November 16, 2020

Question: Since when is Biden the President?

Trump has not conceded, and with the serious legal challenges to the highly suspicious vote in Philadelphia and Detroit –- to name just two cities –- and the questions surrounding the voting software used in those cities, plus the odd counting shutdown on election night, we don’t even know that Biden will be President-ELECT, regardless of what the media (and Biden) assume.

It may take weeks, perhaps even a decision by the Supreme Court about late ballots in Pennsylvania, if they’ll hear it.

Electors don’t meet until December 14. After listening to Democrats call Trump “illegitimate” for four years, with no evidence ever found of Russian “collusion,” he’s right to take steps to ensure the 2020 vote was on the up-and-up.

Also, recall that Biden pledged not to claim victory until the vote was certified.

Still, Sean Davis of THE FEDERALIST tweeted Sunday: “A source familiar with Durham’s ongoing investigation of the bogus Russian collusion operation tells [THE FEDERALIST]: Durham isn’t doing anything. Dropping his investigations. He’s worried about blowback from Biden. What an absolute disgrace.”

And it is indeed a disgrace, if it’s true. We all assumed that if Biden became President, the various investigations into how the FBI and others in the Obama administration lied and violated people’s rights to tie Trump with Russia would be shut down. Because, of course they would be.

But as of now, the vote count isn’t even certified and Biden has not been officially declared the winner –- let alone inaugurated. Durham is already “worried about blowback”? No matter what happens, Trump is still the President (sorry, Facebook!) until January 20.

If Davis’ source is correct, Durham might also want to think about the “blowback” if it turns out that Trump wins a second term. It could still happen.

As Victoria Taft reports for PJ MEDIA, even the NEW YORK TIMES a month ago reported that “Spygate” had fizzled. Her attitude about this development very much mirrors mine.

I just don’t know what’s going to happen on the right if this turns out to be true and no one is held accountable. For a long time, we assumed Durham would be the one to get to the bottom of Crossfire Hurricane. We’ve been reporting on the "Russia" travesty for Trump’s entire time in office. With so much evidence, how could it turn out otherwise?

But then time passed...and passed. We finally realized that nothing would be released before the election. (Gosh, we wouldn’t want to “politicize” the investigation by giving voters the truth, would we?) Still, we thought Durham was close to wrapping things up and would issue indictments, or at least a report, soon. Comey, McCabe, Brennan and others might actually pay a price for weaponizing the FBI and CIA against Trump.

Importantly, Davis said Durham has enough evidence to file charges but has apparently just been sitting on it. He also tweeted this: “A separate source who has seen the evidence compiled during the course of Durham’s investigation told [THE FEDERALIST] this afternoon that ‘there’s more than enough evidence to indict multiple’ involved in the Russian collusion hoax operation to take down Trump.”

Right now, it appears the swamp has won. “A possible Joe Biden administration is just a green light to return to the way things always were,” writes Bonchie at “It’s one of the worst aspects of Trump losing this election, if he does indeed lose it after the electors vote in December.”

To make it even more perplexing, we’re seeing this at the same time Trump attorney Sidney Powell is insisting that they’re “getting ready to overturn election results in multiple states.” She said this quite confidently on SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES, to host Maria Bartiromo.

Most of what Powell said involved Dominion Voting Systems, makers of the voting machines used in Philadelphia, Detroit, and other at-issue cities, and the software from Smartmatic. If she’s correct –- and she has a reputation for saying things she can prove –- it’s simple to change the tally. “We’ve identified mathematically the exact algorithm they’ve used,” she said, “and planned to use from the beginning.”

"They can stick a thumb drive in the machine, they can upload software into it even from the internet...from Germany or Venezuela even,” she said. Operators, “can watch votes in real time” and “can shift votes in real time,” or alleged bad actors can “remote-access anything.”

We’ve previously reported on Dominion Voting Systems, their fishy background, and problems with security that are built right in. Texas found numerous problems with them and turned them down for elections in their state --- three times.

The voting pattern for the country is extremely strange. How would the House flip 11 seats from Democrat to Republican and be positioned to keep the Senate when Trump seemingly lagged? Also, did Biden REALLY receive more votes than any other presidential candidate in American history, including Barack Obama in 2008? REALLY?

Dominion denies its machines were compromised, dismissing those allegations as –- here’s that word –- “misinformation.” But Powell says you can LOOK IN THE OPERATING MANUAL and see how this set-up can be made to do anything you want.

No matter how suspicious this looks, the problem is proving it. But Powell says she can. When asked for the specific proof, she said she has it but that it would be foolish to come out and say on national TV what it is.

Finally, we love this from legal expert Jonathan Turley: his comment on the lightning speed with which President Trump is being told to set aside his legal challenges. And this insistence is coming from...other lawyers.

