April 1, 2020


April 1, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


It’s frustrating to listen to the “official” scientists when it comes to treating COVID-19 with promising drugs. Researchers want data –- YES, WE KNOW –- and they typically answer any question on the need for new treatments with the same spiel about controlled, double-blind, long-term studies.

Those studies take time. (Aside: in the meantime, we simply must go ahead and treat with medications that are safe and show promise.) And much of the data we need will have to come from far-flung places around the world. A few controlled studies are already going on, but we must wait for the results. Of course, in an ideal world, we would be getting solid data from China, everything they have, which would be especially useful because Wuhan Province is Ground Zero for this infection. But this is not an ideal world, and that is NOT happening and will never happen.

Over the past couple of days, I’ve written about the lack of truthful information from Chinese leaders. It’s worse than that: they’ve created a bogus narrative about their effective handling of the spread of the disease that many in the American media love to perpetuate because it makes President Trump look bad by comparison. They hate him so much that I’m not sure it matters to them that the story out of China is a big lie.

One big eye-opener is a recent report from the Australian version of 60 MINUTES. Australia, being much closer geographically to China and the Asian Pacific, takes a warier approach than the American media do to anything China does or says, and this report is no exception. When the Chinese government claimed that only about 2500 people died, Australians weren’t buying it, in part because of the huge increase in the number of cremations. That’s right; it seems that if you want to “earn” money in China right now, you should definitely go into the urn business. There was also a corresponding decrease in the number of cell phones.

According to “emerging diseases” expert Laurie Garrett, who has witnessed outbreaks of Ebola and SARS, the virus “festered” in the live animal market in Wuhan for at least a month and a half before the world was told. At least at the time of this interview, she believed the virus “jumped” from some animal species, such as a bat, to human as has happened with other viruses (Note: as we’ve discussed, at least one study has suggested the market was not the original source of infection, and a Level 4 biolab is suspiciously close by; so is the Wuhan Institute of Virology.)

Garrett takes us through the timeline that started in mid-November, when cases of “a strange new flu” began to surface. In early December, they determined that it wasn’t SARS or anything like it, and that it had been spread from that market. Anyone who suggested otherwise was “suppressed,” she says. An official announcement didn’t come until New Year’s Eve; they said they had closed the market and stopped the spread, and also that there was no human-to-human transmission. She says this was a deliberate lie, that by then they were seeing cases they knew had no connection with the market.


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From Bonnie:

Just thought you might enjoy a little history - I remember my great aunt, Amelia Johnson, who was a head nurse at Cincinnati General Hospital during the 1918 flu pandemic, telling me about the 18-hour shifts, the patients lined out in the hallways and the fact that they could only make them comfortable, NOT do anything to really help them. She contracted the virus herself and nearly died. Her fever went up to 107 degrees and she lost all her hair. Both she and I found it incredible that she survived that.

She said she was one of the "lucky ones" because she lived, even though she was basically bald for the rest of her life. I was 16-18 when I knew her, and some of the girls at our college made fun of the fact that she wore a hairpiece. I would never have asked her about it, but one day when I was staying with her, she volunteered the information about how she lost her hair. I was incredulous!

The 1918 pandemic has never been just another story for me since then. I was a history and English major, and firsthand stories make it so much more than just an event. When I see the pictures of the crowded wards, I can picture her working there and paying a terrible price for her dedication. Her attitude was one of blessing though, as one of the "lucky ones."

When we are just asked to stay home a while, it's not so much by comparison. One of my sons works in an ER and I pray for him and them every day. God bless our healthcare workers and keep them safe.

From the Gov:

Thank you so much, Bonnie, for offering this perspective. Your great aunt truly was great, courageously offering comfort at a time when she knew little could be done to help her if she herself became ill. How wonderful that she chose to share her story with you...and ultimately with us.

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Tuesday, President Trump gave his most somber press briefing yet on the COVID-19 (China) coronavirus. He warned Americans, "The surge is coming, and it’s coming pretty strong…As a nation, we’re going to have a really rough two weeks. Our strength will be tested, and our endurance will be tried.”

Deaths in the US have now topped 4,000 and the top medical experts on the White House Task Force say that models show that even with all current precautions in place, there could be between 100,000 and 240,000 deaths. However, without those measures, projections leap to between 1.5 and 2.2 million deaths. I know you will join me in praying for those already affected and for those frightening projections to turn out to be wrong.

