December 3, 2019

The report from Inspector General Michael Horowitz on the FBI’s use of the FISA court to investigate Trump isn’t out till Monday, but already there are enough leaks to require hip boots. Are they accurate? Don’t know. In context? Who cares? Complete? No way. But, hey, who needs to see the whole thing? Democrats pass massive legislation they haven’t read, all the time. And they hope YOU will just read their little stories and never get around to the actual report.

In an early leak, we heard Horowitz has concluded that political bias wasn’t a factor in how the FBI investigated Trump/Russia “collusion.” Knowing what we know about everything these people did over a timeline of many months, along with the stunningly hateful Strzok/Page texts, this conclusion (if it’s really in there) would have to be a whitewash. You’ve seen the nauseating puff piece by Molly Jong-Fast for THE DAILY BEAST in which Page plays the victim and asserts it’s “unfathomable” that she has committed any crime. Likely she’s already aware that Horowitz hasn't recommended charges against her.

But there are a number of things to keep in mind: First, an internal investigation typically tries not to rock the institutional boat too much. If bureaucrats think they can “solve” a problem with a few slaps on the wrist and a few papers quietly slipped into employee files, that’s what they’ll do. (‘Fraid that’s not going to work this time, though. We’re wise to this and absolutely will not buy it.)

Second, this sort of conclusion might be characteristic of Horowitz, who nonsensically concluded that political bias did not change the outcome of the investigation into Hillary’s use of a personal server while Secretary of State. If he could conclude that, he could conclude that the spirit of Winston Churchill lives inside my dishwasher.

Third, this is a voluminous report, with perhaps ten major findings, and even if one strategic leak makes it look as if the FBI swamp rats are off the hook, there’s serious stuff in there, which U.S. Attorney John Durham is no doubt already using as part of a “road map” for his own criminal probe. His reach goes much farther than Horowitz’s, and his conclusions may be altogether different. In fact, we already know it’s probable that Page did her share of “editing” on some key interview documents, particularly relating to Michael Flynn. One sure reason Lisa Page is timing her break from silence to happen right now is to stay just ahead of the IG report.

If she really thinks she’s been cleared on the matter of her texts with Peter Strzok, one has to wonder if she's aware of the release of Strzok’s FBI disciplinary file. Whew, it’s bad. As John Solomon reports, “The FBI has concluded the expression of political bias --- by BOTH of them --- in those emails constituted misconduct, brought dishonor upon the FBI and left the American public questioning the FBI’s conduct in two of the most important cases.”

The OIG (Office of the Inspector General) released a report last year with the extremely bureaucratic title, “A Review of Various Actions by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice in Advance of the 2016 Election.” (I assume this was in response to Strzok’s ridiculous lawsuit over getting fired.) It said, “Your excessive, repeated and politically charged text messages, while you were assigned as the lead case agent on the FBI’s two biggest and most politically sensitive investigations in decades demonstrated a gross lack of professionalism and exceptionally poor judgment.” Criminal? That’s for Durham and, ultimately, Barr to decide. I would add (though I am not a lawyer --- it just seems like common sense) that even if the messages themselves are determined not to be criminal, they may serve as evidence in the larger criminal probe that’s going on.

Incidentally, Page isn’t the only one trying to stay ahead of the IG report. Why do you think the Fusion GPS guys just released their book? Here are the details, for when you have time:

And now, the latest leak, courtesy of the Washington Post, is that Attorney General William Barr has told people around him that he does not concur with Horowitz’s finding that the FBI had enough information by July 2016 to justify opening the Trump investigation. But it looks as though WAPO is trying to put out a false narrative ahead of the report; that leak could be wrong in multiple ways. In fact, the DOJ released a statement Monday night saying, “The Horowitz report represents the best of the DOJ, and people should wait for the report.” Sen. Lindsay Graham agrees...

Of course, the impeachment hearings keep hopping along regardless, with or without Trump –- who’s in Europe, being President –- or even his attorneys in the hearing room. You already know that on Sunday, counsel to the President Pat Cipollone wrote to Jerrold Nadler, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, telling him to go pound sand. Nadler plans to proceed Wednesday as planned, by calling four legal experts to talk about the constitutionality of impeachment. I take this to mean that, after years of investigating both candidate- and President Trump, they still find themselves in the awkward position of having to talk people into this impeachment idea.

