April 17, 2020


Here is video of Thursday’s White House briefing on the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus.

President Trump said that the massive response from the public, government and the military had helped flatten the spread of the virus, and he unveiled a set of guidelines called “Opening Up America Again” to reopen the economy in phases while focusing on sheltering the most vulnerable people from infection.

Under the guidelines, Governors and local officials would make the decisions on when it is safe to reopen, either statewide or on a county-by-count basis. Which is odd, since I was assured by the media just a few days ago that Trump was a dictator who was demanding total authority over that decision. Guess it’s a good thing that I’ve learned to ignore all overheated accusations about Trump until I actually see him do whatever it is they’re accusing him of wanting to do. But that’s the TDS virus, so it’s a subject for another day.

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If nothing else, over the past month, Americans have gotten a hard lesson in the difference between blue and red-state governance.

Leftwing Governors and local officials used the pandemic lockdown as an excuse to impose draconian restrictions on the public, stirring angry protests that have undermined public trust and cooperation in the anti-virus efforts. The worst offender is Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, whose inexplicable restrictions on personal freedom sparked a traffic jam protest and a federal lawsuit, and a refusal to comply by four county sheriffs who accuse her of issuing vague orders that overstep her authority and infringe on civil liberties. The state attorney general threatened the sheriffs that "by statute, the governor's executive orders are law." But that’s questionable, especially if the orders violate people’s constitutional rights.

Of course, some on the left would like to use this crisis to complete their “fundamental transformation” of America. No thanks, one deadly communist infestation is enough.

Meanwhile, in Republican-led states, officials have tended to trust the people to act responsibly (and they have), and infection rates have stayed low and fallen. As a result, Ohio’s Governor Mike DeWine, for instance, announced that his state will begin reopening on May 1st. Guidelines will remain in place for a while – social distancing, limited numbers of people in stores, etc. – but business will soon recommence.

Interestingly, South Dakota has never imposed a draconian lockdown, and because of that, Republican Gov. Kristi Noem has been assailed by the leftwing media, who have declared her state a virus “hot spot.” In fact, out of a population of over 884,000 people, there have been only 1,311 cases and 7 deaths. As Gov. Noem notes in this interview with Laura Ingraham, aside from an outbreak at a pork processing plant in Sioux Falls that’s being dealt with, two-thirds of the state’s counties have no cases at all and some have only one.

The popular Internet meme makes a valid point: “How do you like your 30-day free trial of socialism?” How do you like officials, both elected and appointed, refusing to accept that you are a responsible adult and taking it upon themselves to disregard your rights and tell you where you’re allowed to go and what you’re allowed to do or else, even to the point of ticketing you for attending a drive-in church service inside your own car?

This is the fundamental difference between the right and the left: conservatives go into government because someone has to represent their principles and protect freedom and private enterprise. Leftists go into government because they really like having as much power as possible to tell people how to live. People who love power that much should never be allowed anywhere near the levers of power.

In short, both the infection rate and the toilet paper shortage are easing, so there’s no need to let politicians use the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as toilet paper.


If we’re going to make policy decisions that balance preventing a pandemic with preventing a depression, we need the most reliable numbers we can get to inform that decision. So it would help if the people in charge of counting coronavirus deaths would make sure that the deceased actually died from the coronavirus.

And just in case it wasn’t already obvious, any virus figures coming out of China are about as reliable as the winning lottery numbers on the back of a fortune cookie fortune.

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There are countless examples of selflessness and heroism in the face of the current pandemic. Unfortunately, there are also always people who are low enough to try to cheat others for their own profit, even in the worst of times. Some criminals, like leftist politicians, see the virus not as a bug but as an opportunity. Like the attempted fraud involving a promise to deliver 39 million surgical masks to hospitals…

But the FBI warns that there are also scams aimed at individuals that are popping up “at breathtaking speed,” everything from sham treatments and vaccines to impersonating doctors and demanding payments, from investment scams in bogus medical companies to using COVID-19-related emails to implant viruses and ransomware on computers. Criminals are also salivating at the thought of swindling people out of all those $1200 stimulus payments.

It’s important that we all stay on our guard against the coronavirus, but sadly, it’s also necessary to stay on guard against people who would use our fear of the virus to swindle and rob us. Click for more details from the FBI on how to protect yourself from these human viruses.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is railing against President Trump’s decision to hold up funding for the World Health Organization while we investigate its echoing of Chinese propaganda that worsened the pandemic. But before swallowing her claims about how unconscionable it is to block funding to a vital organization in dire need, recall that she was the prime instigator of the Democrats blocking desperately-needed loan funding for America’s small businesses to try to extort money for their pet projects. Maybe if the owner of your local tire store or coffee shop started repeating Chinese propaganda, she’d be more sympathetic.