I don’t want to stir panic, because I have long been skeptical of computer model projections, and with good reason. (If you’d like to dig deeper into some numbers on likelihood of severe symptoms, incubation period, who’s most at risk, etc., here’s a study from The Lancet that’s very informative – although remember, it’s still early in the research, and we don’t know how reliable some of the stats are.)

But there’s also no reason to risk higher infection rates and death tolls when it is within our ability to limit them, just by our own behavior.

While there are hopeful signs for treatments and a vaccine sooner than expected, Dr. Deborah Birx said that for now, “There’s no magic bullet, there’s no magic vaccine or therapy. It’s just behaviors.” And those behaviors alone could change “the course of the viral pandemic.”


Sadly, we cannot depend on media outlets that are the victims of Trump Derangement Syndrome to alter their behavior at this late date. Astoundingly, CNN cut away from what was perhaps the most important daily briefing Trump has given yet. This came a day after one of their resident TDS patients, Don Lemon, declared that CNN should stop airing them because Trump causes public harm by misinforming TV viewers (if that were true, Trump could be a CNN commentator himself.)

Lemon idiotically compared the daily virus White House press briefings to Trump campaign rallies, which brought this appropriate response from Brit Hume.

Hume said people are hungry for information and the briefings “have been an absolute fountain of information about that subject.” But the reporters mostly ask divisive, unrelated (and I would add, “negative,” “hostile” and “accusatory”) questions, showing more interest in making Trump look bad than in eliciting vital information to help the public.

Hume said, "Reporters are like people who have one tool. You've heard the famous saying, 'If the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.' If the only thing you've ever been is a political reporter and you are covering the White House briefings on a major worldwide pandemic, you might be tempted to ask a lot of political questions, which is what they've done."

I think Brit hit the nail on the head with that observation, although I admit that when I look at the White House Press Corps these days, I see more than just one tool.

1. U.S. # CONFIRMED CASES (As of 6:30 AM): 189,633   DEATHS: 4,081  RECOVERIES: 7,136

TESTS GIVEN:  1,059,209

2.  CDC RECOMMENDATIONS: How to protect yourself  |  What to do if you are sick

3.  NEWS:  There is some hopeful news.  There is some fake news and more fake news.

4.  BUSINESS HELPS: This week President Trump introduced another leading business person who is joining the government in the coronavirus response.

5.  CHINA TO BLAME: Over the past couple of days, I’ve written about the lack of truthful information from Chinese leaders here, here and here.

H.L. Mencken nails it

Taking advantage of a crisis - It’s been observed before how miraculous it is that no matter what crisis may strike the republic, leftists always think the solution is to do whatever they’d long pushed to do anyway but the public would never put up with it if they were thinking clearly. H.L. Mencken famously summed it up by saying that the aim of politics is to frighten the public into clamoring to be led to safety from a series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.

Unfortunately, our recent hobgoblins – terrorists, drug cartels, pandemics – are far from imaginary, but that hasn’t kept some people from trying to exploit justifiable fear of them for political advantage.

Latest example: whoever would have guessed that the solution to stopping the spread of the coronavirus was to let sex offenders out of prison?

In terms of rational responses, this ranks right down there with suing states to keep abortion clinics open instead of using their medical equipment to save lives because to the left, actually saving human lives would hamper the life-saving efforts of abortionists to end human lives.

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  • Linda Elliott

    04/01/2020 08:36 PM

    Mike, I read your columns every day. Once again you are spot on in this matter. I do not trust the Chinese regarding anything and especially regarding the coronavirus.
    Thanks for including the statistics tonight (well I actually think this is the morning edition)

  • David F

    04/01/2020 04:34 PM

    Forgive my skepticism regardimg the CDC predictions, but in my lifetime the so-called experts have been wrong about global cooling, global warming, killer bees, zika, SARS, al. They can't even decide if it's ok to eat eggs for breakfast. Governors and local officials are apparently running off of data from the CDC that may be wrong; however, they are so heavily invested in these lockowns that they are not going to lift them anytime soon. None of them wants to be the first to do that or go against White House recommendations - no matter what the actual situation is in their area, even if it means economic desperation for their citizens.

  • Robert Koehl

    04/01/2020 04:09 PM

    Chinese Virus??

