March 14, 2021

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Mike Huckabee



"Huckabee" Preview

By Mike Huckabee

Join me tonight for another great new episode of “Huckabee” on TBN! My guests will include the Rev. Franklin Graham. Civil rights pioneer Rev. Bill Owens will talk about how liberalism and big government have harmed the black community. Comedian Bone Hampton will have you howling, and you’ll love the music and the inspiring story of jazz singer Mandy Harvey, who won Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer Award on “America’s Got Talent.”

All this and more is coming your way tonight at 9 EST/8 CST, on TBN. To find out how you can watch TBN, from local cable and broadcast channels to streaming, visit and click on “Channel Finder” on the top menu. You can stream previous episodes, highlights and online-only “Digital Exclusives,” including extended interviews, “In Case You Missed It” and “Facts of the Matter” segments, and extra performances by our great musical and comedy guests, all at You can also find past shows, highlights and digital exclusives on YouTube and my Facebook page.

Comment of the Day

By Mike Huckabee

"To see half the country fall under the hypnotic spell of this invented narrative is like being strapped into an automobile driven by once-normal family members who now are hell-bent on driving as fast as they can to the top of a volcano to get some great selfies when it erupts." --- Bob D.

ICYMI: New Blog

By Mike Huckabee

Not everything my team and I write makes my newsletter, or for that matter my website.  The new blog on my website, is a place to find everything you might have missed and then some.  It is updated throughout the day and will be a new way for me to share information with you.

We started blogging on Tuesday and will keep it going if people take an interest. 

To visit my blog, please go here:  

“Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden”

By Mike Huckabee

For those of us for whom the sanctity of life issue is an absolute and non-negotiable, it’s stunning if not comical to see a group calling itself “Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden” act shocked that now President Biden is proudly the most radical pro-abortion President in history and more than any other leader in any other country.

The fact that these Never Trump Evangelicals seem surprised either attests to their extraordinary political naivete or their utter cluelessness as to everything Joe Biden promised to do not just to advance a radical abortion policy, but to do something not even President Obama pushed for—to force taxpayers to fund abortions up until the moment of birth.

The rationale given for these so-called pro-life believers to support Joe Biden was because they didn’t approve of Donald Trump’s tone or his tweets. Most of us in the mainstream of evangelical life never defended tweets that were harmful or attacks on individuals, but we recognized that President Trump turned out to be by far the most pro-life President in American history. No one else has been even close. And all that he did to faithfully and forcefully support life was reversed by Joe Biden on his very first day in office.

Now the pro-life evangelicals for Biden say they feel “used and betrayed” and that they were promised that if they helped elect Biden there would be dialogue on this and other issues. Now they admit they can’t get a meeting with even low-level staffers and watch helplessly as the Biden administration pushes for the most disgusting measures of abortion. Joe Biden had at least historically favored the Hyde Amendment, which prohibited use of taxpayer funds for abortion. But from the early days of the campaign, Biden reversed his position and openly said he’d repeal the Hyde Amendment. He promised to give Planned Parenthood full funding, and said he’d reverse the Mexico City Policy which prohibited your tax dollars from paying for abortions in other countries.

So how’s that support for Biden working out for you? You gave him your support and helped elect him. He’s not even given you a courtesy meeting. He just stuck it to you and didn’t even send you a “thank you” card.

You got used alright, but you weren’t betrayed. Joe Biden was crystal clear in saying he was going to open wide the doors for all the abortions Planned Parenthood and the leftists are demanding. As the big fat “porkulus” bill passed in the House, the evangelicals for Biden pretend they feel betrayed and “demand” for him to take out the abortion funding in the bill. Remember, this $1.9 trillion dollar bill is supposed to be about Covid relief, but only about 9% has a thing to do with Covid. It’s a lard-loaded spending bill to dole out billions to Democrat led cities and states that poorly managed their budgets. It’s so ridiculous that it gives $1400 checks to death row inmates and pedophiles.

Those of us who supported President Trump never were dishonest about the fact that he was not “one of us” and his personality was often lacking in kindness or gentleness to those who attacked him or disagreed with him. But we appreciated that when it came to sanctity of life, religious liberty or support for Israel, he kept his promises and acted on them.

If my brothers and sisters who helped elect Joe Biden feel betrayed and used, maybe they should repent for what they have done to unborn children and use their voices to denounce the deceptions they experienced. And next time, don’t be so lacking in self-awareness. Joe Biden didn’t keep any of his promises to you, but he sure kept his promises to the radical left because that’s what he said he would do. Let’s all use our voices to loudly condemn the use of our tax dollars to kill babies. Surely that is an issue that can unite evangelicals, Catholics, and even feminists.

A familiar line

By Mike Huckabee

Just six weeks after President Biden took office, the number of illegal border crossers has surged to six times the number that the Obama Administration deemed a “crisis” level. So who is to blame for this? Sen. Chuck Schumer knows. It was, of course, Donald Trump’s fault.