If you want to know how the Speaker can possibly be so cold to the needs of American workers and business owners, this week, she displayed how out-of-touch with everyday Americans she is by appearing on James Corden’s TV show to reveal how she’s getting through self-isolating in her San Francisco mansion. She stood in front of her two $12,000 luxury refrigerators to show off her stockpile of $13-a-pint artisan ice cream. She might want to try it over cake, since so many people are comparing her to Marie Antoinette.


Condolences to “Saturday Night Live” star and writer Michael Che, whose grandmother has died of the COVID-19 coronavirus. And a salute to him for honoring her by paying one month’s rent for all 160 families in her public housing apartment building. Of course, this raises the issue of why New York’s liberal government is demanding rent on its public housing units while banning the residents from leaving them to go to work, while elsewhere, liberals are demanding that private property landlords stop collecting rent. Mr. Che is also wondering about that.

And now, because we’ve all had a long, trying week and need something to take our minds off all this, here’s video of a groundhog really enjoying a slice of pizza.

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  • Gladys J Edakattil

    04/18/2020 09:43 PM

    §Our POTUS must keep the briefings much shorter and not more than 45min., there by Press from asking stupid repetitive aggravating questions being disrespectful and abusing the President and the Office of the Presidency. President doesn’t deserve such despising treatment. §Certain Reporters must be kept out of WH Briefings! §Mailing in ballots mustn’t be allowed! Encourages fraudulent voting. §OANN Reporter must be re-instated! He was being a good reporter! §We can’t believe everything Fox News tells us. I don’t. I’ve noticed over the years quite a few mistakes they’ve made and how they’ve let some of the wrong statements or comments made by people like Dona Brazilla, Napolitano, Huan, Oraldo, Shepard Smith, et al, slide. §I trust President Trump. He doesn’t make mistakes deliberately nor take things lightly. He likes to be precise and on time. I always remember he’s not God and only human like all of us. He doesn’t waste time. Sleeps very little and donates his salary as President. He doesn’t let things and people get to him. He loves America and really fights for her and for ordinary Americans! §Observing ALL that’s been happening since the news of the beginning of COVID-19 in Oregon? and in the Nursing Home in Washington, including the behaviour of China, the Democrats, the Leftist Media, I’ve come to the con-clusion that it won’t be a surprise if China and the Democrats, Soros and other Elites like Gates. Obama, Clinton, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, et al, have had a hand in deliberately making use of the COVID-19 disaster to their advantage, being so power hungry. China wants Global supremacy; Democrats want the Senate, House, and the White House by bringing down US economy drastically using COVID19 and consequently Trump’s defeat in November!!! OR to create chaos, anarchy, postpone elections, change election laws, abolish electoral college and block Trump!! §I don’t fully trust CDC’s (Atlanta) Management and their statistics. In 2016 I learned that CDC supports the Planned Parenthood (PP) and more Democrat-leaning than Republican which is evident from their support of PP and unjust firing of a Black American Christian (can’t remember his name) they hired, who was defended by a legal team from First Liberty. §I don’t trust the models and statistics that are presented to us. I know how scientists and technicians manipulated the statistics concerning global warming and climate change to suit the agendas of different Environmental organizations advocating changes that will kill economy and bring disaster. The same goes regarding this COVID-19 models and statistics. Someone/ some group is manipulating things to mess up Trump and his Administration for him to lose the coming elections. Someone is with-holding supplies President send like the Porto Rican Mayor & Governor did during Maria? and blamed the President! §I never trusted vaccinations besides the fact that they make me ill more than the actual disease and because they could without our knowledge put anything in it, like the microchip, etc.

  • Lu Jean Bedard

    04/18/2020 04:37 PM

    Once again, thank you for your fair and balanced perspective, something that is difficult to find in regular news reporting these days. You are a national treasure!

