July 10, 2018

Last night, in a bit of expertly crafted reality TV that showed President Trump’s mastery of the medium, he announced that he was nominating Judge Brett Kavanaugh of the DC Court of Appeals to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court.


While not the pick many staunch conservatives were hoping for (Kavanaugh’s rulings include finding that the government's mass gathering of metadata doesn’t violate the Fourth Amendment and that abortion rights are settled law under Roe v. Wade; and one study ranked him the fifth-most conservative judge on the 11-member DC Court), he was widely considered the safest pick.  Kavanaugh has a long history of reliably non-activist rulings that were upheld by the SCOTUS.  Trump read off his sterling resume (educated at Yale; teaches law at Yale, Harvard and Georgetown, former law clerk to Justice Kennedy, etc.)  He also gave examples of Kavanaugh’s sterling character: his mother was both a teacher at an inner city minority school and a pioneering female prosecutor and judge; and he tutors children in public school, coaches his daughter’s basketball team and helps his priest serve meals to the homeless.)


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Kavanaugh's telegenically-perfect family was also on hand to support him: his highly-accomplished wife and his two appealingly spunky daughters.  He talked of his love of family, his devotion to community and the Constitution, and his goal of giving all cases a fair hearing.  He even had bipartisan support in the past: he was appointed to the DC Court by George W. Bush (who issues a statement strongly praising Trump’s choice) and was hired to teach law at Harvard by then-dean Elena Kagan.  You couldn’t have created a more perfect scene if you’d gotten Kavanaugh and his family from Central Casting and let Aaron Sorkin script it.


And what was the Democratic response?  It reminded me of the “Simpsons” episode where the town of Springfield unveils a statue of Jimmy Carter and the citizens scream, “He’s history’s worst monster!” and riot.  The gap between the overwhelmingly qualified, picture-perfect jurist, family man and community leader and the worse-than-Hitler demon depicted by the screaming left was enough to make your head spin.  But then, as comedian Dennis Miller tweeted earlier, Trump could have nominated either Amy Coney Barrett or Vladimir Putin, “and the headlines would be exactly the same.”


In fact, the utterly predictable, over-the-top, end-of-the-world denunciations of this man by Chuck Schumer, MSNBC talking heads and all the other usual suspects (bear in mind, the Democrats stalled his DC Court nomination for three years before he was finally approved by the Senate by a 21-point margin) provided a perfect example of why it’s so hard for conservatives to do comedy these days.


Liberals would have you believe it’s because they’re the only ones with a sense of humor, a fallacy they disprove on a Daily (Show) basis.  Actually, it’s just impossible for anyone on the right to make up a humorously exaggerated cartoon version of the left that they don’t surpass in reality almost as soon as the joke is made.  Case in point: two days ago, I suggested with tongue-in-cheek that they’d already written the “Trump’s nominee is Hitler!” press releases and were just waiting to “insert name here” before sending them.


Not only did that turn out to be literally true, but someone at the Women’s March actually sent it out without remembering to fill in all the blanks first.  They distributed a fire-and-brimstone denunciation of Trump’s “extremist” nominee, referred to in the opening paragraph as “XX.” One wag on the Internet said he couldn’t figure out why the feminists at the Women’s March hated the female chromosome so much.


In short: Grab your popcorn, the Grand Guignol political theater has now begun.



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  • Donald Eileen Lupkes

    07/15/2018 02:44 AM

    We love our God, His America, each other, and our families. We want a border to protect us and immigration laws upheld to investigate those coming in.
    Sadly the election proved over half of us want the same things. Why are the lesser half trying to put us down for just wanting decency?

  • Laurie Neill

    07/14/2018 09:05 PM

    The Republicans have to come to grips with the abortion issue. Most conservatives would love to abolish it, but it is the law. This pick is no different from Roberts, who I blame for Obama care. Keep up the good work and God bless.

  • Gwyne Falo

    07/14/2018 02:56 PM

    Thank you for your openness to comments. I am concerned about Kavanaugh, he is compromised, having worked with the Bush family and the Clintons. President Bush Sr. was the first to bring up the term, "New World Order," as the Bible prophecies say will happen eventually. Do you listen to the David Hodges Common Sense show? May God bless America with the truth in our government and in the church, where both have been compromised. In Jesus' name. Amen.
    An excerpt: One more small thing about Kavanaugh. He was part of Kenneth Starr’s investigation into Bill Clinton related to the subsequent impeachment proceedings and the not guilty verdict. Those records, related to Clinton and the Starr/Kavanaugh investigation into Clinton are sealed. I am looking into the possible relevance as I write these words. Let’s not forget that Kavanaugh came into the phony investigation into the Vince Foster murder half way through and helped to perpetrate the cover up. Privately, I was told that he constructed the escape hatch, that legally allowed Bill Clinton to avoid conviction when he was impeached.
    It was just announced that Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein is requesting background information from all 93 US federal prosecutors on Kavanaugh. Remember, who Rosenstein’s wife is. She has served a shot blocker for FOIA requests to the FBI. She is also a US attorney. She is likely CIA. Rosenstein is attempting to gather all possible dirt on Deep State Kavanaugh in order to control the narrative. This, like the credit card issue, is a pre-emptive move to head off controversy in the upcoming nomination hearings. Also, Rosenstein has to be checking to see what information is out there about the sealed Bill Clinton impeachment related documents as well. The revelation of this cannot be allowed in order to protect the Deep State.
    In conclusion, all conservatives need to raise their voice in unison and call for the rejection of Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Trump will silently thank you.