Trump was so mean and nasty and incompetent that the minute he left office and Biden reversed all his policies, there was a big surge of illegal migrants. Darn that Trump’s incompetence! And meanness!

If anyone is buying this, I have some swampland in Louisiana I’d like to sell you.

The world is going insane

By Mike Huckabee

Just in case you were wondering if the news could get any weirder under Democratic leadership, a former employee of a Panda Express in California is suing, claiming she was ordered to strip to her underwear and hug a partially-clad co-worker as part of a “training seminar.” Sounds like she was training to work for Andrew Cuomo, not Panda Express.

Also, the California Department of Education is about to vote on a proposed new public school ethnic studies curriculum that will reportedly stress “decolonization” of American society, teach kids that the US is filled with racism, oppression and white supremacy, and replace the Christian God (white supremacy) with kids chanting to the Aztec god of human sacrifice.

Let me point out the one thing common to both of these insane stories: “California.” That’s the state the Democrats in DC think that all of America needs to be like.

A Reader Writes Back...

Maybe the insanity of banning Dr Seuss will be the start of a turning point on cancel culture- Learning from history-putting words+pictures in context is valuable; makes everyone smarter/better at evaluating what we see and hear. Love the parody! I am from Springfield MA-home of Dr Seuss. There is a Seuss Museum and Sculpture Garden there. Both are fabulous. See them before they are cancelled!

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Everglades National Park, visit its website here.

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Comments 1-25 of 32

  • Irene Kelly

    03/15/2021 12:17 PM

    Not everyone in California is democrat. They managed to get enough signature's to start the process to impeach Governor Newsome. Now we should pray that those who go through the signatures don't work against them by saying so many don't count.
    I don't come from
    California but there are Christians who taking a stand for what is right. We are the body of Christ please be praying for them.

  • Sarah Menne

    03/15/2021 08:26 AM

    Heads up that I use Outlook through Cox and they have stopped sending all of your morning and evening newsletters to me in a timely fashion. Lately they have been arriving up to 2 days late and often labeled SPAM even though I subscribe and have your email address listed in both Cox and Outlooks contacts. I was at least receiving the Daily Verse with no problem, but even that has not arrived the last two days. Family Research Council is also falsely labeled as SPAM. Outlook/Cox appears to be biased against political Christian conservatives. I absolutely love all of your articles so have been going online to read everything and stay up-to-date. Then I email the day's news (both yours and Tony Perkins) to a group of conservative friends. We'd feel lost without both of you! So...Keep on Keeping On!

  • Randy A Hrvatin

    03/15/2021 06:40 AM

    Spot on. I can't imagine how "evangelicals" could be surprised over Biden's voting record.Apparently they didn't do their homework or just decided to vote against Trump. He reversed his stance on the Hyde Amendment. This proves once again that Liberals are low information voters.

  • Randy A Hrvatin

    03/15/2021 06:19 AM

    Spot on. I fijnd it hard to believe that evangelicals would be surprised by Biden's actions on abortion and other related matters including the southern border. It reaffirms to me that the the typical left wing voter is ill informed and Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

  • Maurice Tucker

    03/14/2021 09:52 PM

    There is no getting around it, abortion is STILL MURDER ! May God help us all ! Woman's right or the voiceless life of the unborn! God placed in ALL babies an eternal soul upon conception ! I WILL NOT go against God's will !!

  • Maurice Tucker

    03/14/2021 09:46 PM

    If a person is of the age to vote, adult starting at 18 you'd think that by this time they would have learned when ones leg is being pulled ! Socialist Dems will do or say anything that will allow them to get power and keep that power ! Damned be the people !

  • Karen Johnson

    03/14/2021 08:06 PM

    I am a native of California which I left for Missouri in 1978. Thought they were crazy then.

  • Diane Rowlands

    03/14/2021 05:55 PM

    I am very unhappy about the illegal immigration at the southern border. As a private citizen is there anything we can do to stop it?

  • Ann Atwell

    03/14/2021 05:53 PM

    I read recently that a study was done by John Hopkins University on the number one cause of death world wide. Abortion is the number one cause of death and cancer is the number two cause. There are three thousand babies aborted everyday in the US. Pelosi claims to have been raised a Catholic and claims that she prayed for President Trump everyday. Wonder where she was the day the Catholic church taught their stand on abortion. Since Roe Versus Wade was written into law, over sixty million babies have been aborted. Biden is supposed to be a practicing Catholic, how can he sign Bill's which fund planned parent hood and use our tax dollars to pay for abortions in foreign countries. Pelosi and the rest of the Democrates have been pushing that agenda down our throats for decades. How can they be stopped? Now Feinstein and others are trying to come after the guns of law abiding citizens. They are literally trying to make this into a communist country. Such a shame.