As Ken Starr said with a chuckle to Laura Ingraham Monday night, “Some of these are my friends...but they are very political. They are VERY political, and this is simply going to be a political exercise. We’ll probably learn a few snippets of history, but, nonetheless, we are on a bad, bad train ride, and we are about to have a train wreck.”

One witness: Harvard law professor Noah Feldman, who’s already spent a lot of time thinking and expounding about the impeachment of Trump. He said that Trump’s pardoning of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio was an impeachable offense. When Trump tweeted about being wiretapped in Trump Tower, that was also impeachable. When Trump allegedly –- he did not do this –- directed Michael Cohen to lie, Feldman had the knives out for him again. Feldman even claimed that an ad for Mar-A-Lago that appeared on a government website was an impeachable offense. I’ll bet every day, he comes up with a new reason to impeach. And not only does he call for Rudy Giuliani to be investigated, but also Bill Barr, by a new special counsel.

Second witness: Stanford law professor Pamela Karlan, who, before Trump even took office, co-signed a letter with 42 other legal professionals urging the President-elect to change his tone –- and even his views on a number of issues. She encouraged those “aggrieved” to challenge him in court.

Third witness: University of North Carolina law professor Michael Gerhardt, who has already written in the ATLANTIC that these impeachment proceedings are “fully legitimate.”

There’s a fourth witness (the “token”?) probably requested by the GOP: George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley, who has criticized Democrats’ handling of the impeachment process.

Wednesday’s hearing is set up to be an absolute sham. We’re gonna need those hip boots.

Impeachment witness list loaded with Trump critics

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  • Dusty

    12/08/2019 09:29 PM

    Waiting for this report for a long time and if not the way most have been expecting then there no doubt is a white wash per those in the SWAMP may be in control more then we are told? Say that FBI not involved when there is plenty of evidence of a few at the top who were trying to make sure Pres Trump lost. So we will wait and hope for the real truth.

  • Jan Dougherty

    12/05/2019 10:45 AM

    I read of all the illegal things going on with a myriad of people, but none of them get prosecuted. Hillary has gotten away with much and has not been prosecuted, it's like she fell of the face of the earth. And of course many more people just get away with their dealings. Why??

  • Linda Thomas

    12/04/2019 06:42 PM

    Thank you for your news letters. I do not watch much news anymore. I read your newsletters instead.

  • rodney burke

    12/04/2019 12:46 PM

    if it leaks to the NYT should we believe anything they say? The lying NYT? The worst of the very worst, sworn to cover impeachment and to you know where with the rest of the news. I'll wait for the real thing. If it's lib it's a lie. I think over the last three years we have ample proof that is an accurate axiom.

  • Richard Payne

    12/04/2019 09:09 AM

    In the end if no one goes to jail for treason, then the U.S is done being the U.S. The rule of law will collapse because there will not be "Justice for All".

  • rodney burke

    12/03/2019 09:23 PM

    pretty much if the NYT says something, it has zero creds. I just move on and wait till the full report comes out. I pray Joe D and Victoria T are dead on right. people NEED to be embarrassed. Lisa Page is pathetic. A victim? Of what? telling the truth, quoting her own texts? Really? She may not be charged but ol' Pete is in a world of hurt. And I think this is what BARR is going to put forth. Everyone surrounding Pete, Lisa, McCabe and Comey should be squirming right now. When the NEXT report comes out...
    what is the world do we need law professors to tell us what an impeachable offense is? Isn't that clear enough already? Nadler will waste a whole day with these 4 and Turley is likely the only one who reallY KNOWS anything anyway. Nadler has nothing, he can't produce anything of substance. It will be funny if about 1/3 of dems vote against impeachment. This is s stupid exercise run by patently stupid people who should be in Atascadero and not DC.

  • Rosalia LiBassi

    12/03/2019 08:45 PM

    My understanding of impeachment is that the Democrats are doing this to our president solely for having the nerve to win an election the democrats thought they had rigged in their favor. They do not forgive us for voting for the new guy. My question is How many times has the party in power won the presidency a third time? Very few right? The democrats don’t see how petty and sore losers they appear to be. They really do not want another party. They are wannabe dictators.

  • Joetta Stephen

    12/03/2019 08:32 PM

    Love to read your newsletters. Keep up the good work. You make sense.