  • Ruth Tiedemann

    07/14/2018 10:38 AM

    He looks wonderful BUT he has been too close to D.C. too long. The New World Order is so invasive in Washington that I'm afraid that in spite of his claim of dedication to the Constitution, he may be politically infused with that political philosophy. His credentials are Establishment all the way -- I would have preferred someone from Fly-over Land, with a less than Ivy League education and with a lot more experience with the everyday American.

  • Charles Anderson

    07/14/2018 08:17 AM

    My concern with Kavanaugh is that he may be not so conservative regarding our Constitution. The waxing we took in the Obamacare decision from a supposedly conservative judge reveals how easily we can be manipulated - especially when our spineless Congress goes belly up and wets themselves whenever the gavel drops. He may be the most conservative candidate, but he could also be the one deal the death blow to out republic as we know it.


    07/14/2018 04:27 AM

    Huck, you share my views on anti-conservative/anti-Trump (AKA Democrats/Anti-Republican) devotees! Logic escapes their comprehension. To object to a Trump nominee (for anything) "just because" is, in itself, ludicrous. For this (lack of) mentality to exist is tragic! I hope we see, in our lifetime, a return to normalcy. I am getting tired of their brainwashed ignorance of fact, mostly historically based. For example, how can a vet support an ideology of their sworn enemy and argue otherwise? A head-shaker, for sure!

  • Steve Wulfeck

    07/14/2018 03:20 AM

    So apparently Kavanaugh was a student of Ken Star. They both covered up the Vince Foster murder misdeemed a suicide. Is he compromised? It sure looks like he is the swamp based upon that info.

  • Chris Calabria

    07/14/2018 03:02 AM

    I feel uneasy with the Vatican having a majority on the S-Court. I've felt mighty uneasy about this most resent pope and the comments he's supposedly made. This started for me in a minute way, after Vatican II in 1962 along with the school prayer SCOTUS decision, the generation of peace, drugs, R&R and topped-off with a side of execution of a president.... probably by the "swamp". The AFA is setting on the fence because of the judges comments; Trump & America might be better to look elsewhere.

  • victor

    07/13/2018 10:35 PM

    please dont publish my previous comment as I meant them for you personally - thank you -

  • Georgia Gunn

    07/13/2018 10:28 PM

    While not my first choice, I will support him.

  • Jann Coles

    07/13/2018 09:48 PM

    I felt our President's pick of Justice Kavanaugh was awesome! However I was supporting Amy Barrett because I felt there could have been long term debate about abortion if she was selected--specifically the sad reasons we have so many abortions in America today. I dont feel we should talk about eliminating abortions until we address the real chronic issues in our society that cause women to do this heinous act. Christians could have started a long important debate about the epidemic of teen pregnancies, college rape, pornography, the loss of modesty in our dress and behavior, the animal like way our young people date and choose marriage partners, etc. Even if Barrett wasnt nominated, I think her nomination could have generated a movement towards repentance, sorrow and renewal in the area of modesty and sexuality in America. We sure love President Trump though!

  • Melvin Mitchell

    07/13/2018 09:44 PM

    I am 75 years old and since I was old enough to understand the Democrats I have believed that this party hates America and want to destroy it. They want to be able to tell everyone what light bulb to use and what to eat. they no sense of humor and all things not put into the law by them is against all humanity and the world will come to an end if the Republicans have any success at all and especially if President Trump does any thing good for America. Someone needs to hold the people in the "Dems" party responsible for all of the law breaking that they are doing and allowing to occur. I am sorry for the ones in America that cannot make a decision not to follow them. many kids are seeing things that are harmful to each of them when they believe that they can get by using these harmful actions. It's a shame for our America to be treated like this because a party who will support and break laws to get the votes they need to run our America.

  • victor vaughn

    07/13/2018 09:37 PM

    Joel 2:31 says the moon will turn to blood before the Day of the Lord !

    From the Revelation 12 Sign to the next blood moon 7-27-2018 will be 307 days– It will be seen right over Israel. The Blood Moon on July 27th, 2018 is a Bulls Eye Blood Moon, and the longest blood moon of the century, and it is right over Jerusalem and ends exactly at midnight in Jerusalem and it comes on Israel's Valentine Day that is considered a good day for a wedding - Tu B'Av - the day the curse was lifted. It was a day they would dance in fields in white robes. - end time rapture signs -
    it was a plan * not a coincidence

  • Allen B. Stark

    07/13/2018 09:30 PM

    First of all let me say that when I was a news reporter for the Audubon County Advocate Journal in 2008-2010, and you made a stop in Audubon, Iowa with the rest of the presidential candidates, I was so honored to be able to interview you and your wife. There have been many times i wish you had made it to the Oval Office. However, many of us appreciate the work you and Sarah do. keep up the good work God bless you Mr. Huckabee.