"The media and legal analysts have declared no evidence of voter fraud to change the outcome,” he says. “The problem was that we had not even seen the evidence from the Trump campaign.”

He cites WASHINGTON POST columnist Randall Eliason, who came up with strategies for impeaching Trump that were so outlandish, they weren’t even used by the House Judiciary Committee. Eliason wrote that going after other attorneys who were defending Trump is “fair game.” Anti-Trump groups such as the Lincoln Project targeted those firms and tried to force lawyers to abandon Trump as their client. It got so bad, Twitter even blocked one of their tweets, not for targeting Trump (they’re fine with that) but for targeting other attorneys.

When Turley tried to talk to colleagues about just the POSSIBILITY that voting software or systems might be vulnerable to human error --- even allowing he’d seen no evidence of systemic problems --- he was rejected outright. Heretic! Turley hadn’t even alleged fraud, he says, but law professor Paul Campos likened him to a Holocaust denier (!) and called for him to be fired.

"The courts are supposed to be where reason transcends the rage outside,” Turley says. Trump’s case will likely wind up in the courts, with lawyers and judges, and it needs to be decided by reason, not rage. It’s the same with investigations. If Durham has the goods, he needs to present them, with no concern about “blowback.”

If he won't, Trump should declassify EVERYTHING that doesn't damage national security. Win or lose, let the blowback begin.

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Comments 1-25 of 44

  • Deborah Mae LaRive

    11/25/2020 10:06 PM

    Biden being an American citizen who is meeting and talking with other country dignitaries why is this not being taking as a Biden undermining the American government? Why is Biden not being charged with committing the Logan Act? There is no such office as the president elect and Biden and Harris has no governmental powers. Harris should also be charged with committing the Logan Act, she is connecting Biden with information that he has no right to now.

  • Bernie J Walter

    11/21/2020 05:12 AM

    I think if there is any question at all of voter fraud there needs to be a re-election where you need to show proof of identity. I don’t see how anyone could let an illegal election happen!

  • Donna Eubanks

    11/20/2020 11:27 AM

    I began getting infuriated with Durham in July. By then he should have submitted his report. I was infuriated because either he didn’t have the “goods” or he was selling out. I still held hope that the report would come out in September before the election. As things stand, it appears too many Republicans don’t have the backbone of a dish of ice cream. It has been obvious how crooked the Democrats are and I’m ashamed the Republicans didn’t see they needed to band together like the Democrats. I am so lough disappointed in Durham. If he doesn’t submit his report nothing is going to be done with these bad actors and everyone is going to believe there was no credence to the subject. Something should be done to/about Durham. And “Yes, President Trump should relieve everything that doesn’t put national security in jeopardy.

  • Lynne Sparks

    11/19/2020 05:00 PM

    WOW unreal but not surprised!

  • Jerry Nix

    11/19/2020 10:25 AM

    This all sounds fine and good and even though I pray Trump gets another 4 years u am not holding out much hope. Washington DC and the courts will do as they always do ... pass the buck on down to the states that made the errors or fraud to begin with. I believe the US Court system is a big part of the swamp Trump was trying to clean up. God Bless President Trump and God Bless America.

  • Sarah Hunter

    11/19/2020 08:05 AM

    I am very concerned about the results of the election. Please continue to investigate the software used. I have heard it is easily manipulated. I have seen grafts of votes manipulated with an algorithm that alters votes in republican leaning counties in Michigan, my home state.

    Why not employe the Math Dept at Liberty University to look for algorithms like Dr Shiva.

    You can see this information by searching “Dr Shiva Live: MIT PhD Analysis of Michigan Votes Reveals Unfortunate Truth of US Voting Systems”.

  • Robert Grosch

    11/18/2020 06:10 PM

    Biden is a cheat, the Democrats are cheats the fake News are liars of course the election is rigged

  • Jennifer Entrekin

    11/18/2020 05:02 PM

    I’m from GA and hear that Stacey Abrams is paying 100,000 people to move to GA for the senate run off on Jan 5th. Why hasn’t our Governor Brian Kemp called a legislative session immediately to ensure that ONLY a people who lived here and voted during the Primaries are the only ones who can vote in the runoff? They are trying to also steal the votes this way to overthrow the Senate so that the Demoncrats can run the Senate! We must also stop this at all cost! Brian Kemp has not once appeared to the citizens and voters of Georgia and we heard also he paid off a large debt with $ that Stacey Abrams gave him & Ratffensperger! We cannot allow this to happen and our countries freedom depends on our beloved President Trump to get his votes that were tampered with and not counted and to stop them from stealing the election in the Senate! This is NOG how America should be ran! I still have faith that Trump can beat these cheaters and please let him know that he and VP Pence are in our prayers! Everytime we post something about Trump on FB , they alway try to cover it up with independent fact checkers which I always include in my post to disregard what FB says and view anyway! Thank you and God Bless Trump and God Bless the United States of America! ????????????

