March 20, 2018

Maybe there’s hope for the movie industry after all: the new faith-based film, “I Can Only Imagine,” opened in third place last weekend, trailing only the giant blockbusters “Black Panther” and “Tomb Raider” that were on twice as many screens. The real-life story of a son and his abusive, alcoholic father’s redemption, inspired by the hit song by MercyMe leader Bart Millard and made on a budget of only $7 million, earned over $17 million, more than 8 times what some “experts” predicted.

Even more impressive, it beat “A Wrinkle In Time,” the mega-budget Disney movie whose makers jettisoned the Christian themes of the book (claiming society had evolved beyond that), replacing them with New Age, self-empowerment platitudes. That film’s box office dropped by 50% from its opening weekend. “I Can Only Imagine” is expected to do even better next weekend, when it expands to 2,000 screens after audiences gave it a rare A+ CinemaScore rating and a 96% positive rating at


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I’ve seen this film, and I can attest that it is not only a beautifully-made and acted story, it’s also moving, inspiring and very entertaining. I was fortunate enough to have Bart Millard and the movie’s stars, Trace Adkins and Dennis Quaid, on last weekend’s episode of my TBN show “Huckabee.”

Say, I’ll bet that explains why so many people rushed out to see it! Well, maybe not entirely. But if you’d like to see those interviews, you can watch the entire show online here:


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  • Sue

    03/21/2018 07:18 PM

    Yea!! I wanted to go see it but wasn't able! So glad to hear it was as good as I had hoped!! I had quit going to any movies due to the liberal people in Hollywood who seem to think like most democrats that we should shut up, give them our money and they'll spend it for us!