  • Megan Harpring

    07/13/2018 09:24 PM

    I haven't had a good feeling about this dude from the beginning. Maybe it's because Gorsuch was so good but I don't think so

  • Audrey Skarness

    07/13/2018 06:53 PM

    President Trump's nominee ifs perfect for the job.

  • Anita Ferla

    07/13/2018 06:52 PM

    Dear Gov. Huckabee, my feeling is that the cioyce of Judge Brett Kavanaugh is not the very best...because of his past loyalties, I hope that the next appointee to the Superior Court will be a true Constitutional Judge !!! My love to you and Sarah ! Thank you for being you !

  • Bettye Reynolds

    07/13/2018 06:39 PM

    Mike, thanks for your emails. One thing for sure there is no way President Trump can please the dem o rats.
    Love and pray for you and your family.

  • John Chiero

    07/13/2018 05:59 PM

    Mike what scares me about this pick is first Justice Keagan a very left judge nominated by obama hired this judge to be one of the lead law professors at Harvard, Why!? Then last night on Fox a prominent Yale liberal law professor praised Trumps pick of him! Why!? Now I have received an email stating that this judge was involved somehow in the Vince Foster cover up! Holy cow if this true what is going on!? This I have not substantiated as of yet but all this is troubling to me!! The President May have to remove his pick and replace him with someone else! I liked that man, I believe his name was Kethledge, or something like that but the reports on him were that he is only a constitutionalist and nothing else and that is what I feel we need! And President Trump certainly does not need another traitor within his mist, especially on the Supreme Court! I am very apprehensive about this individual as a Supreme Court Justice!!

  • Robert H. Reese

    07/13/2018 05:52 PM

    Roe v. Wade is based on the most glaringly specious logic and spurious reasoning having nothing to do with the Constitution of the United 'States of America. It is not settled law. It needs to be revisited and reversed. We piously abhor WWII's Genocide but overlook the fact Roe v. Wade makes of America a nation guilty of Infanticide.

    Consider also the established relationship between this judge and Justice Kagan.

    You cannot make America great again by appointing Supreme Court Justices not wholly committed to conservative, Judeo - Christian values.

  • jeepdoctor

    07/13/2018 05:46 PM

    I was 95% sold on Judge Kavanaugh until I watched Judge Napolitano's video yesterday. Now I have serious questions. Not that my questions matter at this point. President Trump has made his decision, which is a better choice than any that Crooked Hillary would have made. However, it's worthwhile to review Judge Napolitano's comments and do some heavy thinking about the points he makes.

  • Rev Stephen Wade Retired

    07/13/2018 05:16 PM

    Fire Session, his replacement fires Rosinstien, then shut down Muller witch hunt, then put in new FBI director. Then put some people of the deep state in jail. Then and only then will I be less frustrated.

  • Hannah Mason

    07/13/2018 05:16 PM

    Mr. Huckabee

    All of your statements are so true regarding President Trumps choice of Judge Kavanaugh. I personallly believe he couldn’t have picked a better person. Judge Kavanaugh and his entire family impress me, both on a personal and a professional level. On the other hand, the left ALWAYS has to be vindictive towards people with conservative values and the Dems also have to find news somewhere—so why not just create their own? It’s sad to see our country’s political parties always fighting. I am so proud to call Donald Trump MY President, I will always stand up for him—even in the face of adversaries. God bless you for all you do. I dream of meeting your daughter one day, she inspires me so much!! I love politics, most of the time (ha!)—and if i could ever have the fortitude of Sarah Huckabee, just wow....she’s amazing. Thanks for your newsletters, I always read them. I love seeing your viewpoint. God bless!

    Hannah Mason

  • Gary Leo Hornbuckle

    07/13/2018 05:06 PM

    Governor Huckabee,
    many of the things you mentioned as pluses aren't pluses in my mind for judge Kavanaugh. Things such as George W bush (and from what I hear John McCain) supporting him - these are not pluses in my view, these people are part of the swamp. And Kagan hiring him, perhaps the worst of all. This guy would not, in my opinion, prevent judicial activism, as has been claimed. In fact, he would probably be somewhat similar to Kennedy, in that he couldn't always be counted on to consistently support a conservative interpretation of the Constitution. Thanks for listening.

  • Wendy Underwood

    07/13/2018 05:03 PM

    In my opinion Mr. Kavanaugh should receive the least resistance by the Democrats and leftists while being more conservative than one they would be attempting to place.

    My hope is that soon Roe v. Wade gets over turned to protect the sanctity of life in the womb. As a female abortion has never nor will it ever be considered an option in my opinion, as adoption is a much more compassionate alternative for one who feels for whatever reason they cannot or will not raise the child themselves.
    There is a possibility of a third appointment at which point we will have a more cooperative Congress willing to work with the President and approve appointments.
    Much of what we are seeing now is the shoe on the other foot as the Republicans balked at Mr. Obama's appointments for various positions as the Democrats are now doing to President Trump.
    May God help our elected officials to be wise in decisions and help our nation move forward.