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February 7, 2024

This morning, the US Federal Appeals Court in DC ruled that former President Trump does not have immunity from prosecution for actions taken in office regarding the 2020 election case. This will be treated by the media as a big anti-Trump bombshell, but it’s completely expected from the DC court. The real decision will come from the Supreme Court on appeal.

For those who wonder why all the trials and convictions for Trump and his supporters seem to fall in deep blue areas like New York City or DC, this should give you a clue:

The Epoch Times reports that a survey by Triton Research of “jury eligible residents” of DC uncovered extreme bias against Trump and his supporters. 75% “strongly” agree and 14.4% “somewhat” agree that Trump is to blame for the January 6th riot, and 76.6% agree that Trump’s supporters are racists. 27.5% describe Jan. 6 protestors as “insurrectionists,” 13% call them “criminals,”14.9 say they’re “domestic terrorists” and 11.5% call them “traitors.”

Asked if 47.5% “strongly agree” and 21.1% “somewhat agree” that “Donald Trump and his supporters should be stopped at all costs.” 68.6% say Jan. 6 protesters should be “punished to the fullest extent of the law to prevent anything like this from happening again” and 40.1% agree that “America is a safer place with them in prison” (I could say the same about the entire Biden Cabinet, but they probably wouldn't put me on their juries.) 

51.4% “strongly agree” and 17.4% “somewhat agree” that “anyone who participated in the events at the Capitol on January 6 should serve prison time,” “regardless of what they did” (Walk through an open door of a public building and take a selfie: go to prison. Burn down a police station, no charges.)  And 26.9% “strongly agree” and 21.1% “somewhat agree” that life in prison or the DEATH PENALTY would “be a fair punishment for anyone who participated in any of the events of January 6.”

There’s more along these lines, but you get the idea. Finally, over 80% said they would serve as a juror if called, with nearly 40% saying that they “want to be on that jury to make sure the defendant is found guilty and held accountable for the events of that day.” I get the feeling a lot of these people have already served on Jan. 6 DC juries.

Just remember this the next time any Republican is found guilty by a DC jury after the judge refused to allow a change of venue due to jury pool bias.


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