    03/14/2021 05:41 PM

    I wonder if joe came from one of the sleeper cells from the 50's and 60's, you know the ones the Russians set up here just waiting to be called well working and getting into our life

  • Renee Kendrick

    03/14/2021 05:40 PM

    So what does the DIMS have planned for controlling pollen emissions during this and future allergy seasons? ACHOO!!!

  • LeeMar Zarr

    03/14/2021 03:18 PM

    Even if I do "understand" the stupidity at the border, does not mean I like it or that "nothing can be done." The wording of the "order" was no more construction on the "border wall." OK, now think about this logically/legally... what is stopping a group of people from building a razor wire fence that is 8--10 ft. tall, that is placed very close "BUT NOT TOUCHING THE BORDER WALL?" As long as it does not touch the border wall there is no "order" being violated and that big gap next to the "processing gap" will significantly delay the smugglers getting through that big gap, if that razor wire is used. If a 8--10 ft. tall razor wire barrier is only a couple inches from that opening no smuggler is going to be crazy enough to try to squeeze past that razor wire space and if they try to cut the razor wire that takes time, and the smugglers will have to be at it a long time... however, electrifying that razor fence with a non-lethal voltage will delay those efforts, too. Just doing nothing is no damn answer to this nation's citizens lives/ safety/sovereignty being jeopardized!

  • Gregory George Keller

    03/14/2021 02:52 PM


  • Elizabeth Crouse

    03/14/2021 01:36 PM

    As an 87 year old Christian who does not believe in abortion, I am so worried about America and what this administration is doing to hurt my grands.
    They are ruining American values with all the evil things they are doing. If I can, I will work hard to defeat them. I am praying for America and He will bind evil.

  • Stephen K Lentz

    03/14/2021 01:29 PM

    "If anyone is buying this, I have some swampland in Louisiana I’d like to sell you."

    Gov YOU better wake up!!! Half the sheeple in this country believe the BS chucky spews from his pie hole, half the rest are too stupid to know what is going on or just don't care> And that leaves us Patriotic Americans in a shrinking minority!!

  • William Bevington

    03/14/2021 01:29 PM

    If all of our world is to be converted to the likeness of California, we are in DEEP TROUBLE. That state was wacky world when I had to travel there in the late 1980's and I'm sure it hasn't changed any.

  • Bobbie Bowling

    03/14/2021 01:27 PM

    Thank you for your comments on evangelicals who voted for Biden. I appreciate that you did not sugarcoat your comments. Anybody who voted for Biden and thought that unborn babies would be given a chance was deaf to the truth that was clearly communicated beforehand.

  • Stephen K Lentz

    03/14/2021 01:26 PM

    "For those of us for whom the sanctity of life issue is an absolute and non-negotiable, it’s stunning if not comical to see a group calling itself “Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden”

    I saw LOTS of "catholics for biden" signs here in Wisconsin before the election. WHAT bible are "they" using????


    03/14/2021 01:18 PM

    "Evangelicals for Biden" - "My motto - NEVER judge another person until you walk in their shoes" - Not voting for Trump because of his "tone & tweets" violates that rule! VOTE for political leaders because of their "Platforms" "Performance" "Actions" - like "pro-life" "America First" - and what you believe they will DO in the FUTURE !!!!!! Difficult why any so called evangelical would vote for "murdering babies" "WAR mongers" "Globalists" "GREED" like collection $million$ from Ukraine - China - Russia - and Spending just to increase the DEBT and to reward their donors .............. Bible clearing states to abide by TRUTH

  • John R Clark

    03/14/2021 01:11 PM

    the best presidents I have lived under would be Lincoln. Eisenhower, Reagan and Trump.
    the worst would be Obama, and OBiden. thanks for letting me rant.

  • Floyd A Unger

    03/14/2021 12:47 PM


  • Pat J Green

    03/14/2021 12:44 PM

    Just how many are part of this evangelism for Biden? I just cannot understand how any Christian weather evangelest, Catholic or just a plane everyday believer in Jesus can support anyone who pushes for abortion.

  • Christine Henning

    03/14/2021 12:33 PM

    Thank you for all you do for those of us who are not only conservatives, but Christians's also.
    I love your response to the -'Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden'! I am constantly amazed at the lack of common sense these Christians have. So thank you, again, for you and your staff. What a breath of fresh air.

  • Anne Turner

    03/14/2021 12:32 PM

    California, I beg you, please secede. WHAT are these people thinking? Will they tell children the .Aztecs cut living hearts out to sacrifice and threw children live into fire? Next there will be vestal virgins. Sodom and .Gomorrah on steroids!

  • Ralph Vander Loop

    03/14/2021 12:23 PM

    Keep sending your daily comments- I really like them!