  • Ted Elkins

    11/18/2020 04:36 PM

    I'm fairly certain that if the Electoral College meets on December 14th and elects Joe Biden that will be no court that can overturn that. The Trump legal team has withdrawn the cases in the lawsuits so far. The Supreme Court won't hear any appeal that hasn't been heard in the lower courts. If they withdrew than it's not heard in the courts. That's the way the law works.

  • Michael Mowers

    11/18/2020 01:32 PM

    democrats should all be sent to prison that had anything to do with campaign corruption and the Republicans need to exercise the 25th amendment on biden he is a sick pup and a corrupt polititican and stark impeachment on biden right away for money laundering and getting money from china to fund his sons Habits

  • Sylvia Hernandez

    11/18/2020 03:40 AM

    Release the findings! America deserves to know the truth!

  • Billie Smith

    11/18/2020 02:23 AM

    We the people demand these recounts and prosecution of the Democrats responsible of the blocking of Republican observers, the backdating of mail in ballots, and any other abnormalties found in these LEGAL RECOUNTS. BThis was not a fair election by any means.

  • Jay Jordan

    11/18/2020 01:15 AM

    Here is my view on all of this. Trump is fighting the establishment alone, Literally alone. I think all these supposed guys that are supposed to be on Trump’s side are put there by the establishment to make people feel like something is going to happen but it never does. I mean we have heard about IG report(nothing happened), Durham report(nothing happened), nothing from FBI but widespread corruption. Are people so blinded that they can’t see what’s going on? It’s called containment. They put Trump in a false sense to contain him while others work in the background to steal the election from him and the people. 3 years and 40+ million dollars of our money to be lied to, that Trump is colluding with the Russians when it was the Clinton Campaign that was.
    If any of us normal folks would have done an 1/8th of what these folks have done, we would be doing life in prison. So people of America don’t be fooled by the magic show. When your government and MSM are content on lying and feeding you a BS narrative........ That are not out for your best interest!!!!
    Open your eyes and see what is really going on.... When they tell you openly that they fundamentally want to change America, it should scare you all no matter which party you claim..... America is unique and there has never been a society set up like ours ever in history....... Look back at history at the common denominator of why all empires had fallen...... Corruption and the pursuit of ones power!!!!!!
    Wake up before it’s too late.... The constitution puts the power in the hands of the people, not in the hands of the elected officials!!!!!!

  • martha robertson

    11/18/2020 12:33 AM

    Trump is my President for the next four years!!!

  • Wilma Ness

    11/17/2020 11:33 PM

    Trump is MY PRESIDENT!

  • Jim Jones

    11/17/2020 11:13 PM

    Stay the course Mr. President. Do not let the anti-American socialist/communist Democrats take over our country!

  • Shari Carrico

    11/17/2020 10:06 PM

    Trump was the true winner. It’s up to the Americans. Let’s have another election

  • Paul Calahan

    11/17/2020 06:12 PM

    Like to see all these claims come out in court rather then seeing this played out in the media. Like to think that the collusion of so many required to pull of this mega deception, that the evil will be revealed so that the world can see. While I’m not a cynical person, I also believe the left doesn’t care and its been take the WH/POTUS at any cost.

  • Gary Goldman

    11/17/2020 05:36 PM

    Rigged Election by computers
    Pushed by Democrats

  • Gordon Riffe

    11/17/2020 05:33 PM

    Release Durham findings and arrest the criminals.

  • Cathy Wentz

    11/17/2020 05:15 PM

    I keep reassuring myself with the fact that God is in control, no matter what, even when we see such injustice. I suggest that Biden and his cronies repent and turn to Jesus as Lord and Savior before it's too late.

  • Linda Hardesty

    11/17/2020 01:51 PM

    We the people want a FIR election!!! This has been anything except fair.! Trump won the fair vote NOT lyin/cheating/Biden.

  • Dana Melton

    11/17/2020 12:25 PM


  • David Humphrey Sr

    11/17/2020 11:41 AM

    Preach! God knows, whoever thought our country would come to this. But, darn the torpedoes and full speed ahead. And Hold the Line....
    God bless you Mike for all you do, and in Jesus' Name, keep going. We need you and others like you out there on the front lines.

  • Andrea Rutledge

    11/17/2020 10:54 AM

    Durham needs to release the report YESTERDAY!! Enough is enough!! This entire ELECTION needs to be overturned. We need a DO OVER!! The FRAUD is rampant and no one in their rightind are about to believe the numbers. Most are statstically IMPOSSIBLE!!