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September 28, 2022

Ronald Reagan once famously said that he used to be a Democrat, and he didn’t leave the party, it left him. In recent years, the Democratic Party has taken such a large, sudden lurch to the far-left lunatic fringe that a lot of longtime Democrats are finding themselves in the same situation as Reagan.

The New York Post reports on some of these new, possibly slightly reluctant, Republicans and how many there are. According to the A.P., over 1 million voters across 43 states have switched from Democrat to Republican, while both major parties now account for just over a quarter of voters each and nearly half say they’re Independents.

One of the big problems for many people, especially young people, with today’s Democrats is that they’ve become the party of censorship, using wokeness as a weapon to silence anyone who says anything that might “trigger” their ultra-sensitive feelings. They’re also fed up with constantly being told that they have to adopt ridiculous new words, like “Latinx,” that nobody likes, especially not Latinos.

Speaking of that absurd term, even the loony leftists at can apparently read the Spanish writing on the wall and are abandoning it.

Naturally, they still can’t admit that it offends many Hispanics and, as Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego complained, is a “performative” term created “to appease white rich progressives who think that is the term we use. It is a vicious circle of confirmation bias." Read the article to hear how some so-called “progressives” (including AOC, of course) continue to cluelessly defend “Latinx” as a “gender-fluid” “middle finger to the patriarchy,” and “a word that demands inclusion.”

Sorry, you tried including it – actually, you tried forcing it on everyone -- and Latinos excluded it. So get over it and stop being idioxes.

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  • Todd A. Warren

    10/02/2022 08:31 PM


    Thank you for keeping me informed in all that is going on in this crazy messed up world we are living in. Your staff and you are amazing keeping on top of it all. I appreciate your weekly show on TBN too. May the Lord bless you all.