  • Barb Sabin

    04/18/2020 03:07 PM

    Thank you Governor Mike for FAIR AND BALANCED NEWS behind the B S that is on media!!! I will only watch FOX, C B N, and Christian media!!! The rest is garbage propagation!!! I THANK OUR GOD THAT HE SENT HIS SPIRIT OF TRUTH, HOLY SPIRIT, TO LIVE INSIDE OF US AND THAT IN THESE EVIL TIMES, WE CAN KNOW GOD'S TRUTH, THE WORD!!! You, my Brother are an Ambassador for Him!!! Please consider me, an elder, soon to be 76 years old, who appreciates you and all precious voices of God, like Franklin Graham, and the TBN group of ministers who ARE NOT ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!!! AND NEITHER AM I ASHAMED!!! MARANANTHA!!!

  • Sherry Stone

    04/18/2020 02:53 PM

    There is an error in my previous comment. I meant to say Governor Whitmer, not Pelosi.

  • Sherry Stone

    04/18/2020 02:50 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee,
    Please, please ask the President if he would step in and make Governor Pelosi open up Michigan’s businesses. There is something seriously wrong with her and she has become power crazy. I live in Michigan, and she won’t let us continue living. We can’t take it anymore. Please help us. Thank you.

  • Floyd A Unger

    04/18/2020 01:32 PM

    Thank you. Happily getting a cure for the TDS Virus doesn’t require science and the medical profession to eradicate it. VOTE ??

  • David Laman

    04/18/2020 12:33 PM

    If there is a way that you can condense your views so that they can be posted on facebook and other media. Our lying liberal friends have put out short, untrue thoughts that the dems can read between wiping their chins. We need to be able to give the people on the fence a short sweet answer to all this propaganda.

  • Kay DeWitt

    04/18/2020 12:13 PM

    My response to your statement, "If you want to know how the Speaker can possibly be so cold to the needs of American workers and business owners", is that WHAT I have wanted to know is how....BECAUSE she is so cold to others' needs how she can find life meaningful since THE only thing that GIVES life meaning is Christ' unconditional love that has compassion for the needs of "the least of these His brethren" ....AND YOU ANSWERED THAT QUESTION WHEN YOU STATED IN YOUR PREVIOUS PARAGRAPH: "Leftists go into government because they really like having as much power as possible to tell people how to live. People who love power that much should never be allowed anywhere near the levers of power." ......TO which, I say "AMEN!"

  • Brandon Moffitt

    04/18/2020 11:12 AM

    Interesting read on one America news with Liz wheeler. '8 important studies of virus anti Trump media won't report'. Go gov whitmer

  • Joan Johnson

    04/18/2020 09:58 AM

    ? “Saturday Night Live” star and writer Michael Che, whose grandmother has died of the COVID-19 coronavirus. And a salute to him for honoring her by paying one month’s rent for all 160 families in her public housing apartment building. .....While I am sorry for this man's grandmother dying, if he was well enough off to pay rent for 160 families, why did he not help get his grandmother out of public housing?

  • jack macdonald

    04/18/2020 09:49 AM

    An addendum to an earlier post regarding the Iranians harassing our ships . I should add that the skipper of that ship endangered the lives of the sailors under his command and should be courtmartialed or removed from command. His inaction endangered the lives of the crew. He learned nothing from the USS Cole loss of 17 sailors lives. When will our Navy wake up? As I said earlier, telling the Iranians they are being naughty doesn't cut it.

  • Harry Guenther

    04/18/2020 08:30 AM

    Nancy Pelosi - it's a real shame someone doesn't slip a bit of arsenic into her artisan ice cream??. What an absolute kick in the face of the average American citizen.


    04/18/2020 07:43 AM

    I don't call Nancy Pelosi Marie Antoinette. I call her Jezebel Pelosi. Just sayin'

  • Jack macdonald

    04/18/2020 07:22 AM

    This is off topic, but I just watched the Iranians harassing our mighty U.S. Navy by coming within 10 yds of our ships. Apparently we did not learn the lessons of the USS Cole and the previous capture and humiliation of our sailors. Our response was to tell them they were being naughty. The correct response should have been to wipe the grin off that little bastards face by blowing him out of the water. I say this as a former sailor. I'm sure our enemies are quite impressed.

  • Wallace Rowan

    04/18/2020 07:00 AM

    Dear Mike,
    Well, unfortunately, our "republican" governor here in Georgia imposed by executive fiat some of the very draconian measures you attribute to democrat governors. His measures have put most businesses out of business--including my wife's. I have written him multiple times that he should consider the true leadership exhibited by such governors as Kristi Noem and others instead of locking our state down. And I can tell you, no one likes their tyrannically imposed trial of socialism! This hysteria and continued lurching to the left as our so-called leaders fumble for solutions has gone way too far and put way too many people in fear of their governments at every level.
    Wallace Rowan

  • Emmie Looney

    04/18/2020 01:56 AM

    Who is a dirty Organization and the leader Tedros needs to go.

  • Bob Janovick

    04/18/2020 01:28 AM

    1984 George Orwell (page 216 of 245 page book) Winston is in room 101.

    He knew what O’Brien would say,
    “[T]hat the Party did not seek power for its own ends, but only for the good of the majority. That it sought power because men in the mass were frail, cowardly creatures who could not endure liberty or face the truth, and must be ruled over and be systematically deceived by others who were stronger than themselves. That the chance for mankind lay between freedom and happiness, and that, for the great bulk of mankind, happiness was better. That the Party was the eternal guardian of the weak, a dedicated sect doing evil that good might come, sacrificing its own happiness for the sake of others.”

    Ring any bells?
    The more I see of Progressives in action, the more I recall Orwell.
    And maybe a return to Animal Farm for a weekend read.

  • Lois Louise Robeson

    04/18/2020 12:27 AM

    That was great! And his mother must have taught him to chew each bite of food thoroughly.

  • Robin Rebhan

    04/17/2020 10:24 PM

    Interesting Constitutional question during this Corona crisis. Who does have the final say to reopen a state(s)? A misstep by just one state governor(s) could cause a national or even an international crisis.
    Just suppose one state makes a bad decision and 49 states oppose this decision? Who has the final say? Can the federal government intervene? By what authority?
    " A house divided against itself cannot stand " ~ Abraham Lincoln June 16, 1858
    " Agreement produces power. Disagreement produces powerlessness " ~ Me 4/17/2020

  • Mary Angeline Bell

    04/17/2020 10:16 PM

    I have never been more disgusted with the Democrats than I am this evening after they blocked that PPP money to small businesses. They don't care at all about American workers and enterpreneurs. They care only about their own power, like Nancy Pelosie, the Wicked Witch of the West. Well, I hope that millions of Americans will remember in November. Such people are not fit to hold public office. We need to turn them out.

  • Michael

    04/17/2020 10:06 PM

    Nancy Pelosi is a dispicable evil witch. She wants the President to fail and she wants America to fail, right along with most Democrats! She, Chuckie the crooked Schumer and most Democrats don't care about the welfare of small businesses or the American people!! Is America finally waking up after decades of Democrats screwing over the American people, lying to us all the while trying to fundamentally transform America to fit their ideology. Wake up America. It is time to vote out the Democrat party from existing in our Nation. We are at a tipping point to save this Nation from the Democrats and MSM. Look at the difference between blue states and red States. The difference between night and day, with the blue states pushing their socialist agenda, supporting killing millions of babies, screwing over Americans while protecting illegals and criminals with their sanctuary cities and states and the list goes on and on!!! Go to the polls ( and resist voting via mail so the Democrats can cheat even more) and vote against every Democrat on the ballot and any RHINO's. Time to take back our country before it's too late !!!!

  • GAry Stilwell

    04/17/2020 10:05 PM

    cuomo is an expert at talking a good line-he blew off 3.5 mil given to the state for medical stuff and took the $ to invest in failed wind power and solar power( an illegal act in itself) now he fumes that he needs fed help (or other State's help) to fix the prob he created, blaming all but his own admin--knowing that "ventilators" are worthless, when you actually understand the covid infection mechanism--it is amazing there are actually people in these US that think this crook is genuine--

  • Anne Amato

    04/17/2020 09:53 PM

    Yes, Governor, you are correct. TDS really IS a virus...and it apparently attacks the part of the brain that allows rational thinking processes. There does not appear to be any fact....believe it is (unfortunately) dramatically on the rise. Contributing to this is, of course, due to lack of "social distancing" between various main stream media outlets...(with their continuous spewing of the viral genomes of TDS) infecting millions of uninformed viewers nationwide. Also at fault are the embedded Democrats who (while obviously seriously infected with TDS) spew this virus nonstop to their followers.

  • Shirley Summers

    04/17/2020 09:46 PM

    Mike, I did hear President Trump say at one of his press conferences that he was the only person that could make the decision on when to open the country. He said it would be the most important decision he ever made. He had to back track because the Governors are able to male their own decisions. i am a Trump fan, but I don't like to hear my president talking like that especially when he has to take it back!

  • Christine Norton

    04/17/2020 09:39 PM

    Kudos to the law enforcement officers in Michigan who are refusing to enforce dictatorial mandates. Thank you for your courage.