  • Aaron Woien

    12/03/2019 06:50 PM

    Horowitz is an Obama appointee (and swamp creature) whose report will probably not amount to much. Our only real hope is the Durham-Barr investigation, which hopefully will lead to prosecutions (including Obama and the Clintons) in September-October 2020.

  • Barb Sabin

    12/03/2019 05:26 PM

    Throughout all this B S, I'm thankful for you my brother because I trust in your integrity! Thank you!

  • George Morlan

    12/03/2019 04:52 PM

    In the report on the Clinton emails, Horowitz did what Inspectors General usually do: give the benefit of the doubt to the people involved if there is a rationale to support what they did. I have always expected he would do that in the forthcoming report. It is an administrative parallel to the standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt” in a criminal proceeding. It is the polar opposite of what the Democrats are doing to President Trump, because they take as gospel any rationale that makes the President look bad.

  • Shari L Bradstream

    12/03/2019 03:30 PM

    Thank you Gov. Huckabee, your short (but sweet) comments about the truth of what is happening is so important for us to keep our President's situation at the forefront. We Americans must stay "in the moment" to be prepared for Democrats extraordinary ethereal excursions into the "shadows." We cannot allow them ANY foothold in the American policital arena. WE are the Masters of the Ceremonies and cannot allow them any forward momentum. I for one will be at the polls to vote our President in on 2020. We will make America great and keep America great with his (and your) leadership.
    Thank you for your wonderful messages.
    God bless you!!
    Shari L. Bradstream

  • Margie Massengale

    12/03/2019 02:18 PM

    'A word of Thanks" Thank you so much for your wonderful insights that help us keep our heads above water in all that's going on in Washington DC.
    Your the best
    Keeping you in our prayers
    Rod & Margie Massengale

  • Ronald Bujok

    12/03/2019 02:06 PM

    From 40Head on Twitter and it makes sense.
    If you're spreading a #FakeNews story that AG William Barr disagrees with or rejects the Horowitz FISA report, you're spreading a story from the Washington Post designed to discredit the report. Think logically. How do you make the public doubt the findings of the report? Lie.

    Important! IG Horowitz does NOT have the power to indict. He's not a prosecutor. He's giving an analysis, recommending future direction for the DOJ. But, DOJ's already heading a direction because Durham is running a parallel investigation, of criminal nature, and he CAN indict.

  • Mary Kennedy

    12/03/2019 01:47 PM

    Thank you for the explanation

  • Dannie Poe

    12/03/2019 01:43 PM

    While the politicians argue over impeachment, no one is addressing the elephant in the room: SOCIALISM. We need someone to step up and describe the US Citizens protected rights stated in our US Constitution and explain the importance of protecting them. The ruse used by the SOCIALISTS is that everyone is equal and should all share equally is never mentioned. We may all be US Citizens and all laws passed by Congress applies to ALL citizens may be correct, but we will never be equal. Every citizens lives their life on their own standards and our protected rights allow this to happen. No one can force as US Citizens to accept a given faith or a given lifestyle or even who to vote for. The concept of Political Correctness is NOT CONSTITUTIONAL. Every US Citizens has the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness as long as they do not infringe on the rights of others. At this point in history, our US Congress is telling the people MUST BE Political Correct in order to be true US Citizens. There is a big difference between Political Correct and US Constitutional Correct. We need a national figure to step forward and explain this to the people. If the people do not get this message, the people will actually vote to accept SOCIALISM. The average man on the street has not idea that by accepting SOCIALISM they will lose their individual protected rights. If our current US Congress can waste it's time trying to define Impeachment, surely someone can step forward and define what SOCIALISM is and what it will do to the freedom of ALL US CITIZENS.

  • Jerry Korba

    12/03/2019 01:37 PM

    My Rant today is about feelings most people have them I am very proud of our President Trump for one of the many reasons, today he meets with the French President the Canadian President and others and he talks to them like they are kids not fully understanding the difference between reality and wishful thinking. He should get paid for the advice he giving. Nato has its deadbeats if the deadbeats are not paying the bills we the US should deduct the difference from what we pay. Reality NATO: we can take care of ourselves Reality do you FEEL you can do without us? Reality feelings will not stop bullets rockets cyber attacking you. Defense cost are high NATO if you FEEL you don't need us let us know my tax statement say I need to lower my tax bill thats my FEELING! If the deadbeats can't afford to pay the bills maybe we will buy you and turn your country into a vacation mecca military post and you can be employed by the US. Maybe you have more assets than you are letting on. What do you think Merkel you sold out to Immigrants sell us Germany the country needs leadership. How do you FEEL about that.

