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November 8, 2022



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11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11


Friday, a Brooklyn jury acquitted former Trump inaugural committee chairman Tom Barrack of all charges in a literally trumped-up federal case that was typical of the politicized DOJ’s persecution of Trump associates.

Barrack was charged with acting as an agent for the UAE without notifying the government. That’s the kind of infraction that used to be remedied with a phone call telling people they needed to register, but after Trump came into office, suddenly, it became a bigger felony than ax murder. Of course, they threw in all the usual “everything-and-the-kitchen-sink” charges, too, from obstruction of justice to lying to the FBI. Luckily, the jury saw through it and took just two days of deliberations to find him not guilty on all counts.

Naturally, Barrack was greatly relieved. He said, “God bless America,” and thanked the jury, saying, “The system is amazing. I’m so moved by them and the system.” His former aide Matthew Grimes, who was also charged and acquitted, added, “I just feel grateful.”

That’s understandable, but in cases like this, the relentless prosecution by a government with unlimited resources is its own punishment. Think of the expense, the stress, the toll on these men’s health, families and finances, and the damage to their careers and reputations that have been wrought by these politicized false charges, even if they did ultimately result in acquittal. In a nation in the grip of a deadly crime wave, this is what our law enforcement agencies are spending their budgets and manpower on?

And as another famous Republican who was acquitted of phony corruption charges (Reagan Transportation Secretary Ray Donovan) said in 1987, “Which office do I go to to get my reputation back?” 

Thank goodness

More Hollywood leftists are leaving Twitter rather than deal with conservatives having free speech, and the average IQ on that platform has shot up about 10 points already. Meanwhile, Kathy Griffin has been banned, Elon Musk is providing genuinely funny commentary in her place, and the site just issued its second actual fact-check of a false Joe Biden tweet (no, the average price of gas is not $3.19 a gallon, it’s $3.80 a gallon. And even $3.19 wouldn’t be “progress” as Biden claimed because when he took office, it was $2.42.)

Don’t know about you, but I’m kind of starting to like Twitter again. It just needs more dog videos and fewer cat videos. 

KJP tells lies

Watch the President’s Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declare that the claim that the Biden FBI is locking up pro-life activists is “just not true, it’s false, it’s a lie, it’s not true.

Also at that link, details and names of some of the pro-life activists that the Biden FBI has arrested, locked up and is trying to railroad into prison for up to 11 years.

How are we so far apart politically?

Fox News reported on a rash of liberals in the media declaring that people who don’t vote for Democrats are stupid. You can tell how they define intelligence by the fact that Michael Moore thinks watching MSNBC is a sign of it.

On the other hand, I’m sure many Republicans wonder why half the country keeps voting for Democrats and suspect they must be idiots. To us, it’s like watching someone hit himself in the head with a hammer over and over and wonder why his headache won’t go away. But in this excellent article at Real Clear Politics, Frank Miele explains that they’re not idiots, they’re just victims of a mass media that now does nothing but conspire with the Democratic Party to push its narratives and destroy Republicans.

To bolster that argument, Bob Hoge has an article at that’s unfortunately behind a paywall. But it’s about a news app/platform called Ground News that has a section called Blindspot.

It shows a wide variety of current news stories, but also which major media outlets covered each story, divided by left- and right-leaning. With it, you can see that what conservatives consider an important story – like doctors suing California to overturn a bill making it illegal for them to question government edicts about COVID – received ZERO coverage by left-leaning news sites. So if you depend on these sources for your news, you’re not stupid. You’re just ignorant.

Granted, some stories also don’t get much coverage from right-leaning sites. But that’s why you have this newsletter. My writers and I don’t just monitor conservative sites, we also torture ourselves by following the leftwing sites, too, so we can explain exactly what they said and how they got it wrong. In fact, my writers already had the Ground News app even before this story appeared.

See, we really do read the news so you don’t have to!


A "very big announcement"

Former President Trump said he will be making a “very big announcement” at Mar-A-Lago on November 15th.

Many expect that to be another presidential run, but I’ll wait to hear it for myself (maybe it’s just a new series of "The Apprentice.") The same media outlets also expected (or hoped) that Trump would announce a run last night and energize Democratic turnout today, which would have been a really dumb move. But I never believe any mainstream media reporting about what Trump is going to do until he actually does it. Liberal media outlets obviously have no reliable sources close to Trump or they wouldn’t have gotten every story about him wrong since he came down that escalator to announce his first run.


