zmistowski, Jr.

    11/23/2020 02:34 PM

    Many things are currently evident in our America:
    - This is all an attack on America by an enemy
    - I've had some luck sensing things in the past... this is clearly RR (Russia's Revenge)
    - They are playing on the Democrats' overwhelming weaknesses - so sad for our friends
    - Lynn and I love it that the Republican Party has become even more American than before

  • Timothy Brockelbank

    11/23/2020 01:41 PM

    Mr. Huckabee,
    Love your show and podcast!
    I am having a very difficult time dealing with the socio/economic ramifications that the political response to the COVID-19 plandemic have caused.
    I accept that this virus is a deadly disease which calls for a coordinated and informed response by those who are at high risk of complications. But, my research in the US Bureau of Statistics do not indicate that there is any weight to the fearmongering the MSM is force-feeding us. The US death rate is only up 0.098 per 1000 over last year. The Growth Rate of Deaths per 1000 people is the same as last year and is, in fact, less than the growth rate for the preceding 5 year before that!
    The statistics do not support the rhetoric we are hearing.

  • J Howard Markley

    11/23/2020 01:32 PM

    Here is how it works Governor. The machines don't necessarily change the votes but according to the patent owner the optical machines can be adjusted, tuned, to reject ballots for the slightest discrepancy such as a sharpie hole or anything at all to place them into a file to be reviewed by Dominion-trained poll workers who may arbitrarily chose which ones to keep (Biden) and which are rejected (Trump). That is why the count was halted and the review process began along with the arrival of additional, probably pre-filled-out ballots. The latest: Eric Coomer, PhD Nuclear Physics, top Dominion programmer in Denver holds patents on the program. machines for later review by Dominion-trained poll workers so votes for one candidate or the other can be accepted or invalidated. He said when asked by his fellow workers about what they were going to do if Trump won, he replied "don't worry I made sure he won't win." The rest said " yeah, haha."

  • judy

    11/23/2020 01:29 PM

    Thank You each and everyone of you who are fighting for America’s freedom from adversity from Tierney and and from Luciferian may God bless each one of you with more courage more boldness more strength leader ship with joy and that the shield of truth would surround you empower you and affect everyone around you God bless you richly his truth marches on we shall overcome Revelations 12 :11-12. & Jeremiah 29 :11-12 ??????????????????????????. ??JP

  • William Taylor

    11/23/2020 01:07 PM

    The reference you shared to the ‘Dominion voting machines’ was almost entirely on ‘ES&S voting machines’. I hope we can get some clarity soon on what the Trump team and/or Sidney Powell has wrt proof of election fraud.

  • Zanda Chandler

    11/23/2020 12:58 PM

    My biggest concern, why would people fleeing the crazy policies of "Do as 'I say not as I do then vote again for those same policies or types of policies? Do they hope this time it will be different. Unfortunately People can be corrupted. By money, by power. I feel in life, there are three great motivators. Money, Power, Love. Christ teaches us Love. But until He returns, the others are not going away.

  • Floyd A Unger

    11/23/2020 12:20 PM

    Thank you. We must not give up.

  • Judy McGlothlin

    11/23/2020 11:49 AM

    When Trump won the 2016 election, it was my belief that he won because the Democrats didn't cheat enough. They believed the biased polls which said that Hilliary was way ahead. And also at the time and through the last four years I also said that Trump would not win the 2020 election because now Democrats would be prepared to cheat a lot more. But even I couldn't imagine the degree to which they have gone with their cheating.

  • Dot Whitley

    11/23/2020 11:46 AM

    There's something about you that I trust, and we surely need somebody we can trust these days. We hear so much from people we have never heard of before, so it's so good to have you to ease our minds, and that's so very comforting.
    Thanks always.

  • Charles Simmons

    11/23/2020 11:19 AM

    It’s fairly clear that swampy democrat deep-staters, and their international team of criminal cohorts, plan to steal the election and ruin USA under the false flag of “global equity.” Democrats never suffer penalty for transgressing what they call “silly suggestions,” but what conservatives call “laws.”
    The proof-of-fraud will be the long overdue Barr-Durham “report,” which all expect to fully to improve status of many individual famous democrat operatives from “criminal elite” to “national hero.”
    Bye bye miss American pie??

  • Stephen Russell

    11/23/2020 11:09 AM

    Lockdowns now pure politics, & imagine same for next month?
    New Years.
    Virus was for takeover day 1
    Floyd killing boosted riots from May on.
    Rioters in waiting.
    Cant wait to see riots since Biden wont adopt platform?