  • Anne Knowlton

    12/03/2019 01:09 PM

    I look forward to your column each day. Thanks for the facts and keeping us laughing at the same time! Love you, Governor!

  • Vernon Thompson

    12/03/2019 12:46 PM

    Impeachment Comments
    I don’t know when I have ever been more concerned about the direction our government is taking. D.C. must be a fascinating place to work. Accusations are treated as a conviction and you are guilty until you prove your innocence! Hearsay evidence is treated as fact! Of course if you are a member of the Resistance and the Democrat Obstructionist Party who cares about fair treatment.
    Speaker Pelosi has informed us that Trump is not the legitimate President. She stated that we can’t wait until the next election to remove him because the American people cannot be trusted. WOW! That must mean that they might again vote for Trump which means that the Democrat Ruling Elite would be denied their rightful position of power and control for another 4 years!
    The Speaker has lost her mind to put the biggest Liar, Leaker and Attention Seeker in charge of the rigged Trump Impeachment Express. With and engineer like Adam (Captain Kangaroo) Schiff you already know the outcome. He is on a path to be the second coming of Andrew Weisman by manipulating evidence, manipulating the narrative, and hiding exculpatory evidence. Here is a man with no conscience and no moral compass.
    The only fitting outcome is that Nancy and Adam along with the few survivors wake up in January 2021 in a Veto Proof Republican Congress!!!! Maybe then we can forget about Resistance and Obstruction! Maybe then we can get to work on things that the American people care about.
    “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” ? Mark Twain

  • Tim Zahn

    12/03/2019 12:31 PM

    Second ring of a three ring circus.

  • Susanne Heroln

    12/03/2019 12:01 PM

    IMHO, the fact that we the people allow this idiocy to continue is proof that our government has gone over the cliff, and the people themselves on average are believing the fake media. My own sister rants about Trump's way of talking in generalities and repeating himself. She also criticized his handling of Syria, in spite of the fact that he's trying to get us detached from more wars overseas and did negotiate a cease fire. We should go in and protect the Kurds. Well, I don't know the answer to that except I do know they've been fighting for thousands of years over there, and we've spent billions of dollars to no avail. Leave 'em to their fights, I say, and worry about our own back yard.

  • Pat green

    12/03/2019 11:58 AM

    We’re tired of all this. We want a real report. Why did trump allow this man to do a report knowing it will be tainted. When do we see those guilty including Dems and republicans be held responsible. Get Congress back to work for we the people.

  • Sharron Bedard

    12/03/2019 11:57 AM

    The liberal haters are going to get away with their anti-American propaganda again. DemocRATS are the biggest threat to American values and our way of life.

  • Rita Randolph

    12/03/2019 11:46 AM

    Governor, there are five modern day prophets I listen to. All five knew this impeachment stuff was going to happen. All five said impeachment won't happen(three said, in different terms, that it would boomerang on the dims, er, dems). One made a curious statement: he said that in the spirit realm, the demons are screeching and screaming impeachment, impeachment, but then it changes to crucify, crucify. Jesus Christ was railroaded and it seems the same spirit is at work against our President Trump. This whole thing is a spiritual battle and must be fought with spiritual weapons. The demonically possessed/oppressed dems and rinos need to be exorcised! Barring that we must pray and bind that wickedness. The good news is, several of the prophets I listen to are saying 2020 will be the year of justice. Praise God! Rita Randolph

  • M Jil Busam

    12/03/2019 11:41 AM

    I am still completely baffled as to why this coup is allowed to go forward. Anyone with even one firing brain cell can clearly see this is all political, and is being pushed forward to undo the 2016 election. This is America! We have rights! So does the President and this garbage the Democrats are pushing, goes against our Constitution, our moral fiber and everything Americans hold dear. Like our Freedom! Trump is not guilty until he proves himself innocent, the fact that Nancy Pelosi even said that, should be enough to stop this tyranny in its tracks. Who can stop this? Who can uphold the law here?
    Thank you and I have been trying to get an answer to this from many, for a long time. Your response would be much appreciated.