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June 21, 2023

Make no mistake:  This isn’t about Hunter.  This is about The Big Guy.

Attorney General Merrick Garland and his second-in-command Lisa Monaco, the power behind the throne at the DOJ who is almost certainly “handling” both the Biden and Trump investigations, don’t care about Hunter Biden’s legal travails.  We all know that if his last name were anything else, and if his sources of income weren’t tied to Biden family international influence peddling, he’d be locked inside a prison cell right now.

Back in August of last year, when the magnitude of the pay-for-play scandal had finally reached the point where the media (reluctantly) had to cover it, we discussed Jonathan Turley’s column about “the art of scandal implosion.”  Dispensing with the Hunter case, he said, would be like accomplishing the controlled demolition of a building without damaging any other structures.

He said this “takes precision and, most importantly, cooperation, to pull off.  Specifically, this controlled demolition will require the perfect timing of the media, Democratic politicians, and, most importantly, the Justice Department.”  He reminded us that this was “the same alliance that successfully killed the story before the election despite evidence of a multimillion-dollar influence peddling scheme by the Biden family.  The media eagerly spread the false claim of 51 intelligence experts who declared that the laptop was likely ‘Russian disinformation.’  Twitter and social media companies imposed a news blackout before the election.  Recently, GOP senators also accused the Justice Department of effectively spiking the investigation --- displaying the same bias documented in the Russian collusion investigation.”   

So almost a year ago, he predicted that the way to achieve the controlled demolition of the Biden case would be to trigger a smaller explosion, and that’s what this sentence on very narrow criminal charges was.

We didn’t have to be law professors like Jonathan Turley to know this was coming.  Amazing how predictable it was, isn’t it?  That’s one convenient thing about this two-tiered ‘justice’ system:  once you’ve really got it in place, there’s hardly any need to bother with the process, as the outcome is pre-determined.   We still have a lot of going-through-the-motions, but think of all the time and money we could save without the fuss of a Washington DC jury trial that’s just going to come out the way we all know, depending on the politics of the defendant.  Just take the plea, knowing that the result will hinge on what your last name and political affiliation are.  Go before the judge with the last name Biden, and you get a sweetheart deal that resolves your issues with no jail time.   

Go before the judge with the last name Trump, and snap!  You can face 400 years in prison on what should have been a civil case if it were brought at all.

As Tucker Carlson put it, “As in most of the developing world, it’s safer to be the President’s son than his opponent.”

Most Americans have the view of this that the BABYLON BEE satirized so well.

To recap, here’s what happened yesterday.

The plea deal has been filed in federal court in Delaware, but Hunter still has to go before the judge and finalize the deal.

Legal analyst Andrew C. McCarthy called the plea agreement, and the timing of it, “intentionally provocative.”  His theory is that they’ve done this to help win the Republican nomination for Trump.  “Last week,” he wrote, “Trump was flirting with 60 percent in GOP primary polling after being indicted.  Democrats seem bound and determined to get him to 70.”  Still, if they keep illustrating how corrupt the ‘justice’ system is, they’d better be careful what they wish for.  They might just win the White House for him, too, as Trump is increasingly seen as the only one truly capable of standing up to the deep state and saving the country. And remember, the Democrat sycophant media also worked hard to make Trump the GOP candidate in 2016 because they thought he would be the easiest for Hillary to beat. One of the hallmarks of leftists is that they NEVER learn from their mistakes.

By the way, it was a great day all around for Hunter, as he also settled his child support case with Lunden Roberts, the mother of his unacknowledged daughter, 4-year-old Navy.  Roberts’ attorney couldn’t confirm, as the terms are sealed, but the NEW YORK POST has reported that his payment was slashed from $20,000 a month to potentially just $5,000.