    I wrote this Monday in response to you question about where the virus started but did not get around to sending it.
    Call me a conspiracy theorist but put succinctly, this is the largest act of biological warfare ever committed in the history of the word and it happens to be against every country in the world perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party. They will tell you that they think it started in a “wet market” or it may have been innocuously spread from the Wuhan Laboratory. They knew about it and said and did nothing to contain it with the intention of allowing it to get out into the world to demolish all economies save their own. They have for decades been working toward this with the intention of dominating the world. How better to achieve this than to build up over decades a near monopoly on medical supplies and equipment as well as medicines and ingredients to medicines needed to fight a pandemic while they lull us to sleep with cheap prices on cheap product using near slave labor. Then they release on the world a virus never before seen so that every nation would have to buy unimaginable amounts of the supplies to fight this virus and from whom? If there is only one supplier, they get to name their price, manipulate their currency to maximize profit, leverage this to make sure their propaganda is parroted and promoted by the media in every nation as well as the world health organization. Why else is almost every media outlet so offended by referring to it as the Wuhan or Chinese virus. And if you refuse to go along, well they will simply stop shipping medicine and medical supplies to any county with such audacity as not to kowtow.
    Anyone who has heard of shorting stock would understand this. The Chinese Communist Party has been shorting this virus for thirty years. Now as their idolaters in the democrat party in the US are wont to say “Never let a good crises go to waste”, the Chinese Communist Party is taking full advantage of their “stock short” and reaping the rewards of their carefully calculated maneuvering of the global economy over the last 30-40 years. And they had to do it now to try to change the election calculus next November because Donald Trump called them on their "Pinky and the Brain" plan to control the world by 2025 and they could not afford 4 more years of Trump. All the while the good people of Wuhan were merely collateral damage.
    We in the US will inevitably pay a high price for our short sightedness. Much like leaving our Pacific Fleet unprepared 80 years ago, we are going to suffer much pain and hardship, many unnecessary deaths, destruction of the greatest economy ever known to the world, and perhaps the destruction of the only form of government that ever even came close to giving a voice in the government to those governed
    However just as the Japanese ended up paying a high price in the long run, if we keep our heads and understand exactly what has happened, the world and the US in particular could well make the Chinese Communist Party pay the same price for their hubris and arrogance that their big brother the USSR paid in the 1990s. We will just have to see if the two generations that are coming after the “Boomers” have the indignation, intelligence, perseverance, and resolve today that the two generations before the “Boomers” had in the 1940s.
    Thanks Governor for your good words and giving me a chance to rant.

  • Bonnie McLaughlin

    04/01/2020 04:06 PM

    Good afternoon Gov. Huckabee. We have been unable to get FOX News this afternoon on cableT.V. We were just told by a customer service representative that it is a nationwide problem and that we will be contacted when the issue is resolved. Newsmax is still available. Just thought it is a curious occurence you might want to know about if you don't already. TY for all you do!

  • Floyd A Unger

    04/01/2020 03:40 PM

    This is a frightening time. For me it’s not the Chinese Virus. I’m being careful and using good common sense. Should I get it well I’ll get it. That’s just the way it is/will be. What frightens me is the unconscionable transparent way that the left and the media are using it to destroy our country. I’m very concerned.

    On another subject. I don’t of course trust the Chinese to do what is right for the world. Should they come up with a cure and offer it to the world I would NOT accept or use it without a lot of testing and research.

  • Joyce Birch

    04/01/2020 03:07 PM

    Governor, thanks again for another great, detailed, newsletter. This will be a very difficult month for all of us. Every walk of life has been affected. Continues Prayers for us & the world.

    One more comment, I can't believe that Pelosi may be or is in the process of another investigation how President Trump handled this deadly virus. If this is going to be the case, PLEASE ADVISE how the American Public can stop this. We've had enough!!! People are dying & this is what the House is planning. Shame on these evil people. Why don't they donate they're salaries & more to their communities?

  • Lee B.

    04/01/2020 02:54 PM

    Hong Kong news of COVID-19 origin ...


    04/01/2020 02:16 PM


  • Denise Jackson

    04/01/2020 12:55 PM

    Excellent informative interview from Korea. Facts not politics. Korea has been preparing for over a decade. Korean statistics. Unfortunately in U.S the young are dying.

  • Maxine Oswalt

    04/01/2020 12:46 PM

    Why hasn't Pelosi been jailed yet for obstruction- constant lying- in desperate times like this-UNACCEPTABLE