Democrats can't ignore the truth forever

Journalist Juan Mendoza deserves Pulitzer Prize, or maybe a medal for bravery, for actually asking Bill Clinton to his face about allegations of his connections to the late wealthy Democrat fundraiser and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Clinton’s response was bizarre. He gave a smirky smile and walked away, saying what was quoted as, “I think the answer is clear,” but it sounds to me like, “I think the evidence is (?)…”

But then, Clinton seems to have a really weird sense of humor these days. New York gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin slammed him for jokingly dismissing New Yorkers’ fears of violent crime.

I can see why he’s stumped for a response to the crime issue. Many of America’s big cities are in the grip of massive crime waves, and everyone with a brain knows it’s the direct result of terrible Democrat policies like defunding the police, reducing prosecutions and repeatedly releasing criminals on zero bail.

Desperate Democrats have resorted to attempting to either deny the crime exists, brush it off as nothing, or blame it on Republicans and claim that crime is higher in red states than blue states. Because when you think of places where people are afraid to leave their homes for fear of being robbed, raped or murdered, you think of Oklahoma.

This whopper has been pushed by such top Dems as New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams, and there are several ways they’ve tortured the truth to justify it. For instance, they claim statistics don’t show a rise in crime, but stats from the worst places don’t accurately reflect the crime rates because many prosecutors have ceased enforcing laws, some are being very slow in reporting their crime stats, and most victims don’t even bother to file police reports anymore because they know nothing will be done. Another tactic is to blame Republican state leaders for the high crime rate caused by big blue cities that they have no control over.

This notion of a “red state crime wave” is such a ridiculous claim that it should be dismissed off-hand as an insult to the listener’s intelligence, but thanks to the Heritage Foundation, we now have a study with real data to conclusively debunk it.

The review found exactly what you would expect: Crime rates in red states are driven up by their Democrat-run cities which are virtual islands of criminals, and not the good kind, like Alcatraz. Of the 30 US cities with the highest crime rates, 27 have Democrat mayors. Only Lexington and Jacksonville have Republican mayors and Las Vegas’ mayor is an Independent. And no surprise, within those 30 cities are at least 14 Soros-backed or –inspired rogue prosecutors who refuse to prosecute criminals and repeatedly release them back onto the streets.

The story linked above includes a chart showing the cities with the highest homicide rates per 100,000 people. At #1 is New Orleans, whose last Republican mayor left office in 1872 (no, that’s not a typo.)

Here’s the full report:

A roundup of leftist political violence

I hope this is the last round-up I have to write about leftist political violence against Republicans (who are the “violent extremist threats to democracy” again?), but I fear they won’t take the results of the election well. So here’s the last round-up before the election, at least.

A man was arrested in Houston for throwing an unopened can of beer at Sen. Ted Cruz during a Houston Astros victory parade. It struck Cruz in the neck/chest area. He didn’t require medical attention, but his two young daughters were standing next to him, and it could have easily injured them.

And some updates to stories already reported: We now know that the Republican protester who was choked outside a Kathy Hochul event was a Latina woman, Angelica Torres; the much larger white man who choked her was unidentified; and her arm was being held back by New York City Councilmember Crystal Hudson. Torres said the protesters were peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights, and she felt shocked, defenseless and outnumbered.  

As Jeff Charles at notes, Democrats are apparently okay with choking a Latina woman if she’s a Republican. As one commenter on Twitter sharply observed, “She can’t breathe.” Remember when Democrats cared about that?

Finally, there has been very little media coverage of the threatening letter with a mysterious white powder sent to Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s office, which forced the hospitalization of a staffer out of caution. On their Sunday and Monday newscasts, ABC and CBS devoted a combined 21 seconds to that story, and NBC ignored it entirely.

Can you imagine the wall-to-wall coverage it would have gotten if such a letter had arrived at a Democrat’s headquarters, and how all Republicans would have been loudly blamed for it?

Note to the DHS and FBI: This is what “domestic terrorism” looks like, not parents speaking out at school board meetings or elderly pro-life activists praying outside abortion clinics.  


Whistleblower: VP Biden directly participated in Hunter's foreign business

Never mind President Biden’s outrageous lies about never even speaking to his son Hunter about Hunter’s foreign business dealings. We already knew that wasn’t true, but the real story is even worse, according to a new whistleblower report. President Biden, this person said, had direct knowledge of his son’s foreign business dealings while he was Vice President and was even a participant in a conference call in the spring of 2012 involving Hunter, Hunter’s business partner Jeff Cooper, the late Sen. Harry Reid, and Reid’s son Key Reid.

The alleged call was about a new online gambling venture in South America called Ocho Global, which was operating in Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Argentina and which the Vice President of the United States certainly should have had nothing to do with. “Joe was active on the call,” said the informant, and was discussing details of the business. (Remember, this was back in 2012, when Joe was somewhat more lucid.) He seemed to be taking the role of ‘silent partner’ in the business, or “like a member of the Board of Directors,” this person said. According to him, Biden was focused on “when the company would become profitable.”

“Joe, in particular, was centered on the returns that would be expected in the family coffers.”

From the whistleblower: “Harry Reid asked whether or not the Peruvian government had been taken care of. Cooper replied that it had been taken care of; the Peruvian cooperation was in place. That’ s when Joe Biden said, ‘That’s what we need to hear more of, boys. We need to be making progress,’ or something like that. Just an effusive comment that was endorsing that he was happy that things were proceeding."

And this: “He had all sorts of questions about other stuff. ‘Do we need to be doing other things with government officials? What do we need to do to get this moving ahead?’ He asked about what the revenue projections were and how soon the Ocho Rio software...could be demo’ed.”

According to BREITBART NEWS, there are emails from Hunter showing that Cooper valued the gambling business at around $30 million in 2022. Its Argentina component was worth $10 million in March 2012. BREITBART has more financial details. It’s not known from this if Joe Biden personally was to receive financial compensation on the deal.

This whistleblower has identified himself to Senate investigators but has otherwise asked for anonymity out of fear of retribution. I wonder how long he can maintain anonymity if he was one of the people on the conference call. He’s speaking as someone who was listening directly.

As you know, the investigators in Delaware looking into Hunter Biden’s tax and business affairs never did call former business partner Tony Bobulinksi, which calls into question the seriousness of their investigation. Since that grand jury reportedly has been disbanded, they apparently won’t be hearing from this individual, either.

Josh Boswell at the U.K. DAILY MAIL broke the story. (Notice that if it's not the NEW YORK POST, it's typically the British press that breaks stories like this.) The alleged call was not recorded, and Cooper has told them that such a call with the Vice President or the late senator did not happen and was a “complete fabrication.” But DAILY MAIL reports that they have independently verified that this whistleblower was involved in Cooper’s businesses “for years” –- including the time this conference call would’ve taken place. We shall see.

Key Reid, Hunter Biden and the White House have not responded

Presumably, neither has Harry Reid.

We subscribe to the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” around here, and whistleblower testimony alone should be considered highly suggestive but not conclusive proof. However, we already knew that President Biden has repeatedly lied about having no involvement in his son’s businesses, and it’s easy to demonstrate that he was lying, just from some of the documents and photos on Hunter’s laptop. But this story, if true, takes his involvement into a new area and shows how active it was.

As a postscript, we happened to stumble upon this story from 2021, with the headline “Biden Administration Likely To Boost Online Gaming, Sports Betting.” Pretty amusing in context.


Even the moon is going red

You saw the video of American flags being blown over by the wind all at once behind John Fetterman. But could this be an even bigger sign from God about today’s elections? Tonight, as the results start being announced, the moon will turn red…



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    There is too many uninformed Americans living in this country. Stop and think these out. On 19 November 2022, That National Railway Cooling Off Period expires and several railway unions have already rejected the Biden
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    When Congress returns to attempt to pass a FY2023 Fiscal Budget, the number one apportion will be the interest on the National Deficit which
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    So in conclusion did you ever sit down and read and research what happened on 29 October 1929 on Wall Street. Always remember this HISTORY DOES HAVE A WAY OF REPEATING ITS SELF , If you did not learn from it previously.

  • George Reynolds

    11/08/2022 09:46 PM

    I love reading your newsletters, Gov. Huckabee, and I like getting the straight news, with no unverified claims. One mistake, however, in today's newsletter. The Moon will not turn red TONIGHT (Nov. 8), but it already did, this morning just before dawn. There was a total lunar eclipse just at the break of dawn this morning, very low in the west, but you had to get up early to see it, and with a low western horizon with no buildings or trees in the way. I am an amateur astronomer (and a NASA "Solar System Ambassador"), but I didn't get up that early, although two of my granddaughters did. I have seen lunar eclipses before, in "prime time", and didn't feel like losing sleep over this one.

  • Paul Kern

    11/08/2022 09:40 PM

    I wonder what the next few days or weeks will bring. I fear an escalation of violence by the left as their kingdom is being dismantled in some places. I know Soros pumped millions into stopping the Right. One of Satan's antichrists in in the wings. We all need to be Sage Cons. Engaging the culture Biblically. The false church has already been exposed.