Think the judge actually bought his story about having fallen on hard times?  Well, he did have to move in with his dad.  His attorney, Chris Clark, formerly with the powerhouse Democrat law firm of Latham & Watkins, must be a mighty persuasive fellow, considering his client flies around on a private jet.  We understand he gets by with a little help from his friends, particularly the “sugar brother” who paid his delinquent tax bill of between $1-2 million, his burgeoning legal fees, and $20,000 monthly rent on a Malibu beach house.  And, um, he also sells paintings for undisclosed fees to undisclosed buyers.

Her attorney, Clint Lancaster, said something curious.  Read into this cryptic statement what you will: “I believe that settlement is important to Hunter Biden [but] we have concerns that Hunter would use [the settlement] as a means to support some agenda of his...There’s always more that goes on in settlement negotiations than people realize.”

Guy Benson at TOWNHALL tweeted: “Democrats proudly proclaim their passionate commitment to ‘gun safety’ and ‘tax fairness.’  After an investigation that (inexplicably) dragged on for years, the Biden DOJ has handed a no-jail deal to a repeat tax cheat who also lied on a gun purchase form --- whose last name is Biden.”

A number of conservative commentators have brought up the issue of “white privilege” and wondered aloud where all the equity-loving leftists are on this.  Certainly, they’re hypocrites by staying quiet, but I see this more as the growing problem of POLITICAL privilege.  It’s become so in-your-face obvious now under Biden’s ‘Justice’ Department that it simply cannot stand.  If any building is going to be imploded, it needs to be theirs.

We found a headline that says it all.  “AMERICAN JUSTICE:  69-year-old grandma with cancer given more prison time for walking inside U.S. Capitol than Hunter Biden for sharing classified documents with foreign regimes and multi-million-dollar bribery schemes.”  More, as in, Hunter won’t go at all.

But there is hope, regardless of Hunter’s easy plea.  Turley’s column, written in 2022 before the congressional election, said this: “Of course, controlled demolition can at times take an unexpected turn.  The greatest danger is that either house of Congress could flip to GOP control.  That would open up the entire matter to Congressional investigation.”  And that’s just what happened.  So congressional committees are finally doing the work that a real Justice Department would do, if we had one.

Kentucky Rep. James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, appeared Tuesday night with Kayleigh McEnany on FOX NEWS TONIGHT with a report of more progress.  He had come from FBI headquarters, where he was able to view two additional sensitive FBI “1023” forms.  At this point, the documents are about “55-60 percent” redacted, he said.  The FBI had initially denied having them, but footnotes in the first one they saw referred to two others, one dated 2017, the other dated 2018.  On Tuesday, they brought him two from 2017 and stonewalled on the one from 2018.  So here we go again.

Rep. Comer, and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, have questions for FBI Director Chris Wray about this, and they also want to talk with Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who’s presiding over the plea deal with Hunter.  The excuse the FBI is using not to turn over those “1023” forms --- and also those suspicious activity reports from banks, which they’re STILL withholding --- is that Weiss has said the Biden investigation is ongoing.  As long as they can call it an “ongoing investigation,” even if nothing is happening, they get to stonewall.  So, is Weiss really investigating, or is he just helping the FBI shut Congress out?  (The media keep reminding us that Weiss is “a Trump appointee,” but that means nothing.)

In September, Comer said, they’ll be looking at the budget and can use the power of the purse to deal with the ‘Justice’ Department and FBI.  “The most realistic option,” he said, “to get rid of these people, to get new people in place in these deep state bureaucracies, is to cut their budgets.”  They’ll also use their other options, he said, including contempt and impeachment if necessary.

Key figure Devon Archer testifies next week, he said.  Comer believes there will be Biden family subpoenas this year.  And if he could question President Biden right now, he’d ask him, “What did your family do to receive millions and millions of dollars from Romania and from China?”  His committee just got another set of bank records coming in from Russia and Ukraine, and he’d ask about those, too.

Biden has said he knew nothing of his family’s business activities.  Would he continue to lie, even under oath?  Or would he just call it a dumb question?

Comer offered reassurance, saying, “The American people will know the truth, not because of the FBI, but because of the work of the House Oversight Committee.”

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