October 14, 2016

Once again proving that “U.N.” stands for “Utterly Nuts,” the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) just passed a draft resolution denying all connections between Jews, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. The resolution strongly condemns Israel for its alleged aggression and illegal measures blocking Muslims access to Al-Haram Al Sharif – the Muslim name for the Temple Mount (the Jewish name is never used because, hey, Jews have no connection to the Temple Mount, right?) They seem to think it belongs historically to Palestine, a recently-created concept that isn’t even a real country.

The resolution will come up for a formal vote next week. The link tells you which 24 nations shamefully voted for it, which 24 abstained in cowardly fashion, and which six opposed it. At least the US voted against it, although with Obama still in office for several more months and John Kerry signaling that we will no longer automatically support Israel against the rabid anti-Semites at the UN, that wasn’t necessarily a sure thing.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu quite sensibly pointed out that those who voted that Jerusalem and the Temple Mount have nothing to do with Jews have “obviously never read the Bible.” Or visited the Arch of Titus in Rome, to see parts of the Temple Mount looted by Romans 2,000 years ago that have a Menorah engraved on them. Or, I would add, consulted any of the ancient and difficult-to-access sources of Jewish history, like Wikipedia.

Netanyahu added, “To say that Israel has no connection to the Temple Mount and Western Wall is like saying China has no connection to the Great Wall of China or Egypt has no connection to the pyramids.“ Or to put that in terms American school children can grasp, it’s like saying Kim Kardashian has no connection to publicity.

There’s a new movie out called “Denial” that tells the true story of the court ordeal historian Deborah Lipstadt went through after labeling a writer as a Holocaust denier. Under the UK justice system, to avoid libel damages, she had to prove that the Holocaust really happened. I know that sounds idiotic, but how is it any more willfully dumb than 24 nations actually voting that Jerusalem and the Temple Mount have no connection to Jews? We rightly excoriate Holocaust deniers, so why do we offer money and support to an organization that is hardly any less anti-Semitic in its absurd denial of the Jewish people’s historic and religious heritage?

It’s time for America once again to stand up forcefully beside our staunch ally, Israel. The last time we were silent in the face of attempts to erase Jews from the pages of history, it didn’t turn out well.,7340,L-4866113,00.html

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  • Bonnie Ray Parvino

    10/16/2016 09:33 PM

    I firmly believe that this nation was formed for two reasons (l) to spread the message of salvation by faith through Grace in the Lord Jesus Christ and to (2) to stand behind the new,. yet ancient nation of Israel.>>>>>>I remember my old Grandpa holding his hands towards Heaven and praising our God. He said the good shepherd of the sheep was bringing his little lambs home. (l948).>>>>>>>We will be judged by the way we treat Abraham. If we bless Abraham, God will bless us & if we curse Abraham, God will curse us.>>>>>>>I don't know how but I cannot believe that God means for you to sit this thing out. >>>>>>>> Thank you so much Bro. Huckabee for your church in Pine Bluff praying for my son when he was in a coma for two months. God is so good. We were told to turn off the machines but my husband told the doctors ----you see that boy over there, that is a miracle waiting to happen. He woke up and finished his master's degree. I love this nation. I love Israel and I love my Lord Jesus Christ. I am praying for you. Put your ideas in the middle of the table with others that will put their ideas in the middle of the table and come up with some SOLUTIONS. I learned to type with this phrase Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. I added to it. I typed---Now is the time for all good men and for all good women to come to the aid of their country. I am praying for you. Thanks and God bless all of us. Bonnie Parvino of